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Just as the title says the second to last perk in the trader skill tree, "Influential Trader," is not working at all. I built my current save around the trading line and a few of the perks do not work as intended, but this one does not work at all. I am getting to the late game and that influence would save this save file from becoming another experiment in game mechanics gone wrong. I tried to do a bandit run pre-disciplinarian fix patch and to find that many of those perks were also not working was infuriating. I will sing this game's praise until the day I die, but given that I've already played 100+ hours, I want to try some of these non-generic ways of playing. It has almost never worked due to perks being incomplete or not working altogether. Please, please, please get the perks working before anything else. The game is playable in its current state, I think fixing perks and stopping the steamrolling of kingdoms would stabilize Bannerlord's Calradia and truly give us a world where we can do as we please and not be restricted by perks that don't work. (that we didn't know about until we got them and realized too late)


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I have been informed that the trade perk tree has been reworked and it will be implemented with upcoming patches. Thanks for reporting!
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