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It would be great to have more control over what clan parties do once created. It is a disincentive at present to create a clan party when there is no control, no way to instruct the party leader of ways to help the clan, and no way to give them orders that support the vision of the clan leader. This is not a democracy.
The current system of "see ya later" makes no logical sense when the goal of the game is to increase clan power, increase clan tier, increase clan influence, etc.

There should be the option to:
1. Send clan party on specific mission: i) patrol area around fiefs to keep looters, etc. at bay; ii) go on recruitment mission for troops to distant land (e.g. recruit horse archers from Kuwait, recruit Vlandian knight recruits, etc.); iii) perform useful missions (e.g. caravan escorts, those "caravan ambush" type quests)
2. Forbid clan party to get involved in sieges/armies not led by player character. Losing large parties due to AI stupidity gets old real fast
3. Instruct clan party to follow PC instead of random roaming. Specifically during wars this is a great way to allow engagement of larger parties on the map.
4. Forbid clan party leaders from selling ALL their horses and then crawling around the map at a snail's pace. Really?? Use logic = horses give faster travel when infantry in party. If this applies to PC, the AI should apply to created parties as well. Getting tired of having to replace horses every single time. Same for grain, food, etc.
5. Instruct party leaders on the composition of their party (to match style of player). So if you plan to focus on cavalry/horse archer parties, or infantry/archer parties, balanced parties, etc. you have that control. Specifically useful when you want a clan party to buff your deficiencies (e.g. I focus on fast moving cavalry/horse archer troops like the Hettaroi [the "Companions"] from Alexander the Great, yet want a clan party with the infantry/archers I need when sieging.

There is a mod that does this ("Party AI Overhaul and Commands Rebuild" is the newest iteration, and it remains one of the most downloaded Bannerlord mods on Nexus), yet this should really be in native, or at least a simplified/basic version of this.

6. To assemble an army for the kingdom. You still control the army members/coercion
7. To take over your as armyleader in your army. You still control the army members/coercion
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