1. Unresolved Mareşal Sorunu

    Warbandda mareşal seçildim hemen ardından nordlara saldırmak için orduyu seferberliğe çağırdım. Grunwalder kalesini kuşattım ve saldırıyı başlattım fakat bi baktım ki sadece benim askerlerim savaşıyor diğer lordlar nerede, kral graveth neden 355 kişi ordusuyla arkadan beni izliyor, niye diğer...
  2. Warband mouse sol tuşuna çift tıklayınca karakter sekmesi açma sorunu

    Warband da oyundayken sol clicke iki defa basınca peş peşe karakter sekmesini(beceri geliştirme falan) açıyor. Savaşırken falan ikide bir ekrana geliyor. Çok gıcık bir durum. Oyunu sildim baştan yükledim yine olmadı. İnternette de bu sorun hakkında çözüm bulamadım. Yardımcı olur musunuz?
  3. Ishapar

    WB Coding Stuck on a Menu Screen (Mod Help)

    I have been trying to mod Warband using this mod as a base: https://www.nexusmods.com/mbwarband/mods/6044. I enjoy this mod as it adds various features to native without rehauling the game (especially making there be 12 factions with 2 extinct ones to use and the ability to execute lords). On...
  4. AnFhile

    [WLL] Announcements

    Announcements Important announcements and information regarding the tournament will be made in this thread.
  5. AnFhile

    [WLL] Rules & Regulations

    Rules & Regulations Behaviour Rules Maturity and Respect (1) Players should respect both the letter and the spirit of the rules. The responsibility for ensuring that this happens lies not with one individual - it involves captains, players and referees. It is through discipline, control and...
  6. AnFhile

    [WLL] Tournament Administration

    Tournament Administration potesty Steam TaleWorlds RonnyJonny Steam TaleWorlds Roberto Italiano Steam TaleWorlds yami pirate Steam TaleWorlds
  7. AnFhile

    [WLL] Discussion & Suggestion Thread

    Discussion & Suggestion Thread Here is where you can discuss the tournament and anything related in a civilised, constructive and mature fashion. Also any suggestions in how to improve this tournament or future tournaments are more than welcome.
  8. AnFhile

    [WLL] Signups + Introduction

    Signup Info The signup deadline is Sunday 10/04/2022. There Roster will be a roster cap of 12 players to encourage the forming of more teams and discourage adding inactive players. A Free Agent thread will be set up separately for anyone seeking a team. Format Introduction The group stage of...
  9. [WLL] Warband Ladder League

    [WLL] Warband Ladder League

    This is an 8v8 Warband Tournament using a 5 week ladder format before a playoff in order to finally decide who is the best at hilt slashing.
  10. TommyDarkstar

    PS4 server lag. This is unacceptable:

    Right so where do I begin. I’ve been playing Warband PS4 since 2016. I’ve seen the severs act up like this atleast once a year which me and the other veterans have gotten used to, but it’s never taken this long for you guys to sort out your own sever issues like this. We may not be a huge...
  11. AnFhile

    Next Native Tournament Interest Check/Discussion

    Hello. I was thinking of hosting a Nation's Cup but have received very mixed responses to the idea. Some hate it while others really want one. So just dropping this poll to see what people actually want to play. You can vote for all of them if you don't mind. fyi winning the poll doesn't...
  12. shar_N

    WB MB Helmets deforming with facial expression

    As the title says, some helmets in the mod I am playing will deform with the facial expression of the wearer, so I'll see full helmets with squinting eyeslots for example. Is there some way to fix the helmets so that they are rigid the way they appear in Open BRF?
  13. Barış Yapmak

    Dostlar Dustum Hana Krallığa Geçmesi İçin Yemin Ettim. RODOK Hariç Bütün Krallıklar Savaş Açtı. Kale Feth Ediyorum Geri Alıyorlar. En Son Rodokta Savaş Açtı ve Bütün Oyun Keyfim Kaçtı. barış Yapmak İstiyorum "Üzgünüm, Af Çıkarabilecek Durumda Değilim" Cevabını Veriyorlar. Ne Yapmalıyım?
  14. Ishapar

    WB Coding Help With Adding Chests

    I'm new to coding, and I have become frustrated with one particular problem. I have been doing my own mod with the Diplomacy 4.3 MRCmod and bugfixes mod as my base. One feature I would love to add to this mod are some new hidden chests in various locations (towns, bandit lairs, villages...
  15. filips

    Unresolved Yruma Castle there is no door to enter the hall of the lord

    Check the video.
  16. Error with map_get_random_position_around_position operation

    Code on mission_templates: When i enter on a quick battle and someone get's wounded the game crashes and closes Looking on the wse_crash_log.txt file i have this: I only get this when i put the map_get_random_position_around_position function line, does anyone know how can i fix it ?
  17. In Progress Warband Lost Game / Partida perdida de warband mount and blade

    Hello everyone, I have a problem, I have a game where I have been for a long time, today there was a point where the game closed, then when I tried to open it again, it kept loading and then closed, without saying anything. The game is mount and blade warband, from the mod a last days of the...
  18. Cyrus The Great

    SP Native Little Empire

    You must rebuild the castle before the other factions realize your discovery! You know if they see a weak faction, they will crush it! We must be strong and defend this castle! We must improve our economy! But How no one founded this castle? Uhh, It does not matter at this moment. In the start...
  19. Cyrus The Great

    WB Coding right to left text in warband

    I am making a mod changes game language to Persian (is like Arabic RTL) and I want to make menus RTL
  20. Amatör Ahmet

    Tundra Haydutları sığınağını bulma görevi

    Lord Belgaru'dan görev aldım, Rivacheg şehri civarlarındaki haydutlarla ilgili. Sığınağı bulması imha etmesi falan kolay ama ne zaman veya nasıl kuracaklarını bilmiyorum. Kurmaları için ne yapmam gerekiyor ? Beklesem zamanla kurarlar mı ?
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