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Calradian Conquest
Being developed entirely by Hardwood

Aim of the mod: To make the best Calradian experience.

This mod uses Floris Expanded as base.

All of the planned features for the mod:

All the gameplay features of Brytenwalda
All the gameplay features of Dickplomacy Reloaded
Gameplay features of Tocan's Calradia
Gameplay features of ISKLMOD
New faction: Doom Brotherhood, will be a faction of all the fantasy creatures added in this mod.
Main troops of Doom Brotherhood: The Undead of Native Mount & Blade, Trolls and Orcs from The Last Days, Blightings and Mirthanoiries by Archie Duke, and much more.
Will use InVain's TLD Scene Pack for the Doom Brotherhood's fiefs.
Native Town Scene Replacement Pack by The Bowman
Improved and expanded version of Dream quests from Evlat which also now give good reward on completion.
More dream quests which also give good rewards on completion
Cinematic Compilation (Graphic & Sound Enhancement). Not all the textures but flora and land textures.
Enabling removed locations (Zendar, Salt Mine, Dhorak Keep, Clunmarr Keep, Four Ways Inn, etc.)
Manhunters will be renamed to The Order of Manhunters
Zendar will now belong to the Order of Manhunters and you will be able to hire mercenaries at Zendar
Will remove the multiple troop trees of Floris, The Expanded troop tree will be the only troop tree.
Will remove the prefixes like "C1", "I1" from the names of the troops.
The Ultimate Warband music pack by Various Artists
Chopping off hands kit by K700
Day and Night Cycle by Azremen
Extra Unarmed Damage by Somebody
Expanding cheat menu by k61824
Poisoned weapons by Dalion
Invasion Mode by Arch3r
Improve your equipment's modifier by talking to the armorer or weaponsmith from Viking Conquest
Increased running speed from Viking Conquest
WSE 4.9.2 Module add-ons and Multiplayer
Expanded character creation menu
Expanded cheats
Peasant recruits in towns
Points of interest with unique quests (Will definitely use Warrider's removed locations such as Serrepa, Kaga, Sacrificial ground)
Invasion of Dark Knights and Black Khergits (Tocans Calradia)
Unique quests of Dark Knights and Black Khergits
Religion System (Same as Brytenwalda but expanded)
Greatly improved sea battles (By using Brytenwalda's custom battle code)
Misc: adding back mtf_sit_lords_hall
Misc: nearly 30 title screen tracks (So that the title screen feels more dynamic and doesn't play the same track every time)
And much more. (Definitely not much more.)

Release: 2024 (Hopefully)
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