1. Cant attack caravan

    Yesterday i was raiding aserai caravans without any bug but today i opened the game and then when i decide to attack a caravan game stopped working without any errors horse on bottom right corner stopped and music playing on background but i cant get into fight im playing game with mods (today...
  2. More control over companions and parties from Clan Menu

    Hi - I really like the new ability to control party budget and AI. I'd like to suggest adding a few more options, primarily to caravans - 1) Caravans could have AI options related to profitability that are similar to Aggressive/Defensive/Neutral - a more aggressive caravan would seek out the...
  3. Need More Info Clan roles bug

    I turned my quartermaster into a caravan. When I went to replace them in the clan menu, the option to assign as quartermaster wasn't available, so I found them in the tavern to assign them through conversation and it said my caravan was still the quartermaster.
  4. Monkey

    Need More Info [1.5.7 Beta Unmodded] "Ambush Caravan" sometimes awards relationship x2/x3 and sometimes doesn't

    Assisting in the battle against the ambushed caravan and winning sometimes awards relationship twice or thrice in a row after the battle. That's besides additional awards for each subsequent win in subsequent engagements by potential survivors from each battle (since the otherwise fleeing...
  5. Apocal

    In Progress [1.5.7] Reproducible crash upon caravan surrender.

    Summary: The game consistently crashes when engaging survivors of a previously raided caravan who surrender to you, as soon as the prisoner screen loads. How to Reproduce: In the attached save game, talk to nearby caravan of 3. Select dialog options-> "Hand over all your goods!" ->"I want...
  6. Sanctumm

    Companions in City´s, making them recruiters

    When you enter a village/catle you meet those NPC´s that if you make quest for them and improve the relation you get able to recruit more for your army. Id like to be able to start (buisness, gangs) with my own companions Like a companion with rogue, leadership, trade can setup a gang in the...
  7. Need More Info [1.5.6] Caravans income disappear

    Hello. I've seen similar problems like mine, but I didn't find solution. Mount&Blade II Bannerlord - 1.5.6 - NO MODS, NO CHEATS I've bought my first caravan and on the beginning it profits me something like 500 gold. After that I realized my income from that caravan is deacreasing. Something...
  8. Automatic Party/Caravan Restoration

    Hi all, I have been playing again after a while, and have used: npc parties, and caravans. My caravan was "killed" after I joined the Khuzaits, we were not at war nor was killed by Bandits, a small Faction/Clan that is permanently at war with the Khuzaits wiped them, it hadnt been 2 months since...
  9. Need More Info Caravans not producing any income

    I have a caravan that is not making any money following it being attacked by looters and surviving. Disbanding and recreating worked, but i would rather not lose 15k
  10. Bengal

    Resolved [e1.5.5] Cannot assign member role if previous role holder is assigned to caravan

    Summary: Companion (Fairhair) had role of scout in my party. Assigned this companion (Fairhair) to a caravan without removing role. Went to clan menu to assign role to new companion but scout is not listed in the dropdown for any companion. Tried resetting all roles to none but scout still does...
  11. In Progress [1.5.6] Disbanded caravan does not put troops in garrison and companion gets stuck HOLDING

    I've been seeing an issue where if I disband a caravan, they will run back to my castle and the party will disband. But the disbanded party will not be in my garrison, and the companion will be stuck "HOLDING" last seen near some random town. I can reliably reproduce this from one of my save...
  12. Need More Info Unaccounted for Caravans

    As you can see by the image, I have two caravans. One from Echa the Alone and one from Tulvo the Fish. But the income display shows only Tulvo. Where is the money from Echa's caravan?
  13. The caravan is constantly losing

    karavanı işleten ticareti bilen biri. 22 bin dinar ödedim. 25 gün oldu ama hala kar yok. Yalnızca günlük +30 +150. sadece ilk gün +500 verdi. Gerisi dilenci parası gibi: xf-mad:
  14. Fell

    Neutral Mercenary & Merchant settlements?

    I think that there should maybe be one place sort of affiliated with each of the merc factions (one 'mercenary' settlement, an exclave). Perhaps with the chance to recruit some of their unique troops while also providing a bit more variety. It might be nice though if there were a little...
  15. Trading in 1.5.3 too stingy?

    I'm getting back into the game after a brief hiatus, and is it me or does the trading economy in Bannerlord at the moment feel near impossible to turn a decent profit? I forget what patch I was playing on back in May when I stopped playing, but the most recent patch back then made it so every...
  16. Resolved Serious caravan Issues

    I tried making a game where I just try to run a bunch of caravans to make lots of money, but I've run into loads of odd issues with the most annoying one being that when I disband a caravan to level up the companion that was leading the caravan (because for some reason you can't pick companion...
  17. Resolved [e1.5.4 Beta] Caravan & Workshop income/outcome disappear after few days in game

    So I played the game on vanilla with no mod, have a small army and some money to buy a trading caravan, for a few days the income/expense shows in game normally but then it simply disappear (the income/expense of the caravan not the trading caravan itself). Then I tried to buy workshop and the...
  18. Jancnahn

    Resolved ten npc caravans stay at a town forever

    In my playthrough, ten npc caravans stay at Dunglanys forever. I don't know how long has it been, nor Dunglanys has been sieged since I discovered this. Gamedays have passed enough to see if it's temporary, it's not.
  19. Very good suggestion

    I have this idea in mind that you know that the only purpose of the game is to fight. But there are side activities in the style of trading blacksmithing. Here's the thing in my mind, let users fight other caravan manufacturers after they reach a certain level of trade. Whether it's war with...
  20. nereid

    Resolved [1.5.3] Finished Quest "Caravan Ambush" - Caravan stays on map

    Hi, I did some of the Caravan Ambush quests and one of the caravans stays on the map after the fight, even after some days. It won't move and while talking to them about new from the market they will tell me that they have no news as they rested in town recently.
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