1. Lord Blueberry

    Lore friendly Single Player mod list

    I've made a list of SP mods that (atleast for now) i try to expand and keep updated. The focus is to expand SP gameplay significantly, without breaking lore or altering native combat. The one mod featured that changes something about combat is Xorberax's Deadly Horse Charges which increases the...
  2. DarthKiller

    Bannerlord Custom Weapon Melee Damage

    Hello fellow modders and hopefully developers, Currently I am sitting on basically learning every aspect of modding in Bannerlord. I have already gotten into creating items, textures, meshes, cloth-sim properties, team-colours, weights and even creating custom item crafting templates/pieces...
  3. Lord Butters

    Sami Mod

    Notice how north of Sturgian lands we have vast nothing? well I want and plan on modding in a new sub-faction that is based on the Sami people. They will have villages and only villages. Small troop pool, No Calv..... Just kinda there to harras the Sturgia (because they don't have it hard...
  4. Campaign Map Speed

    Hello Everyone! I often find myself in looking for x8 button when moving around the map and it just really frustrates me that it is not there. I know that I can go to cheat menu and type "campaign.multiply_campaign_speed 20 " and that does the trick for me, but I don't want to do that every...
  5. DennyWiseau

    Fixing the campaign gameplay one mod at a time.

    The campaign experience atm is extremely repetetive and quickly become very dull because there simply isent a variety of interesting things to do, especially in peace times. Taleworlds emphasis seem to be on creating an enjoyable battle simulater, unfortunaltly the campaign gameplay feels very...
  6. WarDudez

    Cinematic Bannerlord Videos

    Hi! I am about to create a channel on youtube using bannerlord to make short cinematic montages of different military units through history. The idea is to make the videos short but educational for every popular historical unit. This is my first video, please tell me what you think of the idea...
  7. BingRazer

    Mod Night #39: Full Invasion: Osiris

    This Saturday, August 21st we will be playing Full Invasion: Osiris. Join us for this public event featuring another multiplayer mod. Event details can be found on the forum post here or on the Reddit post here
  8. Aztec2012

    [REQUEST] Frostmourne/Lich King Armor

    Recently, after looking on at some Skyrim, Valheim and other many games mods of the Lich King's gear, I dont find no one for Bannerlord. Its surprised me to much. So I ask, has anyone finished any Lich King gear for Bannerlord? Would be pretty fun to ride around with Helm of Domination, Armor of...
  9. MateusBR88

    UPDATE A EUROPE MOD (1.5.4 for 1.6.0)

    Hello lords, I recently saw a mod called Lazy Europe Conversion and wanted to update it to the latest version of Bannerlord, but I have no experience with mods (I just modified some troops with xml) and I am unable to open the map in editor mode when I click Open Scene it opens the normal map of...
  10. Anyway to increase the limit on bow "nock to nock" length

    Is there anyway to get rid of the nock to nock length on string weapons? I am trying to add a longer recurve bow. When I use the long bow deformer, the limbs don't bend as much as the shorter bow deformer. There are some recurve bows in real life that are longer that the turkish bows in game...
  11. CaptainFracas

    SP Fantasy The Battle for Helm's Deep - a Lord of The Ring Mod

    My 3 mates and I are developing this mod by love of LOTR and to learn how modding works in Bannerlord. This is our first mod and we had no experience in modding a game before starting this project so please keep this in mind. As said in the video: Do not expect a total conversion mod for M&B II...
  12. anothercicada

    Story driven mods?

    I have played Viking Conquest and liked it. Not very creative with creating my own stories so, are there any other mods that are story driven?
  13. SherLock05

    Any known mods to change NPC/Vassals equipment?

    Does anyone know of a mod or possibly even just editing some files to change the NPC's equipment, anyone outside of my own clan cannot be changed in game and after searching far and wide there doesn't seem to be a mod available to do this. I am so sick of my vassals running around looking like...
  14. Alzey

    Help for make mod, Mod yapmak için yardım.

    Muhterem Okuyucular, büyük ve güzel bir mod yapmak istiyorum ancak texture,langue gibi dosyaların nerede bulunduğunu anlayadım dosyaları nereden bulabileceğimi bilen varsa beni bilgilendirmeleri rica olunur. Bu konudaki cahilliğimi mazur görün. Büyük bir mod yapmak istiyorum ancak bilgim çok az...
  15. Help with Better Player Kingdoms Mod

    Better Player kingdoms mod everything in this mod works fine except for when i try to create a new vassal with shift click on gift fief. idk how to put the betterExceptionWindow crash report here so ill just copy paste if anything else is needed for you guys to help me just post and ill try to...
  16. Robis

    1.5.10 Is there\there will be a way to use Mods on Geforce Now?

    Hello, I would like to play using GeForce Now cloud gaming system. Please find below the issue: Summary: I dont have a machine capable of running bannerlord in satisfactory way, hence I would like to play it using the cloud gaming service provided by GeForce Now as Talewords opted in for...
  17. BingRazer

    Mod Night #38: The Deluge

    This Saturday, July 17th we will be playing the Deluge. Join us for this public event featuring another Warband multiplayer mod. Event details can be found on the forum post here or on the Reddit post here
  18. Oltopeteeh

    (dll SubMod) Buy/Exchange Renown, Influence, XP; Food (donate town), Horses; Fast menu-craft (refine), Hire/Upgrade Villager-Recruit-Elite

    Base .dll mod: MedicalDistrict Small Change: Change cost healing 1.000 -> 100 (testing the ability to compile an edited file); ___ Buy Renown campaignGameStarter.AddGameMenuOption("town_medical_district"...
  19. Need help with my Mod Load Order for 1.5.10

    im very new to modding on this game. i cant post pictures so ill just say what my current load order is Harmony BetterExceptionWindow ButterLib UIExtenderEx MCMv4 native sandbox core sandbox custom battle storymode ModLib Custom spawns developer console Bannerlord Tweaks Detailed Character...

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