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Morgh's Editor / Save Editor Culture Help

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So just for personal use, I've been playing Perisno and trying to fully change a faction's culture to another faction, the reason being I don't want to be the king of a faction, I just want to serve as a lord, but with a different culture. Changing the culture works in establishing villages as that culture and also what troops spawn in taken castles without lords, the problem arises with the lords themselves. I have a save where I defeated a bunch of lords, to see what troops they spawn with and they spawn with the original culture, and if I give a territory to a lord, they spawn with the culture I'm trying to change from. I've looked at a lot of numbers in the Save Editor, I've looked at the individual troop slot numbers, the faction numbers, the party records/templates numbers, did a bunch of tests like changing the original faction of individual lords, changing the culture numbers under the faction > culture of said faction, I've looked for any numbers regarding the faction and the culture under the lords and changed them, etc. None of them seem to fix the issue I have. Nothing in Morgh's Editor really helps me