Give Vlandian culture a reduction in costs for non-leader parties of a clan.

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One of Vlandia's bonuses is bonus income if serving as a mercenary. That's fine early game, but literally useless past the mid-game since you aren't serving as a mercenary once you're a vassal or ruler and makes the culture option weak long term. To solve this I propose that other parties from your clan (not yours) get some kind of cost reduction, either from them recruiting/upgrading troops, or (like Empire) a reduction in their wages. This fits with their lore and penalty of being a divided people whose leader doesn't have as much control over his vassals as he'd like: The only people they can rely on are their family, and caroling all of them is hard. Since there's only a real point to forming extra parties when you're part of a kingdom and able to form an army, it would be mutually exclusive with the mercenary bonus.
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