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  1. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Fleeing troops should defend themselves and fight back

    I would like to have fleeing troops being more active in protecting themselves. The way it works now gives no challenge or fun in killing routing troops and yet it represents a significant percentage of the total battle duration. That said, think a simple and good solution would be allowing...
  2. WouLinX

    Need More Info Train Troops Quest Bug

    I got quest from Hurunag, he said he need troops in his garrison. I did exactly what he wants from me and still i couldn't give this quest. All i can say is "I'm still recruiting troops" and "I need more time to find suitable mans."
  3. More specialisation for culture troop trees

    Basically I would like to see the troops of each culture have different strengths and weaknesses depending on what that culture is meant to be good at, rather than how generic they are now. Atm there is a little variation in which troop trees excel at what, but it is typically because of that...
  4. Mexi

    Stashing elite troops in garrison

    Question: is it possible to stash elite troops somewhere while i go recruit new ones? I'd rather not lose them while i train new ones and putting them in garrisons seems to make them disappear
  5. Locksher

    WB Coding My Shield-maidens aren't "maidens"

    I'm trying to make a custom troop unit, called "Shield Maiden" via Morph's Editor, flagged as "female", but it always comes up as male in game. Any ideas?
  6. The whole "buy horse to level up troops to horsemen" thing is illogical

    I can get an imperial recruit and level him up to a legionary that has juggernaut armour for the cost of a pack of arrows. But upgrading to horsemen requires buying horses twice. Why? All this does is to annoy the f out of players. I think that should be removed and horsed troops should get...
  7. Troops Customisation

    As much as enabling the player to create his own complete troop tree/culture would be nice it might be technically difficult and it wouldn't make sense from the history of Calradia. (you can't have a completely new culture popping out of nowhere). However to enhance the player immersion in the...
  8. Is it planned to add higher tier troops to the native game?

    Hey folks, I love Mount and Blade since the first game! But I always find the troop variety too poor within one faction. Of course it is nice to have different cultures and therefore different troops but it's sag that they go only up until tier 6/7 for nobles. The training to get high tier...
  9. Short_n_quick

    In Progress [1.5.7 beta] Crash on upgrading the troops.

    I was upgrading troops after battle, in the window, where you take prisoners etc. I had captured few looters, and freed like 5 of empire peasants which I recruited. Then I proceeded to upgrading troops, I upgraded imperial recruits to archers using ctrl + lmb, then I moved them up a notch or...
  10. genrev0914

    SP Native Tetsojin - Mod inspired by samurai

    Start your conquest as a samurai-like faction, lead your newly founded faction with other clans inside your kingdom. Mod Link (Required Main File) Optional Files (Miscellaneous Files) Addons Installation: -Install Main Files first "Module" folder inside the compressed file goes...
  11. I use an OBNOXIOUS amount of MATH to determine what is the strongest shock troop

    Hello everyone, I was a bit bored today and decided to run some stats to try and see if I could create some reasonable metrics to determine the current ranking of shock infantry in the game. Before you watch which do you think will be the strongest and were you correct?
  12. Bishop Heahmund

    Add more colors for the Banner Editor and let us have custom colors for our kingdom!

    Add more colors for Sigil and background! And let us change the background color after creating an kingdom! So that the character, troops and vassals have custom colors like the colors from the banner editor! That would give an better feeling to own a kingdom to have an uniformly army with all...
  13. Armor Adjustment: Give high tier troops lower tier armor

    Highest-tier troops are generally outfitted with very high tier armor. In general, they wear the same kind of armor as NPC nobles and faction leaders. While they should have great armor, I don't think they should be running around with decorative, jewel-encrusted helmets (looking at you...
  14. In Progress Upgrade troops cost disappears after conversation

    Summary: If you have troops which you can upgrade, choose the corresponding upgrade you want for as many troops as you want. Do not click done. After you've picked all your upgrades, talk to one of your party members. Then cancel your conversation. You will return to the party menu and your...
  15. Stymphalian

    1.5.4 patch Cataphract helmet

    Hello to everyone! I haven't played the game for some while. After a brake I went to try patch 1.5.4. The first thing that I saw was the changes on some imperial troops. Not sure if they came with 1.5.4 or 1.5.3 or 1.5.2. What do I want to say here. All changes are acceptable except the one on...
  16. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.4] Troops are fat

    Hi, in the Party screen and in the encyclopedia the troops are a little bit fat again. Haven't tried a battle yet and I don't know if they are also fat there. Btw. this was a loaded game from 1.5.3.
  17. BrokenOlive

    Additional weapon modes & possible gloved weapon. Plausible new unit designs.

    So lets start with weapon modes. To start we could simply make bladed weapons do blunt damage when you press X. To achieve that, and staying historically realistic, we can look at Medieval Europe where soldiers & most famously Zweihänder users would grab the blade of their weapon and use the...
  18. WB Other Do troops use multiple projectile weapons for more ammo?

    Asking as I'm making custom troops in Morgh's Editor. Warband v1.174 For example, if you have a troop has a sword, shield (guaranteed), and two copies of the same throwing weapon in their inventory, does that fill all 4 equip slots for double ammo ingame or will they only use one? How about...
  19. HalfMetalJacket

    Appointing new notables

    People gripe about not being able to recruit the troops of their faction in conquered settlements, resulting in armies that tend to look mixed and lose identity. Proposals to fix this include allowing players to change the culture of a settlement. There are mods that do this too. Here's another...
  20. SilverFaith

    A new concept about the look and equipment of armies recruited from conquered settlements

    hi everyone , i know a lot of people dislike the fact that when we recruit from a conquered village or town we recruit troops that look and use the equipment of the enemy I have a concept that might change that behavior and still give you some diversity while maintaining the unified look and...
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