Native compatible mods list, v1.011 (Graphics, Sounds and Gameplay) 30/1/10

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I thought it was about time someone put these all in the same place. All of these mods are compatible with Mount and Blade Native version v1.011. These mods are not only compatible with Native, but also with most other mods. Most graphics and sounds mods are compatible with any mod, and some gameplay mods as well.

Alternative Crosshair:
A smaller FPS style crosshair.

Animations Compilation:

Add dozens of new animations for deaths, attacks, etc making for more variety.,57607.0.html

AOP mod:
Graphical enhancement mod that adds depth of field amongst other things. Screenshots are rather awful, but it looks better in motion. Also great for people wanting to roleplay a character with myopia.

Banners on Horses:
Adds new chargers with banner design textures.,53043.0.html

Banner Pack:

Adds a few new banners to the game.,53748.0.html

Better Horses:

New and improved horse textures.,52108.0.html

Bumpy Textures:
Adds textures to simulate bump maps on most native armor.,53406.0.html

Calradia Map Makeover:
An overhall of the map, relocating towns, adding rivers, lakes, hills and forests.,42814.0.html

Calradia Map Refinement:
Another overhall of the map, this one keeping the original locations of towns and general structure and feel of the map whilst overhauling many details.,53258.0.html

Colorful Textures:
More colorful and vibrant world textures.,41739.0.html

Custom font:
Changes the default Native menu font to something else.,56860.0.html

Dall's Mount and Blade HD:

A very large (~220mb) graphical overhall. Covers nearly every single texture in the game, including horses, armour and weapons. The visual style is a bit like a mix between GE 2.5 and Colourful textures and is fantasy-ish but still mostly realistic. Colours are bright, steel is shiny and everything down to the straps of the shields have been altered in some way.
Part one:
Part two:

Darker Corners:
Adds darkening to the edges of the screen creating a nice peripheral effect.,76810.0.html

DX7 Graphics patch:
Fixes varying bugs when playing M&B in DX7 mode.,56709.0.html

Face Textures:
Improved face textures.,37265.0.html

Field of View Memory Hack:
A small program that will allow you to edit the field of view.,55163.0.html

Flora Enhancement Mod:
Newer, more attractive trees.,70155.0.html

Flying Missile Replacer:
Replaces Native's grey blurrs with actual arrows and bolts. Highly recommended.

Font Customiser:

Allows you to choose and edit the font used in menu's and in game.,67315.msg1812979.html#msg1812979

Gauntlet Textures:
Improved textures for all of the different gauntlets and gloves.

Graphical Enhancement 2.5 + Addons + HDR:

The most complete and polished texture replacement. I cannot recommend this enough. Also comes with an optional HDR addon.

Havoc's Sky Textures:
Replaces the Native sky boxs with high resolution photorealistic textures.,89431.0.html

Not for the feint of heart or tech clueless. Adds High Dynamic Range Lighting to M&B.,39892.msg1040537.html#msg1040537

LOD Mod:
An improvement to the LOD system, handy for those of us running older systems or playing with very large battles.,85591.0.html

Minimalist HUD +New crosshairs:

A series of tweaks to slim down elements of the HUD and make the crosshair less intrusive.,43874.0.html

New Animations Mod:
More realistic blocking, attacking and parrying animations, still in the early stages, but definately worth a look.,76185.0.html

No More Trees & Burnt trees:

Removes the leaves of trees, or trees altogether. Great for computers that struggle with forests.,39121.0.html

Old Map Sheets:

Changes the world map to resemble a cartographical map.,64328.0.html

Optimised shaders:

A tweak to the shaders that may improve performance slightly.,52197.0.html

Panoramic Mod:

Edits the sky box textures and the border terrain around battlefields to make an environment with a more natural feel.,53634.0.html

Polished Landscapes Mod:
Gutekfiutek's masterwork landscape graphics mod. Has to be seen to be believed, so you'll have to go check out the screenshots in the thread. Highly recomended for those looking for a more realistic and colder game world.,76706.0.html

Polished Buildings Mod:
Replaces the old building meshes and textures with newer, shinier ones. Highly recommended.,56440.0.html

Punkt's High Resolution Textures 1.2:

High resolution textures for terrain and the world map.,32116.0.html

Punkt's High Resolution Textures 2.0:

High resolution textures for terrain and the world map.,46448.msg1209286.html#msg1209286

Sky Horizon Textures:

Similar to the Panoramic Mod.,54589.0.html

Speed & Stability:
Adds LOD (level of detail) meshes to all the weapons missing them in Native, improving performance without a noticable change to the graphics. Also fixes a few RGL errors that some players encounter.,82139.0.html

Standard Weapon Upgrade Project:

Replaces Native weapon textures and meshes with far more visually appealing and realistic models. Highly recommended.,21780.525.html

