LSP 3D Art SacredStoneHead's Nord Armor Set (Released!)

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It's ready!

After a really long while and countless reformulations, I decided to publish the latest version of the armor.

This set consists in a coat of plates with and without a pelt, a helmet and a pair of greaves - of course, nordic style.

This by no means try to be historically accurate, rather an anachronistic depiction bringing a Vendel Era feel to a late 13th/early 14th century equipment, to match the Nords better in the Warband technological timeline.

I wanted to release it with more pieces, but my life is a mess right now and for sure it will take a long time before I have it done, so here goes so you guys can use it a bit before Bummerlord comes out.

Hope you like it!





-Nord coat of plates;

-Nord coat of plates with pelt;

-Nord ornate visored helmet with coif;

-Nord splinted greaves.


You can add any piece of this set to your mod without contacting me first - but to do so you need to credit my work, no exceptions.

If it's going to be used in the context of a mod, you can make modifications on it, be it a retexture or even a remodeling, just note that it's modified and credit the original work and you're good to go.

If you want to make a variant/redo and upload in any other context, please contact me first.


Some textures were taken from images, like the pelt.

The belt buckles and a small detail in the helmet were taken and modified from images of ancient Viking/Vendel Era pieces, all the rest sculpted/painted by me, metal and leather textures included.
Yay, it's done :grin:

Do you mind changing your requirements for redistribution a wee bit, asking for explicit credit and requesting, but not requiring, that all modifications be approved by you?  See how Narf and Dejawolf handle this issue.

Basically, I want to make some changes to the skin, and I don't include things in Blood and Steel that I can't give back to others to use, so this would be very helpful :smile:
xenoargh said:
Basically, I want to make some changes to the skin, and I don't include things in Blood and Steel that I can't give back to others to use, so this would be very helpful :smile:


From the site:

"Modification permission

You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features so long as you credit me as the original creator

Use well  :grin:
xenoargh said:
Thank you very much for being understanding, I like staying within the letter of the requirements :smile:

In truth I have rushed through that part, I haven't understood it completely, now it's correct.

I changed in the description too, as first I wrote that if possible to contact me, but I removed that as well  :wink:

EDIT: Nice of your part asking first too, even if it was not that necessary  :smile:
I always ask; some people here are persnickety about these things, and their work can't be used as a result.  Anyhow, I always pass back anything major I do past minor re-colors and the like, so you can yell at me then if you don't like it or let others use it if you do :smile:
It's fantastabulous. Now it just needs a nifty pair of boots to go along with it. :razz: Hinthintwinkwinknudgenudge.
I got back working on this pack and I couldn't find a way to finish the current armour.

I'm definitely not happy with its current state, it needs a big change to have the features that are bugging me wiped out .

Adding to that, the main texture file got corrupted, so in order to make all the necessary changes I'll have double work ahead.

Therefore, I decided that it don't worth the endeavour, so I'll not be working on it anymore.

Then, I got a creative burst and done this:


I think it has a more badass and nordic look than the last version, so I'll work on this concept for now on.

What do you think?
Very impressive! I'd love to have more nord items in the game. They are definitely my favorite faction.
Made a small test with the pelt, the new helm and the old version of the armour:


I liked what I saw. I think I'll work on it again, and it will be a variant, I just need to get rid of those hideous knee cops :razz:

Obs.: Greaves and gauntlets made by Narf; Danish axe made by dejawolf (I resized it)
Some advancements on the helmet:




Just need to adjust the UV map a bit, make the leather part and it's done, then I'll move to the armour.
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