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single player

  1. katirgucu

    In Progress Save dosyalarım uzun süre oyuna girmeyince siliniyor

    Merhabalar oyunu uzun süredir oynuyorum ama başlıkta belirttiğim olay 2 kez başıma geldi nedenini bilmiyorum save dosyaları uzun süre oyna veya bilgisayara girmeyince siliniyor dosyaları kurtaramasam bile nedenini öğrenebilirsem en azından diğer saveleri kurtarabilirim Teşekkürler :smile:

    i start steam after that i lauch my game and click on single player and play (in native WITHOUT mods) and anything after JUST ANYTHING... i don't understand... my launching windows close and in steam i read game is lauched.. HELP ME PLEASE !!
  3. erden520

    Resolved (1.5.7) and (1.5.8 - Beta) Helmet Visiual Issues

    I was posted in 1.5.6 already, 1 community supporter answered me and said "I informed devs about the issue" but this problem still exist. Helmets' visors are above to character's eyes. Here is NORMAL: ( https://prnt.sc/yenpie , https://prnt.sc/yenoss ) NOT NORMAL: ( https://prnt.sc/yenlxg ...
  4. Schoulayer

    Idea for Multiplayer Campaign Action

    I had an idea that would allow multiple players to smoothly play the single player campaign together. What if you could create a mercenary group that consisted of yourself and a few companions or soldiers. Imagine if you could join another player's single player game with your mercenary group...
  5. StaceMcGate

    Mercenaries need rework

    So in the current meta, here is how a war with a weaker faction will play out. 1) Kingdom is pushed back to having little or no fiefs, Vassals begin defecting. 2) The Kingdom will then begin hiring every mercenary company available. 3) They will spawn at the former capital faction and raid...
  6. Troops Customisation

    As much as enabling the player to create his own complete troop tree/culture would be nice it might be technically difficult and it wouldn't make sense from the history of Calradia. (you can't have a completely new culture popping out of nowhere). However to enhance the player immersion in the...
  7. AnandaShanti

    Syronea has a secret back door! What other siege maps have secret openings?

    I was goofing around while killing all the infantry and I found a back door into the city! It's hard to get back there because of the out of bounds time limit. Once in there you can jump the horse onto the roofs and snip down archers or the infantry as they return to look for you. They can't...
  8. slaur4

    Resolved [Beta 1.5.7] Performance drop

    Summary: The game is great, but performance dropped with the latest beta : Heavy stutter in campaign map Menus are generally less responsive and loading times increased Combat camera and movements feel less responsive too, both in arena and open fields How to Reproduce: Start a regular...
  9. Can’t enable death in campaign option 1.5.6

    Hi, as the title stated there is no longer an option to enable death once you’re in the game. I accidentally clicked disable death when starting anew game as before it was to enable not disable. is there anyway to enable it in a saved file?
  10. erden520

    In Progress Helmets issues after 1.5.6 Update.

    Something weird happened to helmets. Character's eyes are now above to helmets' visors. And something happened to character's beard too. I'm leaving here what i am trying to say. Before: https://prnt.sc/wm4oq1 / After: https://prnt.sc/wm4rr0 . I hope you fix this. (Another helmets also have the...
  11. AxiosXiphos

    Throne Petitions

    So just a small feature I have seen on the modding community that would add some RPG flavour to the game - is petitions. I know this has been suggested before but here is a little sequence for how I see this working in a nice easy manner; - You receive a message while travelling telling you...
  12. FlowDream

    Be a soldier: a new mode taleworld never has

    There is a interesting mode in some warband mod(like Leading Your Army), it’s name is soldier mode , in this mode , you can join lord’s army to be a soldier. And when you kill an enemy you get gold, and you can upgrade your level by the culture of the army your are in. If this mode can be added...
  13. Hunting In Bannerlord

    It could be that I come from the rural western US, but I seriously want to go hunting in Bannerlord. And not for yet another sorry band of looters or bandits. I want to go hunting for wild game, deer, elk, wild boar, pheasants, maybe just a rabbit or two. And before you call me cruel, it would...
  14. FlowDream

    SP B InventoryUI Overhaul-Warband UI in Bannerlord

    Hello, I am not used to inventory UI in bannerlord, so I change it look like Warband. Nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/mountandblade2bannerlord/mods/2582 Pictures:
  15. lolozinzin

    Something really simple but i can change everything in many ways In Captain mod and solo mod.

    Just the possibility ot order to attack a certain unit it all, I understand the AI is not perfect and the game is in Dev but this small fix can fix a lot of bugs like unit spinning want the horse pass close is just really stupide.. And create really frustrating situation. And i know it is...
  16. In Progress Bug - My Game Is Letting Me Get Infinite Money

    I went to ransom my prisoners and it's letting me ransom them an infinite amount of times - currently swimming in 1million denars, but stopped because i got tired of clicking the button to ransom. I uploaded the video to reddit - I can post in here or send it via email but I don't see an option...
  17. Milan Aurelius

    XML Stuff ?

    Hello, I don't know so much about this XML and Modding Stuff. I need to know if I can increase the Health of my Hero with the XML. Like he need to withstand more hits without an armor on him. If someone knows please help me with this.
  18. NLCRich

    SP Native Soon Mod

    The Soon Mod will be based off the Followers of Soon Thread (and the lore and scriptures we've managed to compile in short time). This will be a small mod that adds to the base map without removing anything. We have a Mod discord channel but the invites are only good for 24 hours. So post in...
  19. TM_Red_Moth

    Resolved can't start a war with another kingdom

    I created a kingdom, a war began with an empire that no longer exists and I cannot start a war with another kingdom. This is a bug or it is necessary for the mission, the conspiracy has not yet reached 2000
  20. Is skill progression much slower now? (Beta 1.5.3)

    Hello I was away from the game for 4 - 5 months now and I came back recently and started playing on 1.5.3 version. It's day 509 in my current campaign and I fought a lot, I have max points in athletics, one handed and polearms and around 6 points in vigor and 10 in endurance but despite that...
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