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There’s a buzz of excitement in the auditorium. Seated in neat rows, upon ancient and creaky wooden chairs, are new students, all eager to start their first day of high school. When a lone figure wearing a smart yet rather dated black suit strides out onto the stage and clears his throat, it takes only a few seconds for the whispers to die down.


“Welcome,” he says, his sonorous deep voice carrying to the furthest reaches of the large room. “For those of you who do not already know my name, I am Principal Maledictus, and technically it is my job to ensure that each and every one of you grow up to become productive members of society. In actuality, it is my job to try to ensure that at least some of you have the chance to grow up at all.”

He clasps his hands behind his back as he walks slowly along the stage, casting his sharp gaze over the upturned faces watching him with rapt focus. Those faces note his ghostly pallor, the way his dark hair seems untouched by the autumnal draughts of the auditorium, and several students try to inch backwards, away from that piercing glare.

“To survive, you must know the rules, which I will iterate now. For the forgetful or slow-minded, a copy of these rules is waiting for you in your locker. I suggest you make them intimately familiar, for transgressions will not be tolerated.

[size=12pt]“First and foremost, you must attend school on a regular basis. Three instances of truancy will be punished by a visit to the Principal’s office.” A humourless smile plays across his lips. “I’m sure I’ll be seeing some of you there. In the event of an emergency, where your absence is unavoidable, you will bring in a note from your parent or guardian, which will officially excuse you from classes and thus exempt you from punishment.

“Second, whilst school is in session you will respect your teachers. This means no passing notes between yourselves, no texting each other, and no emails. You will speak to each other like civilised individuals, in person. Anybody found to be communicating in secret will be punished with a visit to the Principal’s office.

“Third, I am aware that some of you know each other already, from outside the school environment. It should go without saying that we consider this school to be a fresh start for all, regardless of what has happened in the past. Telling tales and spreading rumours will not be tolerated here, Those of you with previous associations are strongly advised to keep any stories to yourselves. Rule-breakers will be punished with, surprise, a visit to the Principal’s office.

“Visits to my office will be followed immediately by a day in solitary detention. You will not be allowed to talk with the other students. Should any student be sent to see me three times, their third visit will result in immediate expulsion from this school.

“Some of you may be wondering how safe this school actually is. You may have heard rumours about… disappearances.” Several sharp intakes of breath pierce the silence that follows, and the principal doesn’t begin speaking again until each breath has been expelled. “Those rumours are sadly true. There is a curse upon this high school, and each year victims are claimed.” His hand suddenly shoots out, pointing to a boy on a chair in the middle of the second row. “Why, I remember last year’s class, a boy named Twinkle who sat in that very seat. A happy child. Wide-eyed, innocent, a keen learner... He disappeared towards the end of the last term. Never graduated. His parents still put his dinner on the table every night and hope that he walks through the kitchen door and sits down with them for one last family meal.”

The eyes of Principal Maledictus flicker across every face in the audience, as if measuring the mettle of the students gathered there. Finally he clears his throat again, his voice now taking on a soft, dangerous tone.

“Every year, they come. Drawn to the flesh of the young, the irresistible allure of the innocent. They take the best of you. Lycanthropes. Werewolves. Beasts of violence and sin. But this year, you’re going to fight back.”

He steps to the side of the stage, pulls a rope that nobody had noticed until now, and a curtain at the rear of the stage slides aside to reveal a crude wooden platform with a dangling noose.

“At the end of every school week, you will nominate the most suspicious of your classmates, and they will hang. In this way we will catch the werewolves before they can slaughter you all. Or at least, so I hope. And should any of you prove squeamish and unwilling to sacrifice your friends, just remember the tale of Twinkle, and the seat at the table that will never be filled.”

He pulls the rope again and the curtains swish back, hiding the macabre gallows, then aims a sinister smile across the horrified audience.

“Welcome, students, to Werewolf High.”

