1. Need More Info Villagers became hostile, but didn't change their kingdom after castle was taken

    Summary: After Usek Castle was taken by enemy (Khuzait), villagers of Esme, one of bound villages, became hostile, but was still carrying Southern Empire's colors. They also changed banner from their previouss owner to Rhagaea's banner How to Reproduce: It happened to me only once, so I don't...
  2. In Progress Model of Uqba levitates above ground

    Summary: Model of the Uqba village levitates on World Map How to Reproduce: Go to Uqba and look closely at placement of the model Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Uqba Media (Screenshots & Video): Version...
  3. Using Engineers!

    I think it would be fantastic to leave my engies in raided villages to help them bounce back faster and get a little love from the town after.
  4. Relation reward increase in late game

    I don't know if this is just me or a bug, but I have noticed since I started a new campaign that my relation gain with villages is way lower than it was in my last game. For doing the same kind of quest, I currently gain 1-2 relation with the villager while in my last game, I gained anywhere...
  5. Add a world map overlay that shows village and settlement info

    Maybe add it to the extra info that pops up when 'alt' is pressed. Info should include: What the village produces (and if they are currently razed or not) Linked settlements (maybe in the form of province borders?) Villager routes (not necessarily the exact pathing, but which town each...
  6. Holy Shift

    AI is Able to Take Actions at Looted Villages

    While we cant.
  7. Resolved Villager party are stuck outside the village

    Summary: three villager party are stuck outside Tirby,not moving along, not sure when i started happening It says "unknown behavior" instead of the normal "traveling to X" message How to Reproduce: Not sure, just noticed them there after almost 100 days Quest/Settlement Name (if related)...
  8. LeonDionathon

    Suggestion: Mushroom Quest

    This would be a potential new quest for village headmen to give. Basically the village version of the 'Spy Party' quest, but on a slightly smaller scale. Summary: Headman (or other village notable) says that they have a sick relative and the local medicinal person needs a particular type of...
  9. Banditry based on prosperity (lack of) and Refugee villagers

    I think it would make sense to have the banditry in the area (chance of hideouts and bandit spawns) be related to the prosperity of nearby settlements, the more prosperity means less people in need, and less crime, it doesn't really make sense to see so many looters spawning near a town with...
  10. FistOPain

    Resolved Cant interact with anything, cities, villages, parties

    Hey, ive come across a realy annoying bug. After a siege i won i couldnt enter the caste i just sieged. First i thought its because there already were too many parties in this castle (was the last sturgian castle with over 1000 troops and 15 or so parties). But after i tried out the near city...
  11. Need More Info Game crashes after raiding a village.

    Happens in every village.
  12. MinhTien

    Resolved Attemp Army of Poachers fight while Family Feud is active causes crash

    Summary: Have both Army of Poachers and Family Feud active at Grengolia(sp?) near Ortisya. I arrived at mid-night and attempted to fight the poachers. instantly crash the game. Reload try negotiate first, then attempt fight, also crash. Eventually, I try waiting til morning, complete Family Feud...
  13. Resolved Two Aserai villages named "Aiwalitas"

    Summary: There are two villages in the Aserai region named "Aiwalitas" How to Reproduce: Just open the game and look into the Aserai region. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Aiwalitas next to Uqba castle near Sanala, and one Aiwalitas just next to Hubyar Version: Computer...
  14. Need More Info [1.1.0] Villagers who carry something don't walk

    Most of the Villagers who carry something stay on their spawn point and don't start walking.
  15. Need More Info [BUG] Companion and Lord parties recruit Units from raided/destroyed villages

    Summary: Lead an Army with your companion parties and Lord parties. Enter any raided village and they will recruit Units from that village. Not exactly sure about Lords but Companions definetly do, as you can inspect their parties. The numbers from the lords also show they recruited units. How...
  16. andycott

    Is any individual village management planned in the future?

    Or cities and castles management is enough? Micromanagement lovers will surely say "NO!" :xf-wink: At least is it possible for modders to make villages more interesting in this aspect? UPD. Mod. Connected with this question.
  17. emagut

    Need More Info Weird village production choices

    So we have Chornad has a fishing village on a slope of the mountain with no water resource "nearby" and Ferton by a river producing olives. Shouldn't these two switch business?
  18. Add "Approach" option for contacts on campaign map settlements + "Family Feud" improvements

    At the moment you can "Take a walk through the lands" or click "Talk" on a specific contact. This is problematic for the "Family Feud" quests because both options suck. If you use "Take a walk through the lands" then you have a boring 30 seconds of running to the contact. If you use the...
  19. Village notables aren't co-operative.

    I have -100 relationship with a lot of them because I executed a lot of lords while they were a part of that lord's faction. I'm now their lord. However they won't allow me to take any quests so I can't raise my relationship with them again, ironically due to having a low relationship. There...
  20. Slithirius

    Every time the player ends and renews raiding a village the relations are decreased anew

    Summary: When you're raiding a village, you can "End Raiding". Then, you can resume it right away, without having to fight any more militia and with progress from previous, interrupted attempt. Pretty nice. Except every time you resume the raiding / re-start it, the relation modifiers are used...
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