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I think there needs to be some changes in the main gameplay loop, that incentivizes a more thorough exploration of your fiefs, workshops, and party, and I have a few ideas. Much of what exists now, is monotonous and tiring to keep up with. The profits are always a guess without any helping backing information, which removes player choice and makes thing frustrating for people who are either new, or not plugged into the deep meta of minmaxing numbers. I propose we give the player options for affecting the economy, loyalty, prosperity, and etc. The player will of course have the option of engaging in this system- things will go as they would prior to these suggestions being implemented anyway.

There is a lot of dead air in peace time, so giving the player some busy work would be lots of fun.

I'm not expert for Bannerlord, but I have sunk many hours into my playthrough, so let me know if I don't make sense, disagree, or am describing something already within the game here.


I think the issue of assigning a governor with the "correct culture" is understated and seems to be an awkward detriment to a fief that may be difficult to counteract, given how we have limited companions to sacrifice. A minor system of the governor having relations to build with the public could be a great way of adding some much needed quick spritz of depth that would make the world feel alive.

-A separate personal set of policies to enact and inflict upon fiefs, that can affect popularity of your governor and reception towards you
-fief inhabitants will offer conversation about more things, like how they are being governed there, concerns (indirect suggestions to handle brigands, crime alleys, policy changes, foot shortages, workshop needs etc), can give out minor quests that can either pay significantly less than regular quests, or give bonuses to your fief (loyalty, prosperity etc)
-Guards have varying levels of security levels (lazy guards, distracted guards, alert guards) that can affect prisoner escapes, how prisoners are treated(which could quicken recruit rate for prisoner troops, and noble relations), and where guards are positioned in the fief (affect how often crime alleys reappear?), and a quest about traitor guards can spicen things up!
You will be able to inspect and make disciplinary changes that will improve the state of security in your fief.
-A fief upgrade/construction project that adds a secret backdoor entrance/exit so you don't have to sacrifice troops to sneak in/out every time
-A quest to train guards/civilians in your fief, to give bonus XP or promote garrison/militia troops
-lords and nobles you talk to can bring up your treatment of your fiefs up (especially when trying to convince them to leave their allegiance to join yours)
-You can pick denars off the ground


I dislike how hands-off workshops are. When your workshop makes zero income, all you can do is give up on the workshop and sell it, or pray changing what you sell there is enough.

-Increase demand for your product by minimizing the availability of said product, via buying out/ruining the competition (roguery opportunity?), and increasing output or quality of product. This can be done by changes wages, hiring skilled workers, buying special materials, and reaching new markets (caravans or deliveries)
Alternatively, you can just do what investing in construction does, and just give workshops financial assistance to allocate themselves.
-Your workshops can affect the items that appear in the trade shop


-Better organization options for party. Troop order is often messy and gets messy again even after organizing, because upgrading troops and welcoming companions that you sent away resets things.
-A clearer idea of what upgrades entail (a short description could do wonders)
-Wage control. This will affect morale, and save you in lean times. Larger armies may want to pay less and take the hit to morale, in order to afford the help.
-Food rationing. Same as wage control. These two can literally be tiny sliders at the bottom of the party menu lol
-The ability to send your companions out for specific purposes. Think riots, armies, sieges, hunting bandits and hideouts, breaking lords out of prison, to flank an enemy to bait them into a confrontation, and scouting. Scouting was in the last game I believe
-Better options for organizing formation in battle, and more clarity and space to operate. I've messed with that stuff, and it seems very poorly designed. The UI fights me and I do not know how to control anything. Being able to customize these things out of battle may help.
-Being able to tell your companions how to lead your troops in combat would be helpful
-Having the option to not have your entire party follow you at once (have groups follow behind you to boost travel speed). This will adversely affect you in combat, where you will have to wait for reinforcements to reach original party size
-I want to bring my family into combat with me, and customize them the way we can with companions

P.S. Need a way to add vassals to existing kingdom or something, because these factions never make any progress without you, and you can't do everything!!!
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