• General Gameplay and Etiquette:
          ○ You may not quote private Moderator-supplied information (either real or fabricated) of any kind.
          ○ There is to be no editing or removing of your posts. Please use the preview feature before you post.
          ○ There is to be NO personal game-related communication outside of the forum postings unless your role PM specifically allows it.
          ○ If you have a role with a Night action your choices are due to me by the posted deadline. If I do not receive your choice via PM by the posted deadline you will forfeit your actions. I will talk with you about your actions at the start of each Night, so you do not need to worry about missing the deadline.
          ○ Roles with Night actions will not be able to submit an action on Night 0 (i.e. during the confirmation stage).
          ○ Any player with a Night action may instead submit a “No Action” PM to let the Mod know that you do not want to perform your expected action that Night phase.
          ○ In order for all players to play at least one game day this game will start with a Day phase. Communication outside the thread (if your role specifically allows it) is allowed until the game begins.
          ○ Players may not use previous player meta (knowledge) of other players, their habits and styles, in their arguments/cases. General Werewolf/Mafia game meta is allowed. This is to provide something of a tabula rasa for all players, and give new players a more even footing. Breaking this rule will result in a visit to the Principal’s Office.
          ○ If you go 48 hours without posting (unannounced absence) you will be open to possession by a dead player. If you are possessed three times, you will receive a visit to the Princpal’s Office. If you anticipate being unavailable for more than a 48-hour period please post a notice to that effect in the thread.

• Voting, Deadlines, and Player Death:
          ○ A simple majority of all living members must agree on one person for a Lynch to occur (simple majority = ½ # of living players +1, rounded down).
          ○ Votes should be bolded and lime-green, or they may not be counted (e.g. Vote: Player).
          ○ Vote revocations should be bolded and lime-green or they may not be counted (e.g. Unvote: Player or Unvote). Unvotes are not necessary before changing votes. (But it does help!)
          ○ You may Vote: No Lynch - a simple majority of these vote types are required to send the game to Night phase without a Lynch.
          ○ Votes/Unvotes that are bolded/greened correctly and are unambiguous (with respect to player nicknames/abbreviations) will count.
          ○ If no one has reached a majority of votes at deadline, a No Lynch will occur.
          ○ Once you have reached a simple majority no further unvoting will change someone’s fate.
          ○ Once a player is lynched the game enters twilight until I post a death scene. All players, including the lynched, may continue to post until the death scene is posted and Night begins.
          ○ Dead innocent players may continue to post during the Day phase. They exist as ghosts, and have no vote. Should any living player fail to post within a 48 hour period, any "ghost" player may choose to Possess: <Playername>. This will then allow the ghost player to control the absent player's vote.

• General Gameplay and Etiquette:
          ○ Votecounts will be posted once per page or once per day, whichever is less.
          ○ If you have an issue/problem with the game, please PM the Mod privately. Do not post issues/complaints in the game thread.
          ○ The Mod may make mistakes - please point out any mistakes gently. Mistakes will be corrected where possible, but sometimes mistakes are made that cannot be reversed. These will stand as final to be commiserated over after the game.
          ○ Please bold all requests to the Mod so that they don’t get missed.
          ○ Rules violations will be dealt with by visits to the Principal’s Office. If any player accrues three visits, they will be expelled from school (mod-killed and no longer able to participate in the game).
          ○ Any situation not explicitly covered above is subject to Mod discretion and will be handled as the Mod sees fit on a case-by-case basis.

Please ensure you read the rules, even if you have played WW before. Ignorance is no defence.

Game Set-up:

9 standard innocents, 1 Seer, 1 Guardian Angel  (11)
3 standard wolves, 1 Alpha Wolf (Roleblocker)    (4)

The Principal's Office

If you break a rule, you will be sent to the Principal's Office. Once you've been sent there, you will be unable to post for 24 hours. This may mean that a dead innocent player (if there are any in the game at that point) may be able to possess your body and control your vote.

Possession of your body will be returned to you after you make a game-related post, but further infractions will result in additional visits to the Principal's Office. If you are sent there three times you will be expelled from school. This means your character will be mod-killed by me, and you will be unable to continue participating in the game. If mod-killed, you may not continue posting as a 'ghost' character, like the innocent dead.


The innocent dead may continue posting after they have died, in the form of Ghosts. Dead players won’t have their own vote, however if a living player is absent for 48 hours, a dead player may opt to possess the absent player and control their vote. A dead player may opt to use the vote to vote for their own host body. A dead player who controls a wolf when the game enters Twilight, will retain possession overnight, though they will not be able to access the Nightly wolf chat, nor will they be informed whether their possessed body has the ability to make a Night-kill (unless it is the last remaining wolf in the game).


