1. Need More Info Horse Master Perk Not Working

    Hi all, Ive been waiting ages to unlock the Horse master perk so i can use the really expensive (260k) longbow on horseback. Finally unlocked it earlier but it doesnt work ... I did some searching and googling but could only find posts 8 months to a year old and nothing recent, apparently it...
  2. Cut through multiple targets perk

    Hello! Im suggesting perk which adds some chance of cutting multiple enemies. 30% chance to cut through if you kill/hit(in arm/shoulder/leg) first target. Why only in shoulder/leg/arm? Some strikes could slide on those borderline parts of a body saving enough kinetic energy for the next hit...
  3. RodLimitless

    Captain perks are still not working correctly?

    there's these captain perks but from what i read on this post (, it states that the player is NEVER the captain unless he/she is in an army and gets assigned units. therefore, making all captain...
  4. Suggestion: king abitities

    I would to suggest that if you become an indipendent kingdom you automatically get the ability to trade cities and settlements as the high level trade perk even if you haven't reached it Hope can be interesting
  5. Resolved [1.5.6]Perk "Mounted Archery" has opposite effect

    Summary: The perk "Mounted Archery" should increase security gained from ranged troops in garrison by 20%. The effect is negative in game. How to Reproduce: Appoint a governor with perk "Mounted Archery" and garrison ranged troops. Check the security tooltip. Media:
  6. Rulin

    Colorcoding or mini Icons for Perk Tree and better organizing

    This is a cross post. I thought it deserves a seperate suggestion here, to make it ... better organized. :xf-smile: Edit: Even though I still like the idea of more color coding in the perk tree, I realized that the govenor perks are not directly related with steward skills, they are just one...
  7. Resolved Picked Shots gives positive wages

    As in, wages literally start paying you if your army size has enough ranged troops in it. Combine it with perks like 'Frugal' or 'Price of Loyalty' to compound the effect- I was regularly getting thousands of gold a day from my own men. I used a character editor to remove the perk before I...
  8. Julius_Persi

    Last perks for leadership in 1.5.4

    Hi guys I'm playing with my character an she becomes Queen after taking some alone and distant settlementa. Well right now she got "ultimate leader I" What says : "Every 5 skill increase after 250 gives you +1 party capacity." I've readed that if you were a vassal in a Kingdom this perk...
  9. Jancnahn

    Need More Info Mount Expert perk

    The description says it's a surgeon perk whereas most of the perks under Steward skill are intended to support the quartermaster role. Is it a mistake or intended?
  10. Positioning troops

    So I unlocked a tactics perk that is supposed to allow me to position my troops before battle. However, I don't know how to use that ability. Am I missing something or is this still work in progress?
  11. Louis Cyphre

    Please allow the player character to lead formations and give formation-wide buffs

    If I understand things correctly then the player character can't usually lead a formation and provide formation-wide buffs. This makes many combat perks underwhelming. If I specialize in two-handed combat why should I give my melee troops the appropriate buffs?
  12. Farfigdoogle

    Getting Perks Implemented/Showing Which Aren't Implemented

    Hello, I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of the game, but it took me way too long to figure out there is a large portion of perks that just aren't implemented despite being on the Character sheet. Personally, I would like to see the Stewardship Perks implemented ASAP since that's a perk chain...
  13. Louis Cyphre

    What does "troops in the formation you are leading" mean?

    Hi everyone. The phrase "troops in the formation you are leading" appears in many perk descriptions but the game doesn't really explain what it means. How do I lead a formation? Is it the "follow me" command? Or does it apply to my entire army?
  14. Cri11e

    ETA on perk overhaul?

    When is the estimated time of arrival for the new perk/progression system? I'm eager to start a new campaign but I need a reason/goal to be invested.
  15. Bannerman Man

    [Perk Suggestion] Add a perk that grants the ability to see how many troops are available in each settlement (Picture)

    I think the ability for the player to see how many recruits are available for hire in each settlement from a distance would make a great perk effect. Currently, there is a risk to the player that a distant settlement won't have any recruits available when the player reaches it, making the trip a...
  16. ReganKorn

    Bogen Level 100 Perk

    Hi zusammen, Wie im Titel erwähnt, habe ich mein Bogen Level auf 100 gebracht. Und habe da das Perk: Kann jeden Bogen auf Pferd benutzen. Wenn ich jetzt aber z.b. denn Edlen Langbogen Ausrüste den, man ja nicht zu Pferd benutzen kann. Kann ich ihn aber trotzdem nicht auf einen Pferd benutzen...
  17. Holy Shift

    Basher Perk Doesnt Match Deflect Perk with Formation Bonus

    Their personal effects are equal. But formation bonus of Deflect gives %2 attack speed and %4 damage approximately (with my weak calculation) to one handed weapons in all stuations. Basher formation bonus gives -%4 malee damage taken only in shield wall which is currently next to useless and...
  18. [BUG] [1.4.2] Raise the Meek Perk OP / broken

    On beta 1.4.2, raise the meek perk now gives XP to ALL troops, not just tier 1,2 and 3. How to reproduce: - Load save (haven't tested in a brand new game) - wait in settlement - observe XP gain across all tier troops This was broken in a old version, then got fixed, now its broken and OP...
  19. What Exactly Does Troops' Skill Level Do, Functionally/Mechanically?

    Like, if a troop unit has 130 in one-handed for example, what does that functionally mean? Do they have access to the same skills PCs have for having a skill at that level? What happens when there's an either/or perk, is it randomized by the individual troop? Does it affect damage or stats...
  20. Holy Shift

    Restrict Heavy Shield Usage on Mount

    I almost always play with malee but wielding a Wicker Square shield on mount feels weird. You can consider to make a perk exclusive with horse archery in riding skill to allow wielding large shield on mount.
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