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No, I didn't use any mods.


I have a big army and I can't pick soldiers to fight and reinforce, it's terrible.
I know how the system of selecting soldiers to fight and selecting soldiers to come in the second wave works, but this is an outrage.
This needs to be fixed because the game does not allow you to choose the normal ratio of troop types.
No, this option distributes troops by their level of development, and I'm talking about distribution by troop type, i.e. archers, infantry, etc.

Now in the game distribution depends on the number and distribution in the list, ie if I have 500 archers on the list at the top, followed by 20 infantry, 10 cavalry, then again infantry 500, but low level, then on the battlefield I will have 195 archers, 3 infantry and 2 cavalry.
To change this order, I have to raise the infantry above the list, but I can't adjust the ratio so that they come out in the number I need.
Depending on the type of troops the enemy has, I need to change the ratio of my troop types.
We don't have any feature that changes that ratio.
The percentage of this would be tied to the troop numbers you have. For example if you have 80 infantry, 10 cavalry and 10 archer the game would spawn 40 infantry on a 50 sized spawn.

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Thank you.
I hope this game will be perfect someday, thanks for continuing to develop it, everyone likes this game, even those who criticize it heavily.
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