Role-claiming anything other than “vanilla innocent” is strictly forbidden. If an innocent player with a Special Role dies, they forget their past life upon becoming a Ghost. They may not explicitly divulge what Night actions they took, or the outcome of any actions. They may, however, make implicit posts which may allude to (but never confirm) Night actions/results they may have received.

If you have questions, feel free to PM me. Questions which may give away your role or alignment should be PM’d to me instead of asked in the thread. I'd be grateful if all players who have not notified me of a pre-planned absence, would "check in" to the main thread within 48 hours of it opening.

Good luck!
Werewolf High Public Announcement System
[size=10pt]updates brought to you daily, courtesy of the AV Club — #WatchThisSpace

Player Roster

1. Bolo_The_Bear
(Rep. The Mighty McLovin)
2. Big McLarge-Huge
3. McConor
4. Bodrax
5. Lumos
6. Arch3r
7. Ah_Zhou
8. Orgasmo, Enchanted Dildo
9. Orgasmo, Enchanted Dildo (mk. III)
(Rep. Teofish)
10. Orgasmo, Enchanted Dildo (mk II)
(Rep. Leifr Eiriksson)
11. McConor (mk II)
(Rep. Benno Maximus)
12. Untitled.
13. King Bowser
14. Rocketsheep
15. Lord Kelsier

The Dead:

McConor - the overlooked younger brother - Mangled by wolves on Night 1
Orgasmo - the geeky TA (Guardian Ange) - Devoured by wolves on Night 2
McConor MkII - the Model UN Club student - Hanged by his so-called friends on Day 3
Lord Kelsier - the teacher's pet - Consumed extra-rare by wolves on Night 3
Ah_Zhou - Ar-Zor, Destroyer of Evil! (the D&D Fanatic) - Wrestled to the gallows by decision of the majority on Day 4
Orgasmo Mk II - the AV Club nerd - Exsanguinated by wolves on Night 4
Arch3r - the secret cross-dresser - Rightfully hanged by his classmates on Day 5
Boxdrax - the Cook - Flayed alive by wolves on Night 5
Untitled. - the kid with no name - Bored to death by the majority on Day 6
Lumos - the popular kid (Seer) - Eye-gouged by wolves on Night 6
Rocketsheep - the Science Teacher - Zergling-rushed by the majority on Day 7
King Bowser - the perpetual drop-out - Emasculated by wolves on Night 7

Day 1

Your Deadline is Friday 11th December, 10pm GMT.
Click here for a countdown.  #handy

The following students have been granted Authorised Absence up to (and including) 9th December 2015:

Ah_Zhou    —    Apology for absence received
King Bowser    —    Apology for absence received

Votecount #1
Votecount #2, and prods
Votecount #3
Votecount #4
Votecount #5
Votecount #6
Votecount #7
Votecount #8 (final)

Day 2

Your Deadline is Friday 18th December, 10pm GMT.

Benno Maximus is possessed by the ghost of McConor!  #spooky
Bolo The Bear replaces The Mighty McLovin!  #welcometoschool
McConor takes on Benno Maximus' role, and is now a living player once more.

Votecount #1
Votecount #2
Votecount #3
Votecount #4
Votecount #5
Votecount #6
Votecount #7
Votecount #8 (final)

Day 3

Your Deadline is Sunday 27th December, 10PM GMT

Upcoming seasonal Absences:

Teofish - till approximately 26th December
Bolo the Bear - 30th December to 4th January
Big McLarge-Huge - till approximately 28th December

Votecount #1
Votecount #2
Votecount #3
Votecount #4 (final)

Day 4

Your Deadline is Saturday 2nd January, 10PM GMT

Votecount #1 (final)

Day 5

Your Deadline is Friday 8th January, 10PM GMT

Lynch Narration

Day 6

Your Deadline is Friday 15th January, 10PM GMT



Wisdom is needed here. Let the one with understanding solve the meaning of the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.

King Bowser


All right, listen up you wannabe plumbers: If I find out which one of you losers has been sneaking off to unclog the drain in my bathtub, I will stick you in the hall closet which contains a hundred and one Chain Chomps! And need I remind you, they haven't eaten since Yom Koop-ur.

Now, here are the ground rules:

1) Wearing overalls- that's a beating.

2) Wearing a red hat- that's a beating.

3) Wearing a green hat- First, I'll laugh at you. Then, a beating.

4) Wrenches, plumber's snakes, and plungers found in your possession- that's a beating.

5) Unauthorized capes or raccoon tails- First, I toss you under the largest Thwomp in the Keep, then I dangle you over the magma pits in my throne room for a few hours, until you're crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Then another beating to tenderize you, and finally, I eat you.

6) If I find you in my basement collecting coins- Firstly, HOW DARE YOU STEAL FROM THE GREAT AND POWERFUL KING OF THE KOOPAS?!?? Secondly, I will tie you to the school flagpole and use your face as a toothbrush. Fair warning- I haven't brushed before, so I may still have remnants of plumbers in there somewhere.

7) If you have a problem with my ebullient personality: You might be a mushroom. I tend to flatten those guys even when they work for me. Maybe you should find me handsome and charming, it would be better for your health.

8: You might be wondering why I'm in high school even though I'm 30 years old. I flunked all my classes, all right? I was too busy beating up plumbers. Speaking of which, old habits die hard, and so does a plumber in a pit full of fire snakes.

9) I own a pit full of fire snakes. I keep burritos in there so they'll stay warm.

10) If I decide to eat you: It's nothing personal, it's just business. Koopas gotta Koop.

King Bowser

I'm going to start breaking the no-editing rule in a minute. Rules only amuse me when I'm the one who makes them. :evil:

King Bowser

Big McLarge-Huge said:
Yo Bowser, if you continue like this, Big McLarge-Huge is gonna get medieval on your ass in no time!  :meh:

Big and huge is good, but spikes and fire breath are even better. I gotta be me!


I'm not avoiding. I'm busy. I've been sneaking some glances at the thread when I can. I'll post more once I'm home.

King Bowser

Rocketsheep said:
King Bowser, WTF? Are you serious or am I a victim of Poe's law here?  :eek:

"Poe"? Never heard of it. You might be thinking of another video game franchise. Personally, I prefer Pobodoo's Law:


"If you jump into the magma pit, you're liable to get burned!"  :twisted:

Vote: Rocketsheep

A rocketsheep, now that could be an interesting form of transportation. But I already have the Doom Ship and the Koopa Clown Car. So I am afraid your woolly services will not be required. Wool could be used to make a stupid plumber's hat. Or worse, another game will come out and the fat wannabe Furry with the 'stache will wear a sheep suit power-up this time. No idea what kind of power it would give him. Perhaps the power to become braised lamb shanks with a side of broccoli.  :twisted: *drool* Now see what you've done? You're making me hungry, and I don't see any plumbers around. I guess I'll eat you instead. I only have one question: Do explosive sheep give you gas? I tend to work around very large industrial-era war machines- tanks, battleships, fully automated sky fortresses full of flamethrowers, and a severe bout of gas is dangerous, considering I am also an accomplished flamethrower in my own right. Well, dangerous to my minions, perhaps.
I'm the leanest, meanest, and greenest, and I regularly take unscheduled baths in magma pits due to structurally unsound bridges, so I'm not afraid to play with fire.


As much as I like witty banter, I have to tell you that your posts are of little substance hidden behind lines of useless text, King Bowser. Here, let me show you how to clearly convey your feelings and stance towards someone without wasting everyone's time: You are annoying.

King Bowser

Rocketsheep said:
As much as I like witty banter, I have to tell you that your posts are of little substance hidden behind lines of useless text, King Bowser. Here, let me show you how to clearly convey your feelings and stance towards someone without wasting everyone's time: You are annoying.

Thanks! And you are delicious.


Rocketsheep said:
As much as I like witty banter, I have to tell you that your posts are of little substance hidden behind lines of useless text, King Bowser. Here, let me show you how to clearly convey your feelings and stance towards someone without wasting everyone's time: You are annoying.
I don't think Bowser was pretending to have said anything substantial yet, so you are accusing him of something he didn't do. On the other hand, you seem to give the impression of providing something with substance, which it actually isn't either.


The whole post is just a big, green and ugly piece of an excuse to place a vote. He is just moving his mouth to create activity. And I don't give  any impression except the fact that I'm annoyed (which was the point actually).
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