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Summary: after a battle if it requires a second stage to finish (ex.a dozen or so enemies routed) all the XP from the first battle is lost and you only gain XP from the units killed in the second battle. This makes leading a large army impossible. Say you take part in a 500v500 fight. you lose 350 units in the first stage and 100 troops gain levels, then because 20 enemies routed it forces you into a second encounter and you kill the last 20 but only receive two levels. You now have lost 350 units for no reward whatsoever. It’s been like this for a long time on console and would love to know when the update to fix this will be released so I know when to come back to the game. Because right now the whole gameplay loop is just broken.
How to Reproduce: get in a two stage battle and watch the xp from the first disappear.
Have you used cheats and if so which: no cheats
Scene Name (if related): not related happens with all of them
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Computer Specs: Xbox series x
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