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hi, i wish the best for you.
do you have any specific sell for countris who that hards for them to pay 50 buck? if i could i pay more just for suporting but its very high for us
My name is Gorgc. Sorry bad Engelsk. I grow upp in liten farm in Göteborg to plocka upp berries. Pappa say "Gorgc, berry harvest is bad. Need you to have play professionell DOTO2 in Amerikansk for make money for us eat Knäckebröd." I bringa honor to folk and Sverige. Plz no copy påstarna
Puppey is actually pretty jacked tbh, I met him briefly for a signing at the Katowice Major. I shook his hand, it was uncommonly firm and he gripped my hand like he was trying to crush every bone in my body with a single shockwave. I remarked on this, nervously stammering out "ooh, f-firm grip hahaha". He looked me dead in the eyes and said without a hint of emotion "yep."