1. YourStepDad

    In Progress Donkeys/Camels and goods no longer appearing in the Escort Caravan quest battles

    Summary: As the title says, probably due to the changes of how reinforcement work, the devs have made a small, yet immersion hurting oversight, which is that the "caravan", that is, donkeys, camels, good or whatever that usually appear when defending one, no longer appear whatsoever during the...
  2. Lornloth00

    SP - General Increase the amount of Workshops per clan tier

    Because of the difficulty in understanding how to truly profit from workshops and the need to change them based upon prosperity and war it seems the easiest fix for this difficulty is to simply increase the amount of workshops per clan tier to give the player a better chance at profit. Caravans...
  3. Resolved attacking caravans doesn't cause war

    Summary: attacking neutral caravans and fighting the battle manually doesn't cause war, relationship drop, influence drop or anything. It only does if you auto resolve it (send troops) How to Reproduce: attack a neutral caravan and fight it manually, this worked for me on multiple saves and for...
  4. Prisoner/Slave Caravans

    The option to send a companion with as many troops needed to move a larger than normal number of prisoners to the nearest market to be sold. Or to find "captains" moving shipments of prisoners or slaves, and the option to free them and have them join you. I find myself enjoying the role of a...
  5. Looters captured caravan trader. How to get her back?

    I haven't yet found how to pay prisoner bribes. Not to other lords nor to looters. How does one initate the prisoner-money exchange?
  6. swally0ne

    Resolved Caravan Leaders are not disbanding.

    Summary: If you want to disband a caravan, the leader gets stuck on the map and isnt moving. i tried to go around this issue by releasing the companion from the clan. after that, the companion died ("disappeared"). How to Reproduce: create and disband the caravan Have you used cheats and if so...
  7. Need More Info Defeated rebel pestlords that survived to become "permanent in the land, but lost their town".

    Summary: When a city rebel - that clan will be removed after 30 days if they loose their lands. Should however they stick in the game and hold the land for more than 30 days - then they become permanent lords. Then later on the enemy they have rolls in and kick'em out. Now they are landless and...
  8. MrTango

    SP - World Map Caravans AI needs to avoid enemy lands

    *Not sure where to post this, as its party ai and relating to campaign map travel. Please, make ALL caravans (player especially) avoid going into and using territory that is hostile, like come on! of course your going to get attacked there, go around! e.g. im at war with Battania, dont got into...
  9. retroindiejosh

    Best companions to lead caravans

    In Bannerlord, you need to pick one of your companions to lead a caravan. It's a pretty expensive investment and getting it wrong can result in even more financial drain. I've composed a list of the 10 best caravan leaders among companions under the assumption that the Trade score is the best...
  10. Keimpe

    Resolved Why are my caravans not making income.

    Summary: 2 Caravans after loading the game suddenly stopped being present in the overview of my cashflow. They are not taken prisoner, they are normally roaming around. How to Reproduce: No idea Have you used cheats and if so which:No Scene Name (if related):No Media (Screenshots & Video): 1...
  11. castigo05

    Caravan only traveling between Akkalat and Odokh.

    Dozens of caravans,also mine caravans, only travels between Akkalat and Odokh and after a while, they start to lose money.
  12. Need More Info Leaderless caravan when marrying off female relatives

    Summary: Bug 1. You can have relatives lead caravans. You can also marry off female relatives. When female relatives are married off, they leave the clan. Bug 2. Also, due to being leaderless, the "Parties" tab no longer provides information on caravan location (due to null pointer to leader...
  13. Do caravans gain you Trade xp?

    Do caravans gain you Trade xp? Thank you
  14. Flesson19

    Caravan data for patch 1.7

    @SadShogun here is my workshop data for 1.7 about the same profit but figured out better survivability
  15. Lornloth00

    SP - General Caravan rush at enemies no matter how foolish

    Generic caravan party members rush the enemy when ever the player aids them. Could this be changed so that the player can control them or they actually use better AI? Even when I help a very small caravan that is being decimated by bandits they rush at the enemies like fools rather than using...
  16. limier

    let us choose the size and pick our own troops for caravans + no companion needed. Please.

    "Kun the swift has been taken prisoner by the steppe bandits" how many times did we see that message... This could be solved by allowing the player to choose the size and the type of troops, like a garrison. Why do we need to take a companion to operate it? Why don't we just have a caravan...
  17. SP - General Trade Routes

    I think being able to establish trade routes would add an interesting layer on top of caravans and workshops by basically combining the two. They both just function autonomously and the money you make fluctuates pretty regularly. My proposal is to essentially set up trade routes, which would...
  18. Cant attack caravan

    Yesterday i was raiding aserai caravans without any bug but today i opened the game and then when i decide to attack a caravan game stopped working without any errors horse on bottom right corner stopped and music playing on background but i cant get into fight im playing game with mods (today...
  19. SP - General More control over companions and parties from Clan Menu

    Hi - I really like the new ability to control party budget and AI. I'd like to suggest adding a few more options, primarily to caravans - 1) Caravans could have AI options related to profitability that are similar to Aggressive/Defensive/Neutral - a more aggressive caravan would seek out the...
  20. Resolved Clan roles bug

    I turned my quartermaster into a caravan. When I went to replace them in the clan menu, the option to assign as quartermaster wasn't available, so I found them in the tavern to assign them through conversation and it said my caravan was still the quartermaster.
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