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The biggest artistic gripe I have with Bannerlord is the troop color system. Each faction is tied to a primary color, with the Empire for example, you'll have hundreds of pink soldiers with pink capes and pink shields, I honestly find this repulsive and wish a more practical color tone was in place, like in Warband.

I've gathered some examples, they refer to Sturgia rather than the Empire but the idea is still the same.

What we currently have (blue units) vs What we could have (natural units)

To me, it's a night and day difference which looks better, the natural colors and lack of one primary color to represent a faction looks very nice and would help with the color toning and identity of individual cultures. I could only imagine how great the Empire would look with similar examples.

I'm not sure this well be seen by the devs but I surely hope it's considered.

What could be:


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Welcome to the club.
Their minds are set on the saturated bubble gum battlefieds.
Check This thread from a while ago.
Shameless plug (i made myself a mod because of the very same gripe you described, and some more including banners)
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The link is in my signature as well.
I used a variety of natural cloth colors as primary colors for low level troops, while their secondary (meaning details on their uniforms) are in the primary color of the faction they are in, so some color is still present for differentiating.
I highly recomend using Bloc's Settlement Icons Redesign mod alongside my CBU, for differentiating factions on the main map .


@Piconi Wow okay, so lots of people have this issue aswell. Thanks for linking me the other article, I wholeheartedly agree. Hopefully one day the developers will make the change to the natural earthy tones like how it was back in the promotional trailer. And thanks for linking me your mod I'll give it an install next playthrough.
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