Troops “Follow Me” Too Closely

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Summary: For Captains matches when you move too far away from your troops they begin to follow you even if told to stop or stay in place. This is bad for a multitude of reasons, but I will list a few below and separate them into why it is bad for the different type of troops.
you may have your cav stationed away in safety as you’re scouting the area for the enemy and just as you find them, as you go to turn around to check on your mean you find them all in the middle of the enemy’s squares (speaking of could we have square be Y button instead of Circle? It’s a more effective formation in nearly every regard. Save for inf. V. Inf. battles.) How infuriating right? To make matters worse the game is already nothing but infantry spam. How much fun is it to play with Loose Charge is literally the most successful strategy. Sounds boring right?
You’ve posted your lads on a proper firing position or atop a hill and as you go to cap a flag you find the enemy is nearly upon you. After capping the flag you begin to make your retreat to your lines, and begun to wonder, “ they don’t seem to be firing as rapidly as they should be…” then you notice they have run right behind you and now you and all of your horde are caught in the jaws of the terrifying infantry spam, but what can be done now save for defeat? And so you wallow in your failures.
You set your mean behind the barricades ready to spring your trap whenever the next unwelcome foe stumbles into your caltrops. You go to the adjacent side so that you can set up (OMG big brain thought! What if we could split up our forces? Like into 2-3 divisions and command them separately. Divide and conquer may be a solution to the inf spam as well…)(Alternatively if we struggle to get 12 people to play at one time I have theorized that making the 2v2 experience more immersive may help us. Any chance we could make skirmish a game mode, or just add a new one where you can command two troop types? Everyone has always requested that we have a 1v1 Custom Mode like in the single player. This could be a step in the right direction. )

Ok sorry where was I? Oh yes so you go to the adjacent side of things so that you have two lines of fire and just as you spot the enemy and position yourself in safety you find your men have now run directly into them trying to follow you. What kind of followers do we have? Be they women and children!?!
How to Reproduce: Move further than the alotted distance away from your troops
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