1. Lets talk Smithing balance and my Smithy Workshop

    Hello, I've enjoyed Bannerlord for a little while now. I have my first clan halfway through tier 3, Niasen and I both have 100 strong parties of mid-tier units, I have a full slate of heroes with decent equipment (mail, or high-grade leather), and I have almost no allegiences (barring a slight...
  2. five bucks

    What happened to "building a criminal empire"?

    Publicly showcased Bannerlord gameplay demo from 2016:']Devblog which followed the demo: Steam Store page description, visible to everyone buying Bannerlord since March 2020: For 5 years, Taleworlds has told the 5,000,000+ people...
  3. limier

    let us choose the size and pick our own troops for caravans + no companion needed. Please.

    "Kun the swift has been taken prisoner by the steppe bandits" how many times did we see that message... This could be solved by allowing the player to choose the size and the type of troops, like a garrison. Why do we need to take a companion to operate it? Why don't we just have a caravan...
  4. Trade Routes

    I think being able to establish trade routes would add an interesting layer on top of caravans and workshops by basically combining the two. They both just function autonomously and the money you make fluctuates pretty regularly. My proposal is to essentially set up trade routes, which would...
  5. Workshops accessed and bought through town UI

    The problem is twofold (and has been partially raised before): workshops are bought from a measly worker and not the owner, and they are time-consuming to find (conflicting alt markers and long walk distances with twisty town streets). It literally took 15 minutes once for me to find all 3...
  6. Lornloth00

    Market and Workshop

    In towns it would be easier to see where workshops are if their headers had a different color from other locations when hitting 'alt'. Its some time very difficult to find their locations.
  7. Sanctumm

    Storage and a "base"

    At every playthrough i feel i am missing something and that somethings anoys me which could easyle be improven. 1. Companion/Family party´s - Every time they loose a battle they get imprisoned and when they finally get out i am running all over the map to "collect" them up again. Improvement -...
  8. A possible workshop bug

    I had opened a workshop at Ortysia and there have been no activities on this workshop ever since. I thought it was just a matter of time but it kept showing no change in the balance for a few weeks, no matter which type of workshop I switched it into, while the other workshops worked normally...
  9. Lord Ferdinand

    Elenco workshop più produttivi

    Parecchio tempo fa avevo trovato un paio di tabelle con i workshop più produttivi in base alla città, ma non ricordo più dove. Qualcuno mi può aiutare?
  10. SomeWeirdSins

    Need More Info 1.59 Velvet Weavery production unintentionally low

    Summary: Velvet weaver production too low to be viable shop type How to Reproduce: Destroy/convert every single velvet weaver shop to ironmonger. Buy and destroy every unit of velvet on map until global velvet supply is zero. Open up velvet weavery in Myzea and sell 200 raw silk. Do every...
  11. nightstick24

    Dynamic Listing of Workshops - like V.A.R.T.S Trade Guild

    Hey there, I'm new to modding Bannerlord and have been checking out some resources on the forum here. Back when I played previously there was a mod called VARTS Trade Guild - - that added a ton of useful information to the...
  12. DeFlunt

    Place order at a workshop

    I'm always annoyed that need to travel for hours to find a specific item that I like. It would be nice to have a feature where you can order stuff from a workshop. How should this work? IF a settlement has a smithy you should be able to ask for the catalog what they are making. What is in the...
  13. kreamy

    Finances Screen, As Own Screen Like Party, Inventory etc. (TL DR Added Jan. 23)

    Hi, I strongly believe a finance screen would help the player make better decisions about managing his clan, fiefs & holdings. TL : DR (please post +1 if you want this feature) CURRENT PROBLEM The player lacks clear time-relative information about his spending and income - since these both...
  14. OlderThanBefore

    About the workshop level.

    Is there any news about the implementation of increased workshop levels? :unsure:
  15. Worlok

    Resolved All worksops gone after MC death

    Hi Team, It seems I have lost all workshops after my MC died and I continued to play with my heir character. I am not sure if any save file could help for troubleshoot this...
  16. Resolved [e1.5.4 Beta] Caravan & Workshop income/outcome disappear after few days in game

    So I played the game on vanilla with no mod, have a small army and some money to buy a trading caravan, for a few days the income/expense shows in game normally but then it simply disappear (the income/expense of the caravan not the trading caravan itself). Then I tried to buy workshop and the...
  17. What's the best workshop to open in 1.5.3?

    Hello I tried to figure out a good location for my workshop and I was using information such as multiple villages bounded to the town that produce the same resource, town's prosperity and watching town's traffic and noting what is being sold / bought by visiting caravans. Sadly no matter how...
  18. ZavodilaSauklus

    Make Bannerlord Great. Part 1: Improving cities: The property, Additional leisure for the player, Improving workshops; New ways to make money.

    Note: Photos may be of poor quality or may not coincide with reality at all, I look for them on the Internet, I don't have the opportunity to take a photo myself now. Difficulties in translation may arise somewhere. Improving cities 1)Make the whole city playable, now cities are 80% done...
  19. Bannerman Man

    Resolved [Workshop Issue] Every tannery on the continent is going bankrupt after 200 days. All tanneries are gone within 250 days. Two major issues.

    Summary: All tanneries in the world are starting to go bankrupt after 200 days, and are completely gone within another 50 or so days. Bankruptcy taking 200 days is due to a specific reason: all workshops start with 10000g in capital, and npcs pay 50g in wages per day to workers. So, 10000 / 50 =...
  20. Holy Shift

    Remove the Limit of Workshops

    If you dont wanna get higher income for each.
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