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Troops trees that the game can procedurally generated from awful troop trees with awful units to exceptional troop trees with exceptional units and most of the time some mediocre troop trees with mediocre units. The units will use equipment from either the base game and mods so that they could were anything and use any weapon. They could even use procedural generated weapons based upon the crafting system. Part of this would be something like a modified version of an already existing unit and tree with a proc-Gen name. This would make every game unique and make the game have a longer life and more buzz for future players and increase the cult status of Bannerlord in the long run and probably lead to more money for Taleworlds. I can imagine if the base game created scenarios where a player encounters a female unit that is very high level that shows up on the battle field slaughtering other units on horse back covered in armor to the point that the player didn't even know it was a woman. This player would be desperate to recruit this unique unit. This kind of thing would be shared online and create even more buzz for the game drawing in more players to see what can happen in this game at random. This would draw a lot of attention to Mount and Blade if this was part of the base game.

Lords and Clans could make a set of troops under very specific circumstances and maybe peerage lords will have this ability. Bandit parties or other non-bandit parties could emerge with proc-Gen units and most of them would be low tier because of lack of money of some parties. The better the troops and troop tree the rarer they are and the more expensive they are too find and recruit. This would also be a great money sink for the game and give the late game more meaning. Special NPC's or just Lords can be a source of these units too. Places that have high stats like prosperity or notables with very high power could start producing these exotic units. This would give the late game something to look forward if the game can generate a level 10 or 12 unit that is hard to find and highly desired that only start to appear late in the game or is rare early game. And since in game time time can last for hundreds of years war would change and newer units would naturally emerge.
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Mounts being proc-Gen too. As time would go by in a campaign maybe different types of horse would be used. And also mods may introduce bizarre animals as mounts. Mounts that were different equipment. I don't know if on some deep layer of the code if the mounts have a troop tree but if so then that should be apart of the suggestion.
There's something that bothers me about the "Late Game" is that it's not very interesting, or it's quicker to reach than I think it should be.

I'm not really in favor of having procedural troop trees necessarily because I just don't think there'd be enough "there" to really make much of a difference.
the map is too small and there aere too few factions to really allow for an interesting late game regardless of whatever happens.
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