1. In Progress Troops not gaining XP after multi stage battles

    Summary: after a battle if it requires a second stage to finish (ex.a dozen or so enemies routed) all the XP from the first battle is lost and you only gain XP from the units killed in the second battle. This makes leading a large army impossible. Say you take part in a 500v500 fight. you lose...
  2. Corbul

    How to recruit custom faction troops during claimant rebellion?

    Ok, so I'm making a mod, and I want one of the features to be so that the claimant has his own type of troops during the rebellion (i.e. if you're helping Isolla, the troops you recruit from Swadian villages should be different from the standard Swadian troops), and should replace the standard...
  3. retroindiejosh

    Top cavalry units for your army

    As more of a bow guy, I quite enjoy circling the enemy and picking them off from a distance atop my quick and trusty steed. But to get this privilege, I need my own army to stay engaged with the enemy and hold their own. Cavalry are a great way to do this, so I usually load up on horse riders...
  4. Tackier

    Regarding Troop Colors

    The biggest artistic gripe I have with Bannerlord is the troop color system. Each faction is tied to a primary color, with the Empire for example, you'll have hundreds of pink soldiers with pink capes and pink shields, I honestly find this repulsive and wish a more practical color tone was in...
  5. Need More Info Persistent crash before election after donating all troops to unclaimed castle

    Summary: The game kept crashing after I donated all my troops to a castle I just captured. The game crashed at the moment before the election would usually start. I wanted to donate all my troops to gain experience to then vote on myself to claim the castle and get my troops back. This...
  6. Xinamon

    Why are recruits farmers?

    Why are level 1 troops farmers? To me it would make more sense if the lowest level troops is level 2. It doesn't make sense to me that farmers are taking their farm tools to siege a castle :/
  7. LyonExodus

    [In progress] Every Bannerlord High Tier Troop Analyzed

    Here is an ongoing Playslist that by the end will cover around 34 units, between T4 and T6. It will not only talk about equipment & armor but also use hours of testings to give the viewer all he/she needs to know in order to make an informed decision based on their own playstyle, Playlist Here...
  8. Taveren

    Improved AI for clan parties

    It would be great to have more control over what clan parties do once created. It is a disincentive at present to create a clan party when there is no control, no way to instruct the party leader of ways to help the clan, and no way to give them orders that support the vision of the clan leader...
  9. Option to command AI ally troops in battle

    Maybe it had been suggested before but my lazy search didn't come up with anything so; When player joins an AI vs AI battle or an ally AI close by decide to join ours, instead of listening to our command they rather do their own thing, which is usually suicidally charging head on or making a...
  10. Ask

    Oathsworn vs Wildling?

    I haven't had a chance to play 1.7 yet, and I'm curious about the changes to these two troops. Wildlings have an axe, shield and two sets of javelins, while Oathsworns have an axe (I think?), a shield and a bracing spear (it can brace right?). So these guys are very similar but Wildlings seem...
  11. Madijeis

    Need More Info Troop Colours mix up if more than one faction involved

    Summary: It rarely happens, but if you face forces from atleast 2 different factions the colouring system for the armours doesn't seem to be working properly. The shields appear to be fine, displaying the correct insignia and colour, but the armour takes on the colours of the leader of that side...
  12. Madijeis

    Spears! The ... drunken beggars of the battlefield

    Everyone already knows that spears suck on the battlefield. Unless you're on horseback, you either get a short weapon or a 2 hander and that's it. But, as many of the forumites and the other weird medieval fans that lurk around here know, the spear was, in reality, the single most used weapon on...
  13. xGreedo

    Reduce the noble line troops

    Because you can find the noble line troops as easy as the normal troops and in my opinion and this is a problem. I'm curious of what people think about this.
  14. five bucks

    Problems with Bannerlord's Troop Trees... and Solutions

    1: Lack of variety. Different faction armies mostly use the same type of troops. 5 out of 8 of the factions in the game are "generalist" factions whose armies fight in a very similar way, with no clear specialty or weakness. This means the player hardly ever needs to change their tactics when...
  15. PeasantOP

    How to increase HP for modded troops

    How to increase HP code: <NPCCharacter id="BT_sturgia_mercenary_army_01" default_group="Infantry" level="26" name="{=BTSturgiamr01}Ulfhednar" hp code place here????? occupation="Soldier"...
  16. Joe Friday

    Does Quality of Troops Matter in Garrisons or Just Numbers?

    The question is the title. Does the quality of the troops matter in siege simulations or is it solely based off numbers? I would assume it's a combination of both. I try to throw in a good handful of top tier infantry and archers to bolster the militia and mid tiered garrison forces. I often...
  17. Joe Friday

    Military Campaign Doomed to Fail

    I took over as High King of Vlandia after that old bastard Derthert died of disease many years ago. Everything was going very well for the first decade or so as I was imposing my will upon my foes as I expanded my kingdom to the east and to the south but alas, war has begun to take its toll. My...
  18. Lukar

    Kingdom of player Faction Color Problem.

    When the player create his own kingdom there should the Faction Color applayed on troops and banners not look uniformly for example for sturgia culture they would look all blue even when the player have other sigil and background color. I hope this will be added to Bannerlord so every custom...
  19. DetektivAro

    WB Coding How to use slider for recruitment?

    So i started learning how to script bit by bit and was wondering if it is possible to use the sliders of hair colors, age, eye width etc. for recruitment. Being able to choose how much troops to recruit from a village.
  20. Troops Health Bar

    I had already thought of suggesting this and then I saw this mod. The health bar design looks a bit rough it can surely be improved by you guys. Add an universal health bar to all factions or make some color and art changes for each...
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