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Official Full Invasion 2 Credits List

Note: As of 2/10/2018 - All assets granted previously will not necessarily be used in the next version: Osiris.


[size=10pt]Q: What is this?
A: It's the Mod's Credits List.

Q: Why does the Credits List have it's own thread?
A: The original main topic thread was near the maximum character limit as the credits list grew this had to be done.

Q: What if you missed someone or a link?
A: If I did please inform me either on this thread or by PMs.

Q: Are all resources inside Full Invasion 2 from other mods?
A: No, we also create our own stuff as well as retextures and new models

Note: If anyone's anti-virus goes off on this page report this thread for possible malware only please and thank you.

We would like to say a big thanks to all the developers and modders who granted us the permission to use their assets as well as modifying them, without you all this mod will not be possible

[size=12pt]Teams & Communities

Full Invasion Team
Full Invasion2 Team
Chinese Full Invasion2 Team, Chinese 16th Century War Team, 16th Century War Team
Chinese Storm of the Three Kingdoms Team, Chinese Romance of the Three Kingdoms Team, Chinese Community 骑马与砍杀中文站论坛
March of Rome Team - content "gifted by the MoR Team" to rework Romans & Tribes

Court of Reveran Clan (CoR)
22nd Battalion
L' Armata Bracaleone
Great Khans
Malta German Clan
Iron Legion Clan
Church of Freedom Gaming/Last Mag Gaming for server hosting (FG/LMG)
Golden Kingdom for server hosting (GK)
38e Swiss for server hosting

Poosoo for his dedication to the mod.

Additional Thanks to these people for guiding the mod to the right 'path':
Comrade Temuzu

Taleworlds Administration
Janus for accepting the mod sub-board request and support.
Kelthin for his Weather Change Code :

Thuro and MBM Administration for MBX successor site and a warm welcome.

Non OSP Resources (Permissions Granted for FI2)*

*If you would like to use some of these items you have to contact original authors first and asks them for permission. We can only give permission of items that is ported to Warband (rigging) or items that we have made/retextures.

Arch3r for developing Battle for Calradia, (original Invasion Mod) Full Invasion, and his huge support of the mod's revival.
Battle for Calradia Invasion Mod permissions, permissions from the clans that contributed content to Invasion Mod.
Full Invasion Team and their Mod as foundation
Full Invasion Credits List
Full Invasion 2 Team- All current and new team members thank you for your work and contributions!
Fredelios for Orc models and Kazzan's permission to use them from Hornburg mod.

Ottoman 1453 Mod & Credits List
"Mod Team:
-Artizan(Primary modeller, coder, and everything else)
-Nemeruis(Emre Kocasu)(additional models, scene maker,sound editing)
-Caliph(additional models, additional scripting"
Talon for permission to use his 300 Mod items.
Sword of Damocles: Warlords Mod
Sword of Damocles: Warlords Credits List
Third Age Total War Mod & Team
TATW Team for permission to use TATW models:
King Kong, Disgruntled Goat , Shredder, Alletun

Count of Flanders for the request-made Legio IV FF Scutum texture.
[url=,261.0.html]Imperium Romanum Mod

Imperium Romanum Credits List

rgcotl's Vexillarius Helmet image
Imperator Mod
Tianzhao for his Tenka Samurai Mod
WilliamBerne for his elephant skeleton and WWII: China Battlefield Mod permissions.
WWII: China Battlefield Mod
WWII: China Battlefield Credits List
Mat Berserker for Festung Breslau mod permissions.
Festung Breslau (WW2) Mod
Festung Breslau (WW2) Credits List

Del for the mummy and zombie hunter models.
WFaS Demon Mod
WFaS Demon Mod Credits List
Bad Idea's permission for his WFaS Demon Mod content.
Zimke for retextured WFaS items.
1812-1815 Napoleonic Waterloo Mod
1812-1815 Napoleonic Waterloo Credits List
The Anglo-Zulu War Mod & Credits List
"As said before, if Willhelm get the musket codes working we will have access to everything in Zulu Mod"

turk123 for his Gladiator Models
nemuris for Calradia Modern Warfare Mod armors.
Chinese Community's Yufan for Han Dynasty armors.


Witcher 2 Content Permissions
The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.]
Finland at WWII Mod
Gorilla, Executioner and more pack
Heraldic Armies Mod
Lor Dric for permission to use his Heraldic Armies Mod content.
Assassin's Creed Mod by Igibsu
Planetwar Total War Mod
Arynn for Galadhrim Armor
Armor of the Galadhrim by Arynn
Permission to use Barf's Star Wars models
King Louise Assurbanipal for Hoplites 2.0 Units Pack  - Our Full Invasion 2 Team for Rigging the models
Maty743 for Bosmer Armor Pack, credits as well to Arynn and Isilmeriels
hothtrooper44 for Immersive Armors pack
Jaakko for permission to use resources from 2142 mod




Special Thanks to:

Slawtering for testing, ideas and some items
[Fabio] for ideas


ithilienranger for Auto weapons

Xenoargh for  Crouch fix

Goosemaner for Rock And Mountain Pack
Permission from donker316/bilwit to use A Game of Thrones Compilation




Omegared99 - Armor Compilation:
Bilwit for permission to use his skyrim/warband items
Galo Calderon for lizardman model, Full Invasion 2 Team for rigging the model.
Olivier Couston (Dr.Jones) for Darth Maul model, Full Invasion 2 Team for rigging the model.
GSC Game World for their models to be used in this non-commercial project.



GABRILDURO for his permission to use 1755 Old Frontier and 1776 American Revolution content.
~ A Huge thanks to Gabrilduro for letting us use the much needed resources from 1755 Old Frontier mod and 1776 American Revolution mod All resources from GABRILDURO'S mods are only for use with permission granted.
They are NOT for OSP use. If anybody wants to use his resources for other mods, will need his personal PERMISSION. ~

Woyo-sensei for Shogun Mod permissions.
woyo-sensei said:
Ekhem, there is no team. There never was, to be honest. Shogun Mod is a mod made only by one person. Sad, but true.


Author giving permission.
Thick for allowing permission to use Swadian Interregnum 1387 content.
autobus for permission to use HP system HUD
Arachir Galudirithon for permissions of the largest TATW Sub-mod ever created, Divide and Conquer
Michadr for Perisno mod font permission.
Jarvisimo for permission to use Troll models from The Veiled Stars mod
Serega and his team for GOT mod models
AndreusAs for permission to Warhammer 40k models
AlphA-FR for map pack permissions
The Dark Robin for permission to use his Great Calradic Halls map
cghopk for his Game of Throne models
cerberos008 for WH40K models (Ported and rigged by Full Invasion 2 team)


Hannu for allowing us to use some Nord Invasion Mod maps.
Doderic for the Spartans vs. Persians map.
Zombiee Mod
Chagan Arslan for maps.

Rome Total War Music with permission from Jeff van Dyck.
Matthew Shine for permission to his soundtracks
OSP Resources (Open Source for mods to use but give credits!)

OSP Mods
The Last Days Mod
The Last Days of the Third Age of Middle-earth Mount & Blade Mod
MBX Forum Board
TLD goes Open Source Announcement
TLD Credits List
Credit to Composer Vladan Zivanovic for TLD soundtrack music-

1429 Mod:

Blood and Steel Mod
Blood and Steel Mod by xenoargh
Modder Stuff OSP Announcement
Blood and Steel Credits List

Brytenwalda Mod
Brytenwalda Mod by the Brytenwalda Team
Brytenwalda goes OSP Announcement
Brytenwalda Credits List

Age of False Innocence Mod
Age of False Innocence Mod by Shredzorz
Source Code Released Announcement
Age of False Innocence Credits List

Gekokujo Mod
Gekokujo Mod by phlpp & Credits List

OSP Resources
Sly's Armour Pack
thick1988's Historical Lords Project- based on Full Invasion 2 Resources

Narf's Transitional Armour Pack
Narf's Men-at-Arms Armour Pack
Narf's Plate Armour Pack
Narf's Rus Armour Pack
Heraldic Black Transitional Armour by No_more_names_left
Medieval helmet pack+Crusader helmets by dejawolf
Viking model pack by dejawolf
Yamabusi's Highlander pack
Battlefield Priests pack
SacredStoneHead's huscarl armour
SacredStoneHead's samurai armour set
Jan Tuma´s Sturmhaube helmets Pack (Tumajan's)
rgcotl's Rome
rgtcotl and Llew for Classical pack
AlphaDelta's Ancient warriors pack and Ealabor for the original work
LOTR Weapons OSP by Llew and Dain Ironfoot
Docm30's The Lord of the Rings Weaponry + New Swords Added
LotR: Gondor Equipment [FULL RELEASE v1] by Taro8
Llew for (Mount & Gladius v2.0)
Ficus for Roman Pack
-IYI-O-R-T-'s The Steam Punk and Costume
bogmir for Samurai weapons pack (Lord of the Golden Fan)
OSP_maximlian_armour_pack_WB + pack_tournament_armor by cow7488
Spak's_Items pack
Specialist's Captain America Minimod
Colonel_Ryan for Calradia Modern Warfare pack
Lifeless/Shredzorz pack Modern Weapons
BrustwarzenLenny's TES4_OSP_Nexon
Open Source Pack Stuff
NaglFaar for Modern Buildings pack
Vojox Boggyman for Little Ponies skins
gutekfiute for Polished Landscapes Textures
Lucke189 for WWI Mod Content OSP- A uniform, revolvers, rifles etc
Austro for Items pack
Talak for Unique Armory OSP
Sibylla for Hair pack+ Resource Pack
Sayd Uthman for Norman helmets pack V1.1
Gothic Knight for: Later Roman era Spangenhelm
Gothic Knight's Greek/Makedonian Items(Open source items)
Classical Italian/Roman items (Kopis Texture pictures)
Fred's bunch 'o armours
joshwedlake for shark model
Rancor model by Jarrod Showers, textured by Joe Koberstein, and rigged by Zachary Brackin and Tom Miller

Zombie model by DGordillo
Greek shields OSP by dunios

-To use OSP kits-
Spear Bracing Kit by The Mercenary
Cartread for Deployable Pavise Shield

To use OSPs in the Future
SacredStoneHead's Nord Armor Set (Released!) - modified by FI2 team, variants

Eastern Items by Njunja
Barf for Elven equipment
Adonnays Elven Weaponry by Spak
Heraldic Black Transitional Armor fix
Roman Gladius Pack by Runico
Cadel's Samurai Armor
Heraldic Armors by zakibu
Kovas's Teutonic and Lithuanian items
Thick1988's Warband Item Variants 1.6
Late Medieval Helmets V2
Delta-Blues for Golden Plate Armor retexture
akosmo's OSP war horses
OSP Itempack
Item osp_pack

OSP Admin Mod and Tools
Admin Mod (Open Source) by Selnix

Psiphoon for Musket Reload animation
Demonstration video

Mortal Women Sound Pack by mortal

Two Steps from Hell Music

Justin R Durban: Kings and Kingdoms Music

Pardon our dust while we ensure this thread looks good. This thread is WIP

Long List of Credits? Long List of Credits Indeed.


Grandmaster Knight


Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign
dia151 for Sands of Egypt Open Source Mod

Barf for Elven equipment OSP

Heraldic Black Transitional Armor fix

Roman Gladius Pack by Runico

Cadel's Samurai Armor

Heraldic Armors by zakibu

Kovas's OSP Teutonic and Lithuanian items,187938.0.html

Thick1988's OSP Warband Item Variants 1.6,111898.0.html
Late Medieval Helmets V2

Delta-Blues for Golden Plate Armor retexture

akosmo's OSP war horses
OSP Itempack

Future OSP Credits List:
Planned to use in Future WIP for next version(s) OSP:

Note: Some OSP may be for original Mount & Blade or an earlier version of Warband or both, TBD for testing ingame.

Gothic Knight for:
*Dark Ages OSP:
Later Roman era Spangenhelm (OSP):,201062.0.html
Byzantine Kataphract Helm OSP:,130973.0.html
Gothic Knight's Greek/Makedonian Items(Open source items):,123550.0.html
Classical Italian/Roman items (Kopis Texture pictures) OSP:,143862.0.html

Llew for:
LOTR Weapons OSP:,68456.0.html
Flinktlock Firearms OSP:,162991.0.html

Rath0s for:
Arms and Armour:,193733.0.html
Shields pack:,62355.0.html

dia151 for:
General use arena map:
Arabian Equipment OSP:,240350.0.html
Saracen Armor:,233293.0.html
Russian Infantry armor:,236877.0.html
Assyrian Armor:,234125.0.html

drakharios for:
Indo-Persian Armor Pack I:
Indo-Persian Armor Pack II:
Indo-Persian Shield Pack:

maw for:
maw's Armor Pack 1208 UPDATED:,45833.0.html
maw's Horse Pack for v960:,38796.0.html
maw's Shield Pack:,37438.0.html

Specialist for:
MJOLNIR Mark VI Armor-Halo:,220321.0.html -maybe not sure if ok
The Specialist's OSP Models-v1.2b:,195577.0.html

Sayd Uthman for:
7th century middle eastern helmets:,202665.0.html

CounterPoint for:
The Colored Lances Project[Warband]:,123617.0.html
Crusader Heraldry OSP:,113417.0.html

AlphaDelta for:
Ancient warriors pack:,179179.0.html
AlphaDeltas opensource Viking pack - RELEASED:,62865.0.html

Dain Ironfoot for:
OSP: Cloaks-RELEASED:,52336.0.html
[M&B] LOTR weapon pack- latest version released 27/08/06 - Last Alliance stuff:,13394.0.html

dunde for Heraldic Horse (requires WSE):,215177.0.html

pino69 for armor pack:,167389.0.html

Waewulf for Light Pack:,243796.0.html

amade for Bronze Warrior Model Pack:,77165.0.html

iggorbb for OSP:,148130.0.html

mr.master for WEe's Helmets/Shields/Weapons (Yarr):,165973.0.html

ArRiad for Vaegir and Khergit mace pack:,73794.0.html

Rigadoon for Civil War, Ancinet Chinese, WWII US and Apache OSP Items:,180566.0.html

xenoargh for Mackie's OSP Weapons Pack:,204864.0.html

Njunja for Eastern items OSP:,123201.0.html

Zinke Zlovoljni for Frell's Khazak Armor Pack:,199361.0.html

jacobmjl for [OSP] Gladiator helmet and shields 1.2:,163181.0.html

bobthe8th for Lord of the Rings: Uruk Hai Stuff OSP:,149690.0.html

Wei.Xiadi for Litus Armour Project:,168059.0.html

Yoman Jenkins for Yoman's helmets/coifs for byzantine, cataphracts, and others (OSP):,134099.0.html

dunios for Greek Shield:,153038.0.html

Kolba for OSP Woad Skins 1.0:,56057.0.html

octoburn for weapons pack v0.1 release:,16964.0.html

Matheus for Armor Texture Pack:,17282.0.html

Chilly5 for Funky items community Modpack:,17660.0.html

wanderer949 for Horse Mod:,100898.0.html

faradon for little smithy OSP:,85220.0.html

Couched for Knights Mod:,54003.0.html

Dindi for OSP Helmets:,49476.0.html

Bismarck for Weapons OSP:,48238.0.html

Al_Mansur for his HUGE OSP Pack:,193272.0.html

Cartread for Deployable Pavise Shield:,117391.0.html

Jakko for Roman Era Buildings-Now with walls:,214781.0.html

Sonyer's pack,223884.0.html

References sites to use:


Reserved for future reference and use.

To evaluate sometime
Smiley Stuff OSP (Russian?),290333.0.html
le translation,218355.0.html%26biw%3D1366%26bih%3D650

Updated WWII: China Battlefield mod section with screenshot of permission.

topfhelm_itempack by tf

Ah hell

Open Source Pack List

Austro's Items

BrustwarzenLenny's TES4 OSP Nexon
BrustwarzenLenny's Stuff

Colonel_Ryan for Calradia Modern Warfare pack

Zombie model by DGordillo

Docm30's The Lord of the Rings Weaponry

Ficus's Roman Pack

Fred's bunch 'o armours

Gothic Knight's Later Roman era Spangenhelm
Gothic Knight's Greek/Makedonian Items
Gothic Knight's Classical Italian/Roman items

Jan Tumas Sturmhaube helmets by Jan Tuma

Hair for M&B Warband by Jaymosuke

Mount&Gladius v2.0 by Llew

Lucke189 for WWI Mod Content OSP

NaglFaar for Modern Buildings pack

Narf's Transitional Armour Pack
Narfs Men-at-Arms armour pack by Narf of Picklestink
Narf's Plate Armour Pack-Warband
Narf's Rus Armour Pack

Heraldic BLACK Transitional Armour by No_more_names_left

SSH huscarl armour by SacredStoneHead
SSH samurai armour set by SacredStoneHead

Sayd Uthman for Norman helmets pack

Sibylla's Pack

Sly Arms and Armour Pack by Slytacular

OSP Spak Items by Spak

Talak for Unique Armory OSP

LotR: Gondor Equipment by Taro8

Captain America Minimod by The Specialist

Historic Lords Project Vol 1 and 2 by Thick1988

Vojox Boggyman for Little Ponies skins

Yamabusi's Highlander pack
Yamabusi's Battlefield Priests pack

-IYI-O-R-T-'s The Steam Punk and Costume OSP

bogmir for Samurai weapons pack (Lord of the Golden Fan)

Retexure - Maxmilian Armour by cow7488

Medieval helmet pack+Crusader helmets by dejawolf
Viking model pack by dejawolf

gutekfiute for Polished Landscapes Textures s

joshwedlake for shark model

rgcotl's Rome

AlphaDelta's Ancient warriors pack and Ealabor for the original work

Lifeless/Shredzorz pack Modern Weapons

LOTR Weapons OSP by Llew and Dain Ironfoot

rgtcotl and Llew for Classical pack (Download link dead)

Rancor model by Jarrod Showers


Picking up the pieces

PsykoOps's Replacement Crosshair
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