1. Erdem55


    Warband deniz savaşı eklemek istiyorum.Ama gerekli dosyaların linkleri kırık acaba paylaşabilecek var mı?
  2. Discussion General Unknown crash report

    I recently played around 3 different saves all with the same mods and noticed that the game will run fine until around an hour or two in and then will crash with the following report. Upon trying to reload the save I will be able to move around on the emap for a minute or so before it crashes...
  3. Idea for a mod - Middle east 1000BCE

    Mod would be historically based around year 1000 BCE, on the years previous to coronation of King David as king of Israel. Saul would be the king and David would be the throne pretender as in warband, there could be cutscenes like David killing Goliat when fighting the Palestinia tribes. As...
  4. killyouready

    SP Fantasy diy-special-formation-system

    moddb: Assigned address : 特地给中文站的阵 There are currently 15 formations to choose from (initially 7 at launch) : Goose, Peppa Pig, Big Wolf, Chicky You, Doraemon Tinkerbell Wave...
  5. killyouready

    SP Fantasy Warcraft IIII mod for Mount&blade warband

    moddb: The assigned address Note that after version 1.930, an xls table file has been placed in a folder on the web disk to provide more clear and detailed...
  6. Elensari

    Yeni başlayanlar için ne önerirsiniz?

    Bilgisayar bozulunca mecburen bir süre ara verdim. Şimdi geri döndüm. Bazı şeyleri hatırlamıyorum. Artık gunxelleme olayı yok değil mi? Mod işini ne yapıyorsunuz steamden mi? Yoksa başka bir program üzerinden mi? Hangi modlari kuruyorsunuz?
  7. why no achievements for modded game?

    I hope a dev would read this I'm a big fan of the game but I have hit the around 300+ hour mark, and there is just some small things I don't feel like grinding anymore (blacksmith stamina). Right now I have 0 achievements for the game, and that is probely not going to get change if mods makes...
  8. _NaVi

    Resolved Any plan to support modding on xbox?

    Even if it is released as a DLC, I would purchase it.
  9. Mod Better Smithing on M&B 2

    Did anyone install mod "Mod Better Smithing" on M&B 2 ver. which versions of related mods ButterLib, MDM, UIE and Harmony need to be installed? Вопрос по версии кто-нибудb успешно ставил мод на кузнечку? Интересует в частности мод "Better Smithing Continued-4318"...
  10. soulbracket

    SP Native New mod: Kaga

    Hello, I have been thinking of a mod inspired of the long-gone Warrider location of Kaga. Basically, Kaga was a location in Warrider hypothesised to be a location where people affected by "Ghoul curses" would be treated. For this mod, Kaga keeps it's...
  11. Mlirka

    BL Bannerlord İçin Müzik Modu Atölyeye Eklenmiyor

    Merhabalar Bannerlord için müzik modu yaptım fakat müzikler Modules klasöründe olmadığı için atölyeye ekleyemiyorum. Warband'a böyle sıkıntı yoktu acaba Bannerlord müziklerini atölyeye eklemek için bir yöntem var mı?
  12. Need More Info After launching modded bannerlord, it crashes randomly within 5 minutes.

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: No- Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  13. BL Coding Can't publish mod on Steam workshop

    Greetings good sers ! When I try to publish my mod with cmd, i get a "couldn't find configuration file" error and the process immediately "finished...", I triple checked every path and xml files, any idea what could be wrong ? My Bannerlord game and the modding tools are the same version...
  14. Mlirka

    Müzik Modu Yapımı

    Merhabalar Bannerlord için müzik modu yapmak istiyorum fakat Warband kadar kolay olmayacak gibi Bannerlord'da müzikler parça parça ve komut satırıyla ilgili hiç bir fikrim yok acaba bu konuda bilginiz varsa bana yardımcı olur musunuz?
  15. Resolved mscorlib crashes game on start game

    Summary: After character creation, clicking start game crashes my game. I read on a Reddit thread from a few days ago that the crash was from a mod called Power Display however, I don't have that mod yet I have the exact same issue. I've double checked on the most part to make sure all the mods...
  16. Set faction and personal relation (<Factions> and <NPCCharacters xml-mod>

    Hi, I'm doing a lightweight mod which basically set my characters background with new (and living :)) parents, grandparents etc. The family tree split under grandparents and I've made a separate faction for this lineage. There's also some inbreeding going on, but so far I've got it to work but...
  17. Stefmon

    Creating new humanoids and the base human_skelleton

    Hey, so - I'm a character artist, can animate and rig as well. Making new models with new rigs and animations for the editor is fine, I get that, but I'm trying to use the base human rig on a larger, differently proportioned model. Lets say I'm making a giant, a goblin or any other humanoid...
  18. Marth The Gryphonhearted

    MP Medieval New Permanent PK Server + Discord Forum!

    Hello Folks, I am here to inform you that a team consisting of some good friends of mine has decided to host a new PK server based in Europe, focused on balanced gameplay instead of role-playing. The server is called [PK]_Premium, and it is accessible for the public 24/7! If you are interested...
  19. Marth The Gryphonhearted

    Mod Events on various mods for Napoleonic Wars

    Greetings Everyone, I come from the Warband Mod Event community, a community of over 400 people who organise and administer weekly events in various mods for Mount&Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars! Our list of mods include: War of 1812, Pike&Shotte, Iron Europe, North and South: First Manassas...
  20. Marth The Gryphonhearted

    MP Modern Mod Events & Weekly Iron Europe Event

    Greetings Everyone, I come from the Warband Mod Event community, a community of over 400 people who organise and administer weekly events in various Warband mods, including Iron Europe! If you are interested in joining regular events for this awesome mod, our community awaits you! We host...
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