Swing/slash/thrust animations:

New animations for attacks.,52073.0.html

3-D Glasses:

An external program to make M&B work with 3-D glasses.,57943.0.html

Wei Xiadi's Armour Project:
Several new armours.,76071.0.html

World Map HD textures:
Higher resolution world map textures. Highly recommended.
Ambient Anti-Soundtrack:
Although it does contain some new tracks this mod is mostly jsut ambient back ground noise from the sounds of glasses and bottles being chinked together in the taverns to the sound of your breathing and the pounding of your heart in battle.,55978.msg1449255.html#msg1449255

Ambient Soundtrack:
A version of Adorno's ambient soundtrack with music completely removed and replaced with even more background and atmosphere noises.,66833.0.html

Cries of War Soundpack:

Replaces Native sounds with new and improved ones, improving the atmosphere and immersion of the game. Very highly recommended, you haven't played M&B till you've faced down a cavalry charge with this mod.,32423.msg836653.html#msg836653

More Metal Sound Mod:

A sound replacer with far more metal and "clangy" battle sounds.,51681.0.html

Official Vocals Sound Pack:

Death screams and additional war cries from the original voice actors of M&B.,10412.0.html

Official Vocals Sound Pack + Cries of War:

A combined version of Rejenorst's and Eisenhouwer's mods that gets around compatibility problems.

Official Vocals Sound Pack + DaBlade's Battlesounds:

A combined version of Rejenorst's and DaBlade's mods that gets around compatibility problems.

Old Music Mod:

Brings the pre v1 music back to M&B. Nostalgia tastic.,52306.0.html

28 Horses:

Adds 28 new horse textures to the game.

Banner Changer:

Allows you to pick a new banner.,45617.0.html

Battle Size Changer:

Allows you to increase the Battle sizes beyond the standard settings. Very, very highly recommended. M&B plays best with hundreds of men on each side.,8058.0.html

Camp Entrenchment:
Gives you the option to set up battlefield defenses.,81249.0.html

Form Ranks Kit:
An advanced formations mod, allowing you to set sargeants, form individual units, use many different formations and with unique squad AI for each major formation type (e.g. Wedge formations will try to charge through the enemy ranks, come out the other side, turn and charge again). Not entirely Native compatible (you'll need to start a new game), but definately worth trying out and should be compatible with other mods on this list.

Formations Compilation:
A compilations of Chel's Formations and Marethie's Battle moral and Shield bash scripts.,53518.0.html

Great Helm Add-On:

Adds a variety of great Great Helm's to the game. For those of us that like to wear buckets on our heads.,62719.0.html

Heraldry Native Expansion:

Activates the disabled heraldry scripts in Native allowing you to make your own banner. Buggy, please read thread before installing.,56237.0.html

OSP Helmets:

Adds around 100 new helms to the game.,49476.0.html

Praven Reconstruction Project:

Makes getting to the Guildmaster in Praven less of a hike.,51915.0.html

Realistic Combat Model:

Ron Losey's fantastic stat rebalance project, makes for brutal, realistic and most importantly, incredibly fun battles. Very highly recomended for all players, experienced or not. Not everyone enjoys it, but for those who do it brings a whole new life to Native combat.

Siege ladder project:

A brilliant fix to siege scenes adding one or two ladders to every castle, making sieges less frustrating on larger battle sizes.,57569.0.html

TheMageLord's Text File Tweaks:

Dozens of different easy to apply tweaks that can change your game in a variety of ways.,46290.0.html

Unique Armoury:

Adds new, realistic and high quality weapons and shields to the game as well as adding new replacement models for all the Native boots in the newest version.,46490.0.html

Vocal Commands:
Use the program "Shoot" to translate your frantic screaming into actual unit commands in game. Now you actually have an excuse for yelling at the monitor.,64375.0.html


Please post any new mods, or ones that I've missed, here.
I'll try to update every couple of days.

Note: I don't have the time, nor the bandwidth to test all of these mods with v1.011, to the best of my knowledge they all work and I've removed the ones that don't, but please tell me if I'm wrong so the mod can be removed.


Pretty sure, yes.
I don't think I've tried it out, but the texture names haven't changed, so it should work with any recent version.


Knight at Arms
Also buildings replacement (under development)



Calradia Map Makeover, gameplay and Graphics?

Also, thanks for the list.


Thanks, used to have that installed but I forgot all about it. It's been ages since I've had music turned on in M&B.


Sergeant at Arms
Face Textures:,37265.0.html
Rejenorst's Music:,26096.0.html There are other songs added as the thread goes on.
Kings and Kingdoms,35722.0.html For 950->

There will be other music packs, I will look for those another time.

12oz Jesus

Realistic Native Weapon sizes is for .89X versions, no?  (Did I misread the thread title to mean these mods were all .960 compatible?)
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