1. Halvdan

    Raiding usefulness

    Raiding Doesn't do much in its current iteration. It would be nice to make it a more strategic thing to do such as raid all of an enemy Nations villages early in the war to prevent them from being able to replace troops lost in combat. The system already seems to provide better troops when...
  2. Lornloth00

    NPCs avoid collisions

    Many times in settlements NPCs bump into each other and the player all the time. Its especially noticeable when having a conversation with characters settlements. Towns folk just walk right into either the player or the character they are talking to, bumping into the player and sometimes just...
  3. Lornloth00

    In Progress Companions runaway while visiting towns and villages

    Summary: Companion bug; they run off when visiting characters in towns and villages. How to Reproduce: Visit characters in towns or villages and this will randomly occur. Sometimes they don't do this and vice versa. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): any town, village...
  4. Need More Info Villages and Towns I control do not re-spawn troops.

    Summary:I am playing on version e1.7.2.314809. I took over Tyal and used the Governor feature to start a faction. After completing the change I took over the castle just south of it and then Amprela. After a while i noticed none of the towns or villages had troops available to recruit in any of...
  5. WonderMouse

    In Progress Crash when collecting village taxes

    Summary: Crash when you finish collecting taxes from a village How to Reproduce: After I finish collecting tax from any of the villages I was assinged as part of the quest (doesn't matter which option you pick out fo the 3). It crashes to desktop, right at the second where you would go back to...
  6. Steal from herd

    can we steal animals from villages right? especially horses(and get horsethief trait)
  7. What does Village Hearths even do?

    Apart from food supply difference in food supply that I read from a different thread. What does it even do? In my games, a village with higher hearth can still make less than a village with lower hearth.. And whilst we're on the subject.. How do you make a village make more money?
  8. Joe Friday

    Brother Attacked Our Village

    Is there a known bug or rare game mechanic where a family member or party member will attack a friendly village? I just got a notification stating my brother was attacking one of our friendly villages. Unfortunately I could not take a screenshot before the message vanished.
  9. In Progress Wrong Combat Description When Defending Villages

    Summary: If you are trying to defend a neutral village (unsure about other villages types) from a party hostile to you, the combat reads as though you are raiding the village. Fortunately, this seems to be a description only issue, and you do not declare war on the faction neutral to you. How...
  10. Bannerman Man

    Village hearths can now increase and decrease as a decimal, so their tooltips need to change to reflect this

    Some time ago, the hearth mechanic was changed to allow them to grow or shrink by decimal amounts, but village tooltips still only represent growth as an integer on the world map. Most villages grow by an amount < 1 per day, so the vast majority of villages will display 0 hearth growth on their...
  11. Need More Info Severe stuttering when arriving at village on campaign map

    Summary: When arriving at a village on the map, the game lags out for a few seconds, then the village menu interface pops up. Switiching the game over to an SSD did not fix the problem How to Reproduce: Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 GPU: Radeon 590 Nitro Plus GPU Driver Version: 21.5.1 (newest...
  12. Suicide Bandits During Quest

    During guest to hunt down 2-3 groups of bandits in vicinity, bandit AI is switched to "do not run from player" mode, making whole guest almost trivial. Does it irritate somebody else how devs sometimes try to make it trivial for player to finish the quest? Because more I play more this quest is...
  13. five bucks

    Reasons to explore town scenes.

    Taleworlds has put a lot of work into Bannerlord's town scenes, and they look really good! But there's barely anything interesting to do inside them- just one quest that doesn't trigger often. So an average player spends 1% of their time in settlement scenes. 99% of playtime is in menus, field...
  14. Need More Info Game crashes when saving a village from raid

    Summary: Every time I finish rescuing a village from an enemy's raid, the game crashes and shuts down by itself. Once I re-open it, Steam would notify me with an error saying that the app is 'already running'. This has happened 3 times now since the 1.5.9 update. How to Reproduce: Have you used...
  15. seedee

    Funding rebuild of villages

    You should be able to fund the rebuild of looted villages.
  16. EpicCookies

    BL Scening Can't see the common area spheres

    Hi all, I hope everyone is taking care, I'm new to scening and I'm trying to set up bandit camps near my village scene. I cannot see the "common_area_ x" sphere as seen in the modding documentation. I've tried changing the radius and scale without seeing the sphere. The answer may be simple, I...
  17. Short_n_quick

    Need More Info [1.5.7 beta] Quests given by village notables are "seasonal"

    Quests which are given by village notables change over time globally. I will give example. At the beginning a lot of them give "manual laborers" quest, and maybe "seed grain". There are some different ones among them, but general trend is that most of them tend to require one thing. Then there...
  18. BeetlePie

    Resolved [Misunderstanding] Free town or village items

    Summary: There is a bug that allows the player to get all the buyable items for free from a village or town. It happens both inside the town/village and near it. Instead of a trade, it opens as if everything on screen was the player's inventory. No money is received if an item is sold nor it is...
  19. TheWesterlander

    Village Militia

    The village militia is supposed to protect the village and it's villagers. Why militia don't accompany villagers when they go out cities for trading? Protect them against bandit attacks? Example 20 - Peasants 10 - Village Militia
  20. niekdegrijze

    Make 1 kingdom totally different (no castles)

    For example, replace all the castles in Battania with villages but give all the villages a wooden palisade, a stronger militia and a small Garrison, combine the 2 functions. You would have to keep the cities otherwise the economic system has to be changed. This would make conquering this...
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