1. Mods that allow changing weapon tags?

    Is there another mod that lets you change the tags on items like "tattered" and "rusty" etc? Saddled Edge Editor used to do that but the latest version don't affect tags in 1.5.9.
  2. Ser Jon

    BL Coding Editing/modding values?

    Hey! I have been googling for days and after realizing no mod exists in the absence of being able to edit it within the game, I finally caved to make a thread. What files do I need to look into, to edit or mod, in order to change certain values within Bannerlord? For example, I would like to...
  3. Help with carrying banner mods

    I can't seem to find mod that allows my troop tk carry the clan's banner. Carrymybanner mod doesn't seem to work either kn 1.5.9 main.
  4. Saber_00

    MB 1.World War

    1.Dünya Savaşında Geçen Bir Mod Varmı, Varsa Link Atarmısınız?
  5. Saber_00

    WB Şehir Kale Köy

    Şehir Kale Köy vb. Yerleri Nasıl Başka Krallıklara Aktarabilirim?
  6. The_Schwarz

    BL Coding Ragdoll Physics post 1.5.7

    Maybe this is a little late but did something change with the application of ActivateRagdoll()??? It exists off of both Agent.AgentVisuals.GetEntity().ActivateRagdoll(); and Agent.AgentVisuals.GetEntity().ActivateRagdoll(); Seems prior to 1.5.7 I could just instantiate my agent object as lets...
  7. Saber_00

    WB Modumdaki Arka Planı Nasıl Değiştirebilirim

    Modumdaki Arka Planı Nasıl Değiştirebilirim
  8. Skuadak

    I don't know, what mod it is, but it looks kinda awesome.

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I just really like this video:
  9. Leader144

    Age of Arthur 5.0

    Hi Guys wanted to make a platform for people to share their opinion and experience about this awesome mod? How do you start? Did you try out as a knight and saved your mother? How did you do that? Where is your favorite spot to build a city and fort? Let's share our experience. Sincerely
  10. Control ally after your character falls in battle

    Similar to how it works in Multiplayer Mode (Captain), please allow us to control one of our soldiers in combat if you character falls during battle. It adds a lot of fun to the game. I played one mod called Control Ally After Death and it was really fun, but it didn't let you choose the ally...
  11. Robis

    Mods in GeForce Now

    Hello, I would like to play Bannerlord on GeForce Now as my laptop cannot run the game properly, most notably in Single Player. I was wondering whether it is possible to use mods on GeForce Now. Is this possible? My idea would be to install the mods in Steam on my laptop first, then starting...
  12. Any mod that prevents your clan's parties from donating troops to settlements?

    I'm losing 5k a day because my clan's parties keep giving troops to settlements even though my settlements already have 500 plus garrison. It's an endless, frustrating cycle where they donate, recruit, donate, recruit, leaving me bankrupt. Any mod that prevents them from donating? Searched...
  13. Bisoso1893

    WB Coding How can I change the start year for a mod?

    I got the source code from my favourite mod, I just put the folder of the source code in the module of the mod I wanted to edit, I alredy edited ":cur_year" in the "" but in game the year I changed doesn't show, help please
  14. deleted

    Somebody please created MOD with ALL LORDS ARE MEN...... 3-5 female hero is fine, but not half of lord all female, I try change them 1 by 1 but got stuck at some point
  15. How Many people want MALE ONLY LORD in Bannerlord?

    Just want to check how many people want MALE only LORD?( maybe 3-5 outstanding female only, not half of them woman) I check the forum and mod, no one exist. Oh yeah and simply also, I don't want to Fight and beheaded A WOMAN.
  16. regeajedus

    e1.5.7 Güncel Çalışan Modlar (Ana Sürüm)

    Bu modlar dışında çalışan modlar varsa yazarsanız listeye ekleyebilirim. Modların isimlerinin üzerine tıklayarak indirme linkine ulaşabilirsiniz. Bannerlord Tweaks Oyunda bir sürü ayar yapmanıza yarayan detaylı bir mod. Detailed Character Creation Detaylı karakter tasarlamanıza yarar.(Yaş...
  17. regeajedus

    e1.5.6 Kullandığım Çalışan Modlar

    Şu an oynadığım sürümde sıkıntı çıkarmayan modları paylaşmak istedim. Daha çalışan mod varsa yazabilirsiniz. Modların isimlerinin üzerine tıklayarak indirme linkine ulaşabilirsiniz. Cultured Start View All Wars Banner Peasants BannerPaste BetterTime ChangingCulture HideoutSendTroops...
  18. Cherkez

    [WB][SP]Native More Troopers Mod

    Native More Troopers Açıklama: Native orijinalliğini bozmadan krallıklara ekstradan askerler eklendi ve krallıklar arasında bir nevi güç dengesi sağlandı.Vanilla oyunu bozmadan eğlenmek isteyenler için. Eklenenler: +Krallıklara ekstradan birimler +Kelle avcılarında artık kesinlikle 1 adet...
  19. I need help with Modding

    I'm trying to Mod Mount & Blade Bannerlord but it keeps coming up with an error message. At first the issue in the error was specifically a dependency issue where one mod needed another mod to work, which I fixed. Then it was a load order issue which I also fixed. I'm confused because all the...
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