1. Need More Info Brother's skill tree bug

    Summary: After completing "Rescue your family" main quest sometimes your brother's skill tree is empty (none of the points are spent) sometimes everything is allocated. I had 2 campaigns where "Auto Allocate Clan Member Perks" were turned off. After completing the said quest I could only...
  2. Less Talking More Raiding

    Fleshed out Characters and Skills

    I'm aware the rules state only one suggestion per thread, but I would like to argue that the suggestions below all tie together in one way or another. All the way from Character Creation, to skills and how they interact with each other for both yourself and NPC characters. First I want to...
  3. Bandit and looter troops

    Bandit troops should be recruitable and upgradeable when you take them as captives having the veteran respect perk at level 150 leadership is ridiculous. Early game getting looters and upgrading them would be fantastic. Not so needed when you have a hundred and fifty leadership mid to late...
  4. Apocal

    Changes in Leadership perks on the 1.5.5 beta branch.

    tl;dr Some are good but others are really bad. First off, they were totally unannounced in the patch notes. Why would you do this? Leadership 25 -- Boosted the XP gains of both so they actually matter, great. Good stuff. Leadership 50 -- Additional 20 morale has been reduced to 4 and 8 for...
  5. Apocal

    A player waiting in settlement should act as Governor (perks).

    Real simple: if a player chooses to wait in a settlement, any of their governor perks should be applied. Right now, there are a bunch of high-level perks that only matter for governors, which means that players can't make use of them and companions very likely will never reach the skill level...
  6. Apocal

    Resolved [1.5.4] Party speed bug when pursuing a hostile party.

    Summary: When pursuing a hostile party, my own party's speed drops for no reason. In the linked picture, you can see when I directly target a hostile party on top and when I click on random ground on the bottom. How to Reproduce: In the uploaded save, move slightly away from the hostile party to...
  7. Apocal

    Resolved 1.5.4 Party wage perk(s) probably bugged.

    Summary: After selecting certain perks, my party wages has flipped into positive number. How to Reproduce: Select the perks Veteran's Respect, Efficient Capaigner and Master of Warcraft, then create an Army with one or two companion parties. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media...
  8. Xaerdys

    [Suggestion] Split up Disciplinarian Perk

    The Disciplinarion Perk is good. In fact it's so good,the author of (Who was that again?) urges you to get this perk. Thats because Tier 4 bandits can be converted to the noble line of their respective cultures troops. Which is good, and, I guess, the reason, why you get...
  9. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.4] Last Trade perk no tooltip

    After the recent changes to the perks it seems that the Trade perks have an additional perk at the end. This perk is outside the usual perk list, thus no background for the perk, and hovering the mouse over the perk does not activate the tool tip.
  10. Magello

    Legendary Perks for Legendary acts

    I wanted to get a feeling for an idea I had for a mod or to be added to Bannerlord. Legendary or Special perks that can only be unlocked from accomplishing a task. Such as Gladiator Perk that you can only get from winning 50 tournaments. Renown and Prize money in Tournaments tripled. All...
  11. Cri11e

    Devblog ''Soon'' Perks

    I want the community's opinion about the latest devblog about the ''soon'' perks. Even mentioning Perks in the title. If anything I think we're all alittle allergic to this. Why name a devblog after something thats been soon for 6 months.
  12. Is skill progression much slower now? (Beta 1.5.3)

    Hello I was away from the game for 4 - 5 months now and I came back recently and started playing on 1.5.3 version. It's day 509 in my current campaign and I fought a lot, I have max points in athletics, one handed and polearms and around 6 points in vigor and 10 in endurance but despite that...
  13. Slawomir of Aaarrghh

    Resolved [Localisations] Invalid "Braced" perk description in non-english versions

    In perk "Braced" (Polearm skill) the second part of the description differs in non-english languages from the one in english version. Probably wrong localisation string ID was assigned to that part of text and non-english versions use text from some other perk ("Pikeman" IIRC) instead of the...
  14. Lord Ferdinand

    Horse Call and Braver Horses

    I noticed that if you get off the horse and there is a danger nearby or he gets hurt, he runs away and disappears. I think he should not run too far and he should come back with a whistle. For example, if he receives damage he could get mad (ramp), but he won't run away. Merged with Riding Perk...
  15. aG3NTo

    When my smith reached 275 skillpoints in smithing the perk transforms into "Siege Expert" and is no longer legendary smith for ALL my characters

    1.51 When my smith reached 275 skillpoints in smithing the perk transforms into "Siege Expert" and is no longer legendary smith for ALL my characters I will upload a save file where it happens.
  16. NLCRich

    Resolved Bugged Perks Identified in 1.5.3

    Bugged Perks: Crossbow: - Bolten Guard (Renamed to Picked Shot in 1.5.3) This perk actually multiplies the troop wages for tier4+ troops by -50%, causing the tier4+ troops to pay the player half of their original cost. Here are some screenshots that were posted in my perk thread. The below...
  17. Perks? Do they work?

    I know you guys randomly add which perks have just been enabled to the patch notes and leave it up to the community to keep up on tracking it. I for one find the perk system a key system to playing this game and get really frustrated even playing it that the perks don't work. Is there a way to...
  18. NLCRich

    What are the 6 throwing perks in 1.5.1?

    Hello, Can I please get information on what the 6 throwing perks are? Can anyone from TW please share this information? I know you are all busy with your duties, but if just a short time could be spared to let us know, I would be forever grateful. To other players, Has anyone been throwing in...
  19. Apocal

    Perk Suggestion Thread

    Throwing: Primus Pilum: Thrown polearms ignore shields. Toss-up: 15% reduction in accuracy, 15% increase in readying speed, 35% increase in damage. Everything Lines Up: 30% increase in accuracy, 15% increase in readying speed. Jinete: Velocity bonus to damage increased by 25% when on horseback...
  20. stefan_andrei_28

    Resolved Blacksmith Perks switch bug

    Okay so I went to the smithy and I proceded to refine some materials. I selected a character with Efficient Charcoal Maker and I refined 2 hardwoon into 3 charcoal. Then I kept that refine material selection from before and switched to a character with Efficient Iron Maker perk. Now without...
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