1. five bucks

    Filling In the Gaps: a timeline of Calradia from 1000BE to 1257AE

    I decided to write down a timeline of major events in the M&B series' lore, for those few of us who are interested. In parts of the game's timeline with no events described, I've made some up based on real history, following the same formula Taleworlds does of remixing names and events from...
  2. KratosMKII

    WB 3D Art Problem with some armors

    Does anyone know why?
  3. KratosMKII

    WB Coding Problem with doors in scenes

    I'm getting a bug in my mod where the prison door leads to the arena. Which file holds the code which defines where doors lead to? Or is it a scene thing?
  4. Unresolved Training Problem

    My soldiers don't gain xp. Even my training level is 10 they don't gain xp. I deleted and download two times but it doesn't work. They can gain xp just after the wars but they don't gain in night. I can't see ''training is over'' notification.
  5. Mauromagno Patriota

    WB Coding historical battle notification.

    How could I get a notification of a historical battle on a certain date and time of day? Which gives you the opportunity to participate and sends you to a certain scene.
  6. WB Coding Adding mixed gender troop

    I saw other mods that had a troop with both male and female gender. How should I implement it?
  7. WB 2D Art Textures won't load on mesh

    This is how my mesh looks like on BRF and should look like ingame. In the actual game though, the item looks completely white, obviously losing all of the textures that it should had. What causes game to not load those textures? (My resource pack is used by module.ini, and every other item that...
  8. WB 2D Art Problems with editing some of the Native textures

    I can't edit some of the textures from Native game. I can only find their alpha transparency in textures folder, while in OpenBRF (and ingame) they show in all 3 forms (RGB, Alpha, Alpha_Transparency). Good example is costumes_4 texture. Any way to convert the alpha transparency to RGB form?
  9. Mauromagno Patriota

    WB Coding designate entry point only for reinforcements, different from the beginning.

    hello everyone, this is for a naval battle. At the beginning, there are 2 ships and where the soldiers of both teams spawn and the ships that sail to a central point. I am trying to activate reinforcements at an entry point different from the one at the beginning, so that those reinforcements...
  10. WB 3D Art Searching for meshes and textures for my mod

    Which meshes and textures exactly am I permitted to borrow from the modding community? I'm working on my mod and I've come to the phase of creating items. I have native models of course, but that's not quite enough for my mod, while 3D modelling is not my forte, so I can't really create my own...
  11. Mauromagno Patriota

    WB Coding disappear an object in a single player scene

    Hello everyone, I was wondering, how could an object disappear in a scene at a certain moment .. I thought of several options, for example using the replace_scene_props command as in the script to disappear the siege objects or the prop_instance_animate_to_position command, but most of the...
  12. chukutor

    House Karolenj PK/Native [BAŞVURULAR AÇIK]

  13. Mauromagno Patriota

    WB Coding Assign a sound to scene prop whith pause

    Command store_mission_timer_a Hello everyone, I have seen that this command is used to calculate the seconds and execute a certain action, my question is: How can I occupy it to include it in an object (scene prop) so that every few seconds it makes a sound? I have other scene prop with sounds...
  14. AlbertFaubrein

    How to read data from a scene ?

    Hi there, I need help to understand a difficult topic: I want to know how can I read data from a .sco file. A project already do this (SCO Wrapper) but I don't understand C languages... All help is welcome.
  15. Warband da mod nasil tasarlanır birisi ogretebilirmi

    Warbanndda mod nasıl tasarlanir
  16. kongkamby

    INT Native Duel Busby Redemption Duel Tournament - 160$ Prize Pool

    - The Busby Redemption Duel Tournament, who will be the new champion? - The Busby Redemption Tournament Rules: 1. Tournament format is 1v1, first to seven (ft7) 1.1 Any Polearms, two-handed or one-handed weapons are allowed as long as a shield is not used 1.2 Any weapon with the "crush through...
  17. SP Other [PoP] How do I powerplay efficiently?

    I already finished my first PoP playthrough with 1/4 damage to self and 1/2 to troops with campaign and combat AI set to easiest, as I was very intimidated at first by the mod My character was full int/cha, kind of a leader not so much combat oriented character (14 wound treatment, 14 surgery...
  18. Eärendil Ardamírë

    LSP Kit QoL Bags & Bottles LSP Code Kit

    The purpose of this LSP Code Kit is to enable a bit of diversification of the looks of troops at the battles, to reduce a little bit the clone like look of them at the scenes. It contains code examples for different cases as well as example resource files (1 brf file + 1 texture) which can get...
  19. Eagle'

    [MP] Sunucuda Çift Elli Silahları Engelleme

    Sunucumda çift elli silahları engellemek ve birlik sınırı koymak istiyorum fakat sunucu dosyaları arasından neleri değiştirmem gerektiğini bilmiyorum. Sunucumda yalnızca "Adimi Tools" yüklüdür.
  20. Cant see any MP servers

    Hi, i was seeking for solutions but couldn't find any that work. As in title, when I want to play multi player there aren't servers. Are all of them dead and closed?
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