1. Ishapar

    Modding Horse Archer AI

    I haven;t found any discussion on this in the forums, so might as well bring this topic up. We all know that native Warband has an issue of having horse archer units charge with heavy cavalry instead of acting like horse archer units. This gives the Khergits a disadvantage to their faction...
  2. Ishapar

    Ellipsis Marks Abound

    I have a very weird situation. I decided to try to add some tweaks in the text files to my mod found on this older link: One of the additions I added was the Fire and...
  3. BirdWithCigars

    Xbox GamePass ile Mod Sorunu

    Xbox Game pass üzerinden oynuyorum.Fakat uğraşlarıma rağmen mod yükleyemiyorum.Default olarak sonra raddeye geldim.İzlediğim video üzerinden bsle kullanarak yaptım fakat bu sefer oyuna girerken faced a problem hatası alıyorum.Vortex üzerinden yapmaya çalıştığımda ise bannerlordu görmüyor dosya...
  4. SP - General Im looking for a mod

    I dont know english that much and sorry for that. Im looking for the mode where you can buy land from the villages of the cities you own, put slaves on these lands and obtain the products produced by these villages. I'm sorry if I opened this topic under the wrong title.
  5. oyun çöküyor

    kuzait haritanın sol üstünde gezinirken oyun sürekli çöküyor birşey çökmeyi tetikliyor ama bulamadım ss ve mod listesi:
  6. xXGodz__ZeusXx

    NA Native Mod Battle Kingdom of Atria Medieval battle simulation event. [Weekly Event]

    Kingdom of Atria Medieval battle simulation event. Saturday 6:00 PM Est Three Saturdays a month Contact Info: Discord: Zeus#5984 RULES 1) Each man should have the tag...
  7. Perisno - Soru

    Merhabalar, perisnoyu bilmeyen varsa warbandın en kapsamlı yabancı modu; devler, cüceler, elflerin cirit attığı bir fantezi dünyası. bu modda özelleştirilmiş paralı askerlerimizin ırk ve ekipmanlarını değiştirebiliyoruz, eskiden kaldırılmış kadın devler de bunlardan birisi. kendi oynayacağım...
  8. Consul_Kaiser

    Why does it take so long to develop a new update? The answer is: "Development Caution"

    There was a interesting video that went wild 2 weeks ago from someone named Timothy Cain. For those who dont know, Cain was a lead developer for the fallout games. He explains that in todays gaming development process that it takes an exceptionally long time to do simplified coding procedures...
  9. killyouready

  10. SP - General A cry from the heart (a lot of suggestions)

    Dear friends, this is a CRY from the HEART that you are reading 😩 Bannerlord has incredible combat mechanics, it's probably the best large-scale battle simulation ever created! I'm not going to dwell on its qualities, you know what they are. The battles are fabulous, the world of Calradia is...
  11. Modded My games crashes when the bows/crosbows gets shotted by npcs.

    Summary: Game crasshes mid fight when crosbows get shooten. How to Reproduce: RBM mode, get in fight Have you used cheats and if so which:No cheats Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU:RTX 2060 6GB GPU Driver Version: CPU: AMD RYZEN 5 2600X...
  12. How to bring back the old (javelin) ragdolling aka flying people?

    Is there a way to get back the old ragdoll animations (wich send people flying) insteat of the new dead animations? Maybe via mod or editing the animation files? All old mods wich do something like this, didn't work since the 1.1.0 Update.
  13. [OSOD] Imperator

    Islams Greatest warrior محارب الإسلام الأعظم

  14. Modded Crash

    Summary:I was playing the game very well. 700 days passed without any problems. Where I last stayed. I am at war with the Aseray state. It throws an error when I attack its army. I don't get any errors when attacking. I went through the results and clicked the quick finish icon and then when I...
  15. B15hop

    Offering payment for a small mod, SOLVED

    Hello everyone, Would somebody please make a MOD that uses a normal arrow mesh, like arrow_bl_g, with the size of the arrow increased to about 2x the normal size and have the visibility range of that arrow increased to almost unlimited. I'd like that flying arrow mesh to be the only one...
  16. EU NA SA bannerlord mod yapma

    bannerlordda mod yapmak için sanırım taleworldsün bir uygulaması varmış bu uygulamaya girmek için oyunu steamden mi almak gerekiyor bende epic gameste var ve steamden alınırsa da nasıl yüklenir veya açılır
  17. SP - General Mod sürümleri

    Bannerlord'a her güncelleme geldiğinde elimdeki modların da o sürüme güncellenmesini beklemeli miyim? Eğer böyleyse sanırım modlu bir şekilde hiç oynayamayacağım. Çoğu mod son güncellemesini aylar önce almış durumda.
  18. Modded Crashes on the company's map every few minutes

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home GPU: RTX 3060 GPU Driver Version: 531.61 CPU: Intel Core i5-9400 2.90 GHz RAM: 16 GB Motherboard: 310 HP Storage Device...
  19. Roberto_Italiano

    Mercenaries Reforged

    Greetings! Welcome to Mercenaries: Reforged. A Modification of the original Mount and Blade: Warband series which aims to restore the old version Module that we all loved: Mercenaries. This Module has been developed from bottom ground 0, meaning we have created it from scratch, with the only...
  20. Need mod

    • We need a mod that will return the equipment of the fallen heroes and make it nominal. Armor of Garios, helmet of Emperor Garios... Equipment of relatives and companions, so as not to disappear. • We need a mod that adds a button to the city - where the tournaments are held and what prizes...
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