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A thing that irritates me a little bit about Sturgian villages is that there are so few villages where you can recruit normal units. Way too many villages give only the noble line, and way too many also give a lot of useless horse raiders. Villages on the outskirts of Sturgia have very few normal units to recruit, making it very difficult to resupply on normal units in a campaign. Playing Sturgia usually means you use tons of infantry, and very few cavalry, so it is very important to be able to maintain a large supply. I also think that noble units are supposed to be special, and Sturgian noble units are cool, but not really that unique. I wish there was a noble infantry with a two handed axe, a shield, and javelins, as this seems more Sturgian and epic. I know these are not very important suggestions, but the first one seems (according to someone who knows nothing about this type of stuff) like a very small change to make, and the second one is a very popular and much-requested idea. Thanks!
I wish there was a noble infantry with a two handed axe
Looking at swords and battania those are one or twohanded. Same should be with axes. Some dudes are bigger then others, while one can use the two handed with one hand, the other needs both.
There are a milion swords compared to axe, mace, hammer and other mauling options.
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