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Hey. I've been playing two games together with the "dota is dying" player today and he announced twice that he's gonna crush the server if people don't do as he says. I don't have a clue how he did it, but he crashed the game twice on command. Instead of reporting or at least ignoring the bug that crashes the game he's using it to basically blackmail people into playing how he wants.
He's a very toxic dude and I don't mind having assholes in a game, that's just part of it, but this needs to be addressed. Obviously fixing the bug he's abusing would be cool, but that guy needs a good talking to and maybe a smack with a banhammer. Here's two screens:
The other guy in one of the screens "BUG" is just as toxic and from what I've read in the chat I am very sure he knows how to abuse this, too. (This all happened in EU captain mode)