1. deuxhero

    Make companions join with all perks unassigned.

    With the sheer quality imbalance between perks, that many perks needing to be paired for sensible use (wood chopper+shield breaker for example), and inability to know a potential companion's perks before they join makes it rather annoying for companion's perks to be randomly assigned. The easy...
  2. Joe Friday

    In Progress Companion Reset of Perks/Focus Points/Attributes

    I just hired another companion to my party and I noticed his perks, attributes and focus points need allocating. I did not notice it being this way when I first hired him although he has not been in my party long. Is this a new feature or a weird glitch? Maybe I accidentally implemented a...
  3. Ask

    Ranged captain perks bugged?

    I wanted a companion to work as a captain for my ranged units, I found one with high bow/crossbow stats that had captain perks. When starting a battle and getting to OoB, when I hover over him (or any other companion really) none of the bow/crossbow captain perks show up. I've only seen the...
  4. Joe Friday

    Governor: Player vs Companion

    So, I believe I understand the perks and roles of how companions operate as governors. What of the player? I don't know how to assign myself as governor to a settlement. Am I the governor of all the settlements that are not assigned to a companion? Or am I only the governor of a settlement that...
  5. Alradon

    Captain perks for the player character in 1.7.0

    Since the new beta update 1.7.0, you can manually assign your companions as captains of formations. Now you can also assign yourself as a captain of a formation in your own party. To my knowledge, captain perks only worked for companions assigned as formation captains and the player character if...
  6. Lornloth00

    Companions remind player to level them up.

    Party member, companions and clan member could suddenly remind the player that they are are eager for a level up as a way to create immersion. Something like how companions interacted with the player about their views on things and each dialogue would be unique based on traits.
  7. Neptuno

    Plz fix perk selection

    Every time I rebirth or begin a new round, my perks will reset after last hotfix. Most time I will just forgot it and press f then finding myself grab an useless weapon in Skirmish&Deathmatch. While in Captain, perks reset is more fatal. Improper perks will greatly weaken the combat...
  8. [OSOD] Imperator

    What happened to perks?

    Is this a game feature or is it a bug? Why is it whenever I die I have to pick the same exact perks I want to pick or already have picked in the first place. If this is intentional can it be changed because its simply annoying and I rather the game remember what I want instead of me having to...
  9. Implemented perks

    Is there a list of perks that are not fully implemented as of beta 1.6.2? I know this site exists but it's not really actual.
  10. Kaptain Cnuckles

    Minor Phrasing Tweak for the "Authority" Leadership Perk

    I'd like to propose a tiny little description tweak to the Authority perk in Leadership. Should clarify it a bit better, and without a need for any parenthesis. "Town garrison is 20% more effective (for security)." > "Town garrison affects security 20% more."
  11. BL Coding Remove Spring of Gold Cap

    The Rank 10 Trade Skill "Spring of Gold" recently went under a change to cap it at 1000 denars a day. As the title, I want to change this, but I cant seem to figure out how. I am able to change the the value of interest, but there is no float or int in the perk initiation referencing a cap...
  12. RodLimitless

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury what perk

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury what perk? is the speed much more viable than the 10% weapon handling? thanks;skill=athletics;perk=fury ty
  13. RodLimitless

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury what perk? is the speed much more viable than the 10% weapon handling? thanks;skill=athletics;perk=fury
  14. Andreypride

    In Progress The problem with passive gaining xp in garrisons

    Summary: Perk "Raise The Meek" incorrectly adds xp to troops in the garrison. He adds +3 xp to each unit in the troops, but must add to each individual warrior within the unit. The second perk effect correctly adds +4 xp per party. +4 xp for each individual warrior in the party. The "training...
  15. Need More Info Brother's skill tree bug

    Summary: After completing "Rescue your family" main quest sometimes your brother's skill tree is empty (none of the points are spent) sometimes everything is allocated. I had 2 campaigns where "Auto Allocate Clan Member Perks" were turned off. After completing the said quest I could only...
  16. Less Talking More Raiding

    Fleshed out Characters and Skills

    I'm aware the rules state only one suggestion per thread, but I would like to argue that the suggestions below all tie together in one way or another. All the way from Character Creation, to skills and how they interact with each other for both yourself and NPC characters. First I want to...
  17. Bandit and looter troops

    Bandit troops should be recruitable and upgradeable when you take them as captives having the veteran respect perk at level 150 leadership is ridiculous. Early game getting looters and upgrading them would be fantastic. Not so needed when you have a hundred and fifty leadership mid to late...
  18. Apocal

    Changes in Leadership perks on the 1.5.5 beta branch.

    tl;dr Some are good but others are really bad. First off, they were totally unannounced in the patch notes. Why would you do this? Leadership 25 -- Boosted the XP gains of both so they actually matter, great. Good stuff. Leadership 50 -- Additional 20 morale has been reduced to 4 and 8 for...
  19. Apocal

    A player waiting in settlement should act as Governor (perks).

    Real simple: if a player chooses to wait in a settlement, any of their governor perks should be applied. Right now, there are a bunch of high-level perks that only matter for governors, which means that players can't make use of them and companions very likely will never reach the skill level...
  20. Apocal

    Resolved [1.5.4] Party speed bug when pursuing a hostile party.

    Summary: When pursuing a hostile party, my own party's speed drops for no reason. In the linked picture, you can see when I directly target a hostile party on top and when I click on random ground on the bottom. How to Reproduce: In the uploaded save, move slightly away from the hostile party to...
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