1. Yagababa

    MP Fantasy Oathwatch 0.1 (WFaS CCoop Mod) [WSE]

    Hello all, really proud to release my first mod: Oathwatch! It's a captain coop invasion-style multiplayer overhaul that's taken about a year to bring about. As sort of a spiritual successor to Demons, you'll find plenty of interesting weapons and equipment for a unique experience. You can...
  2. Fistochat

    Mod that allows to customize every culture troop tree

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a mod that allows the player to totally customize the troop trees of all cultures. I already tried My Little Warband but AI lords do not recruit custom troops, it's only for the player. I want a mode that allows you to do so. I hate the native troop...
  3. Official support: Crusader Blade mod? (DLC or something)

    Hi guys, I started playing this mod that combines Paradox Studios Crusader Kings 3 and Bannerlord in an interesting way: Basically, it allows you to even create your own char with own culture and own religion in the times of Saladdin and lead the...
  4. M&B Warband - Haritasız Gezme Modu!

    Esenlikler! Dediğim gibi haritasız gerçek hayattaki gibi gezme modu var mıdır acaba? Varsa nereden bulabilirim? Link Atabilir misiniz?
  5. albert8908


  6. TahaKuzgun

    Mod Türkçe Yerelleştirme - İstek /Öneri

    Herkese merhaba. Tekrardan mod ve yerelleştirme topluluğuna geri dönmeye karar verdim. Bu konu daha önce çevrilmemiş veya güncellenmemiş, en çok ihtiyaç duyduğunuzu düşündüğünüz modların yerelleştirme isteklerinizi dile getirmeniz için oluşturulmuştur. Not: Konuya ve bana destekte bulunmak...
  7. TheVigilantWolf

    Agriculture Estate [1.7.0]

    Hey guys. Does anyone have the Agriculture Estate mod for 1.7.0? Rumor was it was updated to that version before kz dipped. Google result brings up an archive link for 1.6
  8. Ishapar

    SP Tutorial Module System Creating New Hidden Chests

    Hidden chests are a great way to add content to your mod. The chests can be used to create possible story elements in role playing mods or used to encourage and reward exploration for the casual game. Originally coming with the Strange Armor set, these chests can be used to hoard a number of...
  9. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Serve as soldier - the mod Author was bullied?

    What happened to the author of the "Serve as soldier" mod? According to rumors, the mod Author was bullied. A lot of people liked the mod. He developed the idea of the abandoned...
  10. RodLimitless

    Coming back to Bannerlord but some mods not working ??

    I did my last playthru in 1.64/1.65 i think, I'm starting a new campaign but i can't get neither Houses of Caldaria or Improved Garrisons to work :( I've updated them both for 1.7. Does anyone know if there's any additional mods i need to get now for those two to work ??? I made sure that...
  11. Jostino

    WB MB Guida Guida Definitiva al Modding di Lumos [TRADUZIONE by dessan95]

    Guida Definitiva al Modding by Lumos [Tradotta da @dessan95] Contiene Informazioni: Reali, Corrette, Aggiornate e Testate. Dai modders. Per i modders. Perchè questo è il tutorial “giusto”? Perché è scritto da una persona con oltre sette anni di modding in vari giochi alle spalle, in...
  12. Strange leadership and steward bonus

    I have a steward and leadership bonus to party size that i can't find the reason that is activated, it's too OP, the sum for both is more than 1200 party size. My account is new so i can't post images yet, but in the party size description it says BT leadership bonus +656 and BT steward bonus...
  13. FingersToKeyboard

    BL Scening Possibility of a green screen mod in Bannerlord?

    I make cinematic Bannerlord videos on Youtube. I've been enjoying it a lot recently and had a lot of fun making my last video. I was having so many ideas for shots and scenes and started to realise the potential for making some awesome scenes and sets if I was somehow able to import a green...
  14. How could I make troop tree overhaul and expand mod work in 1.7.0?

    dear game developers and experienced modders: I am a modder who made an “vanilla expand”type mod, which use xmls to add extra upgrades tree for some vanilla troops, but after the 1.7.0 update my mod become broken. looks like the game can no longer read the same object at the same time...
  15. Patrol/Devriye Modu

    Patrol modu şuan çalışmıyor sanırsam veya ben mi çalıştıramadım? Çalışıyorsa hatamı düzeltmeme yardımcı olur musunuz? Çalışmıyor ise buradan modcu arkadaşlara sesleniyorum lütfen bir mod yapın patrol ile ilgili....aşırı sıkıntı çekiyoruz
  16. The Sultan

    Ekibimiz İçin Arkadaş Arıyoruz

    Ekibimiz İçin Arkadaş Arıyoruz Irlanda'da çalışan bir Cerrah'ım. Yazılıma olan ilgim sebebiyle bir kaç yıl içinde oyun ve programlama üzerine Türkiye'de bir stüdyo kurmayı düşünüyorum. Şu anda öğreci olan veya mezun olmuş ama ufak projelerle ilgilenen arkadaşlarla Bannerlord, Skyrim vb oyunlara...
  17. Lord Blueberry

    Lore friendly Single Player mod list [1.6.3][1.6.4]

    I've made a list of SP mods that (atleast for now) i try to expand and keep updated. Significant single player game play expansion. Lore friendly. Without altering default combat. Comments about optional mods Xorberax's Deadly Horse Charges. It increases the damage on impact of a moving...
  18. DarthKiller

    Suggestion General Bannerlord Custom Weapon Melee Damage

    Hello fellow modders and hopefully developers, Currently I am sitting on basically learning every aspect of modding in Bannerlord. I have already gotten into creating items, textures, meshes, cloth-sim properties, team-colours, weights and even creating custom item crafting templates/pieces...
  19. Lord Butters

    Sami Mod

    Notice how north of Sturgian lands we have vast nothing? well I want and plan on modding in a new sub-faction that is based on the Sami people. They will have villages and only villages. Small troop pool, No Calv..... Just kinda there to harras the Sturgia (because they don't have it hard...
  20. Campaign Map Speed

    Hello Everyone! I often find myself in looking for x8 button when moving around the map and it just really frustrates me that it is not there. I know that I can go to cheat menu and type "campaign.multiply_campaign_speed 20 " and that does the trick for me, but I don't want to do that every...
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