1. KT_cikcik

    Keeper Team [KT] | Yeniden açılmıştır! - Üye alımlarımız açıktır. |

    KeeperTeam - KT // Klanımız 13/05/2014 Tarihinde KreyFurt tarafından kurulmuştur. 20/04/2019 tarihi oyuncuları dağılmış ve iki sene kadar bir süre kapalı kalmış, 01/01/2023 tarihinde KreyFurt ve beraberindeki bazı eski KT üyeleriyle klanı tekrar aktif hale getirmiştir. Şuan aktifiz ve klana...
  2. KD Deathmatch

    I dont know it's legal or not in this forum community but you always welcome KD Deathmatch. We have Neo-GK mod in our native server so make sure to install NeoGK in your native before joining the fun. Our Juniors and High Admins have leading the server in Modded arena map and more modded maps...
  3. REQUEST - Adding more people to towns

    As per the title, I was hoping their could be an uploaded mod in general for a simple addition (and customization the ### of citizens based on your pc specs) of adding more citizens/men/women/children to all Native town scenes? I observed this here..(link below) however, I am uneducated when...
  4. NW Siege Battle Completed NWRP CAMPAIGN: CALRADIA 1815

    In what may be the speediest turnaround for any NRP Campaign ever, I am pleased to announce the creation of a truly innovative NRP Campaign: CALRADIA 1815 Basic information: -The first event of the campaign will take place on 10th of September. Events will happen at 21:00 CEST, every Saturday...
  5. RonnyJonny

    EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    General Topics: Format: Admin Team: Pre banned Players: Captain sign up code: Player sign up code:
  6. Eagle'

    Kuşatma Etkinliği ??? [NeoGK]

    Sene içerisinde EU'da birkaç defa NeoGK modülünde kuşatma eventleri yapıldığına şahit oldum. Bende aynı kuşatma etkinliğini TR'de yapmak istiyorum. Olası bir kuşatma etkinliğinde katılım nasıl olur? Bireysel katılım durumunuzu oylamada belirtirseniz sevinirim. Ayrıca daha önce herhangi bir Siege...
  7. RonnyJonny

    EU Native Battle Completed Plans for the future tournament

    Plans for the future tournament As the Warband Ladder League has just ended and since there will probably be no one else to host one, I thought I will take matters into my own hands and host the next tourney. I ve thought about what format I want to choose for the upcoming tourney and come to...
  8. Vestmar Dominion (VD)

    Vestmar Dominion (VD)

  9. AnFhile

    Next Native Tournament Interest Check/Discussion

    Hello. I was thinking of hosting a Nation's Cup but have received very mixed responses to the idea. Some hate it while others really want one. So just dropping this poll to see what people actually want to play. You can vote for all of them if you don't mind. fyi winning the poll doesn't...
  10. BigAl56

    Short novel based on Mount and Blade Native version

    I wrote a short novel based on the backstory for Mount and Blade Native version. I am posting this here for your enjoyment. I am not selling this novel because I don't want to infringe on any copyrights that Taleword has on the game and the content that I borrowed from it for the novel. Here is...
  11. ToolSAre

    Mount & Blade: Warband Native 3vs3 Turnuva

    Öncelikle hepinize iyi günler , Biz Squadron community olarak 3vs3 bir native turnuvası düzenliyoruz ve turnuvada oynayacak takımlar arıyoruz , eğer sizde turnuvaya katılmak isterseniz Discord üzerinden bize ulaşabilirsiniz. Discord :
  12. Veledentella

    Native OSP Scenes Nervous Man's scenes

    1. Introduction After releasing my scene pack I realized I had some unfinished Native/ NeoGK-compatible ones in my collection. Now it is time to release them as well for others. Some of them had been made before I attained high proficiency in scening, therefore they may be of lower quality...
  13. safe

    EU Native Battle Completed European Groupfighting Tournament [2v2]

    European Groupfighting Tournament Taking the opportunity of ongoing native tournament and therefore some small activity increase on the competitive scene we've decided to try to host a groupfighting tourney. Having in mind all the issues with the previous 3v3 tournament and community suggestions...
  14. Veledentella

    If you still play Native casually, check this mod out.

    "New_Players are never new" ~ Veledentella 2021 This client-side MP-only Native modification (compatible with NeoGK) provides its users with many new features, as it enhances their gameplay and enriches their experience. Releases and platforms Current stable release: v1.1 (final patched...
  15. [WRT] Warband Revival Tournament

    [WRT] Warband Revival Tournament

    Competitive, European, Native 8v8 Tournament, trying to revive the native competitive scene yet again.
  16. Veledentella

    Native LSP Scenes Veledentella's scenes

    Veledentella's scenes 1. Introduction Having started scening in the second half of 2019, I embarked on making new works for MP in Native with NeoGK, as SP in general and most MP modules were already in decline. As a result, there were not that many opportunities to lend my hand, thus I...
  17. Veledentella

    MP Native Varena NeoGK (final patched update v1.1 released!)

    "New_Players are never new" ~ Veledentella 2021 1. Introduction This MP-only Native modification (compatible with NeoGK) is named after a server whose legacy is continued and preserved in the client-side module. It provides its users with many new features, as it enhances their gameplay and...
  18. Eagle'

    HUN Gaming Community / Powered by Eagle'

    HUN GAMING COMMUNITY HUN Gaming Community Eagle' tarafından oyuncuların birbirlerine saygılı bir şekilde eğlenerek oyun kabiliyetlerini geliştirmek amacıyla kurulmuş olup 21.12.2020 tarihinden beri M&B Warband topluluğuna hizmet vermektedir. Katılımcılar genel Discord ve topluluk kurallarına...
  19. WB Coding Assistance With Player Faction Troops

    I'm attempting to add player faction troops to Warband via Morgh's editor. I've already created the troops in the troops.txt via Morgh's and assigned them to the player faction, but they are not able to be recruited from player faction villages. I just started this thing yesterday so I'm still...
  20. OSP Code QoL Sorting Troops for M&B Warband

    Hi everybody, As the title says, this OSP implements some basic sorting for Warband. Now you can sort by troop level, faction or class (infantry, archer, any custom class, etc.), and even combine a few of them. This is very useful for when you have all kinds of troops and just want some order...
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