Create custom or alter troop lines once you become a ruler.

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I am sure this has been said a thousand times but just to add my suggestion.

I think once you become a ruler, you should be able to create or alter troops within your culture. I think this would add more to the end game. And even solve issues that you feel your culture lacks.

I dont see why it cant be done. I can recruit from any culture/faction to fill a role. I could just use all noble lines. I can create a huge family with some companions to give me a custom feel. Why not add a feature like this once i become a ruler?

Gives me purpose to rule and more control. Could even leave your kingdom to rule another culture to fight against your old created troops, somewhat creating minor factions of some sort. Still be at civil war with original factions. Something like that...

this would be great for console players since we dont benefit from mods...
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