1. Helerek

    In Progress Metallurgy perk not working.

    Summary: If the party engineer has this perk, any equipment looted from a battle that would otherwise have a negative modifier (tattered,crude, etc...) will have an 80% chance of being normal instead. How to Reproduce: Fight battle with and without perk. Tested it on e1.7.2 fought battle twice...
  2. Are archery captain perks bugged?

    So I've hired a high archery companion with a couple of archery captain perks. I set her as a captain of my archer squad but her perks don't seem to show up, only the infantry ones do. here is a picture of the bonuses in battle tactics screen and the picture of her actual perks below. Is this...
  3. Joe Friday

    In Progress Companion Reset of Perks/Focus Points/Attributes

    I just hired another companion to my party and I noticed his perks, attributes and focus points need allocating. I did not notice it being this way when I first hired him although he has not been in my party long. Is this a new feature or a weird glitch? Maybe I accidentally implemented a...
  4. Forest kin perk not stacking with Battanian cultural trait

    Forest kin perk not stacking with Battanian cultural trait, as title said. We get culture speed bonus, but no bonus for the scouting perk. Is this intentional or a bug? There's no tooltip stating it shouldn't work ingame Edit: version 1.7.0
  5. Joe Friday

    Governor: Player vs Companion

    So, I believe I understand the perks and roles of how companions operate as governors. What of the player? I don't know how to assign myself as governor to a settlement. Am I the governor of all the settlements that are not assigned to a companion? Or am I only the governor of a settlement that...
  6. Lvl 200 Medicine Perk "Physician of People"

    Surely having to get to level 200 in a perk should be more rewarding, 3/4 perk selection is for governers, that's fine, those perks give good bonuses for settlements. But the main problem is that the one that the player/surgeon could use is for a 30% chance of fatal wound recovery of T1/2...
  7. Question about npc skills and perks

    Hello. I am not sure if this was asked before but I want to know if npc heroes' perks actually have an impact on the game, like if a lord has water diviner perk unlocked does it make them see parties that normally they would not be able to see? By the way, I am not sure if lords can have perks...
  8. Perks system

    Hey, Came back playing bannerlord now that quite a few advancements has been made and i'm glad to see that the most the perks are more or less implemented and functional. However there are few things that really confuse me. 1. Abundance of Captain and Governor perks. I mean they seem cool and...
  9. RodLimitless

    riding tier 7 perk - riding horde or breeder?

    which one best? thanks :)
  10. RodLimitless

    riding perk question

    cavalry tactics or mounted patrols? (riding 9th tier perks) if i'm clan leader, does it mean on all the settlements only or villages too, there will be more mounted troops (elite troops) that will volunteer? thanks
  11. RodLimitless

    Steward Perk Question

    I'm on the 5th tier of the steward perk on 1.6 and I'm not sure which to decide between Giving Hands or Logistician. How exactly does giving hands work? For my governor companions I chose for them to have Logistician because I feel tax income is more secure/steady than tariff, but for my...
  12. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Perks for ignoring enemy armor and stacking them.

    I tried to test them but I have no real scientific results and today I can't even load the saves. 😭 Can Vandal stack with other skills, its says attacks but does not specify Two Handed Attacks or Melee Attacks or Ranged Attacks. Two Handed - Vandal 225 Your attacks ignore 25% of enemy's armor...
  13. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Perks against missile damage taken and stacking them?

    I tried to test them but I have no real scientific results and today I can't even load the saves. 😭 Have anyone knowledge of the Anti Missile Damage Perks and if they do in fact stack in some sort of way. Bow - Skirmish Phase Master 175 You take 10% less damage from ranged attacks. in game...
  14. Suggestion for Giving Hands Perk

    The stewarding Perk Hands is currently one of the most, if not the most powerful in the game, especially when coupled with smithing. The descriptions says that discarded weapons (including shields, arrows bolts etc) gives XP to troops. By crafting high level two handed swords or slashing pole...
  15. RodLimitless

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury what perk? is the speed much more viable than the 10% weapon handling? thanks;skill=athletics;perk=fury
  16. Several perks not working properly

    I'm assuming this is because they just haven't been properly implemented yet but some of these do need to be addressed as I would argue they would affect gameplay in a major way. The two main examples I will bring up right now are the perk for fire siege weapons in the engineering tree and the...
  17. Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Özellik Çalışmıyor

    Liderlik becerisindeki tutsakları moral kaybı olmadan birliğe katma özelliği çalışmıyor.
  18. Need More Info Horse Master Perk Not Working

    Hi all, Ive been waiting ages to unlock the Horse master perk so i can use the really expensive (260k) longbow on horseback. Finally unlocked it earlier but it doesnt work ... I did some searching and googling but could only find posts 8 months to a year old and nothing recent, apparently it...
  19. Cut through multiple targets perk

    Hello! Im suggesting perk which adds some chance of cutting multiple enemies. 30% chance to cut through if you kill/hit(in arm/shoulder/leg) first target. Why only in shoulder/leg/arm? Some strikes could slide on those borderline parts of a body saving enough kinetic energy for the next hit...
  20. RodLimitless

    Captain perks are still not working correctly?

    there's these captain perks but from what i read on this post (, it states that the player is NEVER the captain unless he/she is in an army and gets assigned units. therefore, making all captain...
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