1. Efarys

    Lord's Armies are too Small

    I don't understand if it's a bug or something that was just overlooked but I believe that the lord's armies are way too small. They're literally getting obliterated all the time by common bandits, and no I don't mean Battanians ? They're notoriously getting captured by Looters and such And no...
  2. Friendly AI is STUPID

    Okay so i had a pretty even match against the empire, my 35 units against their 40. I had basically killed all their infantry but i got sniped by a archer (really op btw pls fix) but i had told everyone to charge in before i died. The AI takes over my troops and proceeds to run around in circles...
  3. Troop tree

    Hey, I will be getting the game Sunday (Can’t wait), but I really wanted to see the troop trees before then and look at the troops. is there any site anyone knows of Where I can view them? Thank you.
  4. Can we please recruit our own culture's troops when taking over a castle?

    This has always been such a pain in previous titles. If I am the Empire and take a Battanian settlement, just let me recruit Empire soldiers. It only serves to inconvenience the player making us travel back to the homeland to recruit, and makes our new settlement feel like its at a disadvantage...
  5. In Progress Unfinished troopskills

    So, I've been looking through the encyclopedia ingame and have made some interesting discoveries, mainly there are hidden peasants amongst the elite: Aserai: Battania: Empire: Khuzait: Sturgia: Vlandia:
  6. How to choose which troops I bring into a bandit outpost assault?

    It seems the game just picks it for me, which is absolutely ridiculous. Is there any way for me to decide which troop types I actually bring in (i.e. archers, infantry...)? Additionally, is there a way to change the *number* of troops I can bring in? This seems to also be completely out of my...
  7. Denks

    Troop exp.

    Basically, if someone knows where to find in files something to do with Troop exp - reply pls. Takes too long to upgrade troops and it seems like no troops upgrade at garrison aswell. Needs to be fixed tbh.
  8. Lords does not recruit new troops

    Having played a large amount of time as a vassal of Sturgia, I noticed that the Lords do not recruit new troops. In my case, Sturgia is at war with Vlandia. And after a certain number of battles, there remain only lords with 5-30 units in their armies. The situation does not change over time. In...
  9. Troop trees

    If anyone completed the whole troop tree of any faction please post if see this thread. I saw on Bannerlord Wiki that some types of troops seems to be out of main troop trees (Vlandian best cavalry unit - if there is better one than Vanguard?).
  10. Advanced Troop management suggestion for Taleworlds or mod creators

    A suggestion I have is being able to leave a portion of your troops in a place that you don't own. Say: a town or second party or temporary camp. It would make dropping troops to catch a bandit group less of a financial decision... or the same with getting away from a chasing party if you could...
  11. Unit Coloration

    Do you guys thing the units will follow the color scheme of the banner or clan you chose, like if I have a blue banner but have Vlandian troops will they have blue instead of red on items besides their shields?
  12. Artem1s

    ⚔️ Artems Video Thread: Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord ⚔️

  13. Open mount and blade war band : native hosting with LAN

    Hello , we playing mount and blade with LAN and there is no problem with connection we just want to know how can i change my troops like i have 20 soldiers and i want 5 horseman and 15 archer i cant handle it how can i set it. Is there any option for this?or its need to download something TY for...
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