1. PLEASE remove or nerf the "owner culture -3 loyalty"

    Seriusly talking here, i beg you to remove or nerf the ****ing different culture debuff, cause even if you raise security,stay full of food reserve, use a governor of the same culture, use festival and game(THAT ALSO GIVE ME 0.12 useless) im not able to rise loyalty at all ,I WOULD get 1600 gold...
  2. Небольшое пожелание

    Я довольно много уже отыграл в mount and blade 2 Bannerlord. И понял, что жутко не хватает уникальности "своей" фракции. То есть, создав своё королевство и захватив всю Кальрадию, у тебя всё равно очень мало возможностей в управлении королевством. Так вот, главное пожелание это создание...
  3. Andreypride


    Is the possibility of assimilation of cities, castles and villages planned? Change of culture after change of owner? Changing troops when recruiting? It seems to me that it would not be a bad mechanic. There are many mods, but I would like to see a solution from the developers. There are at...
  4. Andreypride

    Is there such a mod?

    Does anyone know if there is a mod that would prohibit lords from recruiting troops of another culture and robbers? Or a mod that allows you to convert troops to your culture (to your troop tree)
  5. -3 Owner Culture Penalty is Too High!

    This forces me to choose Empire origin because half of the cities are Empire culture. With -3 culture penalty its too difficult to neutralise it (even same culture governor only gives +1). Lots of policies also give 0.5 to 1 loyalty with some penalties. Reducing owner culture penalty to -1 would...
  6. Jarl Snow

    Founding your OWN kingdom

    Its getting dull to play waiting for clan level 4 then founding a kingdom. I thought why not add a possibility to form your own kingdom from scrap. The kingdom you then create will be full of vassals that you recruit. These vassals come with different cultures and you start to conquer the world...
  7. Fell

    [ Conquered people are recruited as 'Auxilia' ]

    So, this idea just popped into my mind. You know how inevitably a faction will mostly conquer another? Well, what if territories that are conquered by a different culture, have converted troops to that culture. Example: Vlandia takes over a bunch of Battanian villages, and troops then...
  8. genrev0914

    Possible change in Town culture through devastation

    I'm thinking that when the town is devastated, since it is conquered, and rebuilding, possible side effect is culture change.
  9. Brotila

    Need More Info Kingdom Culture

    Hi, I brought this up on reddit and people said I should bring it here to the forums. I'm playing as a Vlandian male for the exp boosts but I have been playing like I'm a Khuzait otherwise. I even married Monchug's daughter Alijin. When I created my own kingdom I was given a choice between...
  10. 84Slashes

    Let town owners build ethnic enclaves that unlock different culture troops and trade goods

    Cross-posting from another thread since I haven't seen this specific idea mentioned anywhere and am curious to hear thoughts... Town owners should be able to build ethnic enclaves that unlock troop recruitment from different cultures than the settlement, and provide trade goods from that...
  11. Apocal

    In Progress [1.5.7] Children inheriting culture solely from mother.

    Summary: Children in cross-culture marriages (i.e Khuzait father and Aserai mother) are only inheriting culture from their mothers. In previous versions, sons inherited culture from their fathers and daughters inherited from their mothers. How to Reproduce: Find or set a cross-cultural marriage...
  12. How is the factions unique identity development going?

    When the game was launched the races were totally flavorless. Culture wise, text options wise, lingo/speech wise, battle wise etc. Were there any efforts towards that direction?
  13. niekdegrijze

    BL Coding help with crash custom culture (1st time modder)(Solved)

    I created a custom culture with was working fine. But was not showing enough culture recruits. After changing clan cultures en settlements cultures things where better, but now i get this crash. I thirst thought it was related to the culture of the NPC's in town, but after i changed that in the...
  14. niekdegrijze

    Make 1 kingdom totally different (no castles)

    For example, replace all the castles in Battania with villages but give all the villages a wooden palisade, a stronger militia and a small Garrison, combine the 2 functions. You would have to keep the cities otherwise the economic system has to be changed. This would make conquering this...
  15. niekdegrijze

    Differentiate between Empire factions by Auxiliary forces

    The 3 empire factions are to similar to each other. To much of a difference would not make sense lore wise, but giving them an dedicated auxiliary troop line would make them look and feel different. for example: N. empire: a single troop tree from Sturgiun recruit to Line breaker. W. empire...
  16. TheGioManDude

    Factions Should be different not only in name but also with regards to their Government, Culture, Polititcal and Societal Structures

    Currently, maybe for balance, all the factions in Calradia follow the same formula. Basically the feudal governing structure. But although this governing structure was prevalent in Europe, this was not the case for kingdoms and empires in Anatolia, Mezopotamia and the Caucasus. There could be...
  17. BrokenOlive

    Suggestion - Troops get better the longer the game goes on; with possibly new troops unlocking.

    So I don't know if this is possible, or should be used for a regular game, but it would be great fun to mess around with. Also, all of this should apply to the AI as well, not only the player, granted the player usually always has a advantage, but still. So I was thinking it'd be interesting...
  18. Fell

    Cannot Change faction culture, banner, color after becoming Ruler

    ***** After being elected to rule a faction you CANNOT CHANGE FACTION COLORS ***** Killed Rhagea and won popularity contest. -- So have to start my own faction _____________________________________ Are you able to change faction culture, banner, color if you inherit faction leadership (for...
  19. Viranto

    More culture difference

    This game need a lot more difference in the culture. Sadly i stop playing it after 60 hours, because it is always the same, there are no difference between the factions. There is no new reason to play it again. But there should be, because we have russian/ norse, we have huns, we have european...
  20. HalfMetalJacket

    Appointing new notables

    People gripe about not being able to recruit the troops of their faction in conquered settlements, resulting in armies that tend to look mixed and lose identity. Proposals to fix this include allowing players to change the culture of a settlement. There are mods that do this too. Here's another...
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