1. WB Problèmes de connexion aux serveurs

    Bonjour à tous, J'ai plusieurs problème de connexion sur native et je pense avoir regardé toutes les solutions qu'on trouve sur les forums. Premier problème: Quand la map change très souvent je suis déconnecté du serveur avec le message "Connexion impossible au serveur" et j'ai ce même...
  2. Eagle'

    TR One-Handed Düello Turnuvası [Başvurular AÇIK]

    Eagle' ve yetkili ekibin siz değerli oyuncular için düzenlemiş olduğu "TR Duel Tournaments" etkinliklerinin ilkini tanıtmaktan onur duyuyoruz. Düello şeklinde olacak bu etkinliklerden birincisinin konsepti "Tek elli kılıçlar" olacaktır. Tüm katılımcılara şimdiden başarılar. - Turnuva formatı...
  3. Karnage King of Archery

    Answers to some previously asked questions

    Our ranks are based on the Vaegir troop tree in the campaign, ranks that specify to one of the three classes are called specialist ranks and are the first requirement to be in leadership, the second requirement is loyalty and you must be appointed by someone above the leadership rank you want...
  4. KratosMKII

    [WB] Cause of crash after dialogue?

    Does anyone know why does the game crashes in a dialogue with a "close_window" command after it finishes?
  5. julijs

    Cultivation, lack thereof.

    Mount & Blade Genre Sandbox titles can be inherently flawed as they contain many staples of other genres with an emphasis on free-formed gameplay, all of which are arguably under the perception of art by it's players; one may like the former rather than the latter. Bannerlord is a...
  6. Lifesence

    How goes the war?

    Just a small feature I miss from Warband. You ask a lord "How goes the war?" and he'll tell you who's winning and what his monarch wants. (Peace, war) and the reason behind the monarchs actions. "We're at war on too many fronts and wish to make peace with Kingdom of Nords" etc.
  7. AlbertFaubrein

    WB Coding Presentation's slider not working

    Hello, I have a problem with my presentation, I create a range of image_buttons but only 3 of them are working and like the title say my presentation's slide is not working. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thane_of_Glamis

    Unresolved Performance issues with Mount & Blade: Warband on a new laptop.

    Hello, I have recently got a new laptop, but I can't experience my favourite Mount & Blade: Warband without rather significant performance issues. The laptop is an ASUS TUF Dash F15 with following specifications: - Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit - CPU: Intel Core i7-11370H - RAM: 16GB...
  9. BingRazer

    Lions, Leopards, and Bears, Oh My! - Calradic Campaign Season 2-5

    Welcome to the fifth event of Calradic Campaign Season 2! This event will focus on the Vaegirs attempting to crush the newly formed Vlandian Kingdom by defeating Count Mako of the Vlandian United Front (VUF). If the Vaegirs manage to squash the opposition they will sieze Vyincourd Castle...
  10. T3CHET

    Thanks for 500 hours... SO FAR (personal post, pls ignore)

    I was scrolling Game Pass one evening, looking for something to sate the hunger. Looking for a weekend "time sink" if you will. I had looked over the title cards dozens of times and saw WB amongst the rest of the rabble and thought almost nothing about it "just another game with dated graphics...
  11. BingRazer

    Mod Night #39: Full Invasion: Osiris

    This Saturday, August 21st we will be playing Full Invasion: Osiris. Join us for this public event featuring another multiplayer mod. Event details can be found on the forum post here or on the Reddit post here
  12. Oggyi

    Resolved Mount & Blade Warband wont launch Steam Windows 10

    Hello, I have been trying to play Mount & Blade Warband for several days. Unfortunately I found that I can not play it because it does not start. I have informed myself before I have written the Therad and already tried everything reinstallation, clean installation, also I tried to download the...
  13. five bucks

    Which 3 major features from Warband or Devblogs do you want the most in Bannerlord?

    The terrain battle system and spear bracing are the major features that Taleworlds have confirmed they are working on and will release in future updates. However, we don't know what they have planned after that. There are multiple features which were in Warband, or teased in the developer blogs...
  14. anothercicada

    Story driven mods?

    I have played Viking Conquest and liked it. Not very creative with creating my own stories so, are there any other mods that are story driven?
  15. Eagle'

    HUN Gaming Community / Powered by Eagle'

    HUN GAMING COMMUNITY HUN Gaming Community Eagle' tarafından oyuncuların birbirlerine saygılı bir şekilde eğlenerek oyun kabiliyetlerini geliştirmek amacıyla kurulmuş olup 21.12.2020 tarihinden beri M&B Warband topluluğuna hizmet vermektedir. Katılımcılar genel Discord ve topluluk kurallarına...
  16. BingRazer

    Mod Night #38: The Deluge

    This Saturday, July 17th we will be playing the Deluge. Join us for this public event featuring another Warband multiplayer mod. Event details can be found on the forum post here or on the Reddit post here
  17. Carnage Fantasy League

    Carnage Fantasy League

    With the help of Carnage Gaming (https://carnagegg.com/) we hope to be able to host a competitive and enjoyable tournament. It is obvious that for a Fantasy League type tournament we need a lot of players who are eager to participate in a competitive environment.
  18. Fate/ Throne of Heroes

    Fate/ Throne of Heroes

    A mod set in the Fate/ TYPE-MOON universe. Primarily based on the rules established by the Grail Wars featured in Fate/stay night, Zero, and hollow ataraxia to create a unique gameplay interpretation of the RPG elements presented in the works.
  19. Bisoso1893

    WB Other How to add scope sight on a mod ?

    Not talking about a scope submodel, but about the ui, just like this: I'm a little bit more advanced using Source Codes but still don't know how to change it. Could it be maybe by just replacing "ui_gadgets" but if I can avoid this to have both aiming without scoped and aiming with scope I...
  20. kaaredra

    Unresolved warbandde kaskımı nasıl gizlerim yardım edebilirmisiniz

    kaskımı gizlemek istiyorum nasıl yaparım?
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