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Calradgyr, the ruler of all Calradia...

This title was used for the emperor of Calradia during the period of peace and prosperity, the first and last time. The seven gemstones on his crown were made by the most skilled craftsmen of the seven tribes of Calradia and presented to him. Each of the gemstones symbolize a virtue; mercy, justice, generosity, wisdom, honesty, patience and courage. After the years, the black khergit raiders took away his Empire and his crown. The black khergits leader took the courage stone to himself and gave the rest to the other bandit leaders. From that day on, chaos has been ruling Calradia.​

Massive rocks at Geroia Pass is no more, the black khergits invasion has begun.​

Guild leaders looking for new members at taverns. Some of them dedicated to the virtues of Calradgyr. Some of them dedicated to trade, smuggling, slavery or banditry.​

The number of bandits holding Dhorak Keep is increasing day by day. Black market trade network has reached all towns...​

Kradus, Xerina and Dranton, the oldest warriors of Calradia living at Four Ways Inn are looking for somebody who willing to manage to collect all of the seven gemstones from bandits and save the people of Calradia.​

👑 Collect all the gemstones, restore the crown, proclaim yourself Calradgyr!
-All villages give you +25 relation points, some guilds reinforce your new garrisons but all kingdoms start war with you.

🏰 Deal with the bandits and Conquer Dhorak Keep with Rolf!
-Recruit Dhorak Volunteers from villages, select their equipments and customize your own Dhorak Knights.

⚔ Visit all the taverns, join guilds, do quests!
-Do trade, smuggling, slavery, banditry quests to gain +1 skill point for your skills or just help guilds who dedicated to the virtues of Calradgyr.

Get rubies from quests or bandits, trade with merchants in underground blackmarkets!
-Take a treasure map and try to find masterpiece unique items. Earn medals from tournaments to trade more rubies.

Formations and AI

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Steam Workshop

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Russian translation: https://commando.com.ua/user/Rendor

Name: Calradgyr
Version: 1.0
Game version: 1.174
Category: Partial Conversion
Short Info:
Calradgyr, the ruler of all Calradia...This title was used for the emperor of Calradia during the period of peace and prosperity, the first and last time. The seven gemstones on his crown were made by the most skilled craftsmen of the seven tribes of Calradia and presented to him. Each of the gemstones symbolize a virtue; mercy, justice, generosity, wisdom, honesty, patience and courage.
Mode: SP
Languages: TR, EN

A gameplay video by Reformist:
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🔥🔥🔥Calradgyr 2.0 is work in progress!
Planned features:
  • Set bonuses for unique items.
  • New specialities, quests or advantages for all heroes, like Rolf.
  • All item stats, guilds and quests will be overhauled.


Hey Buz! I'm a big fan of your mods, do you plan to keep making story mods once TW releases modding tools for bannerlord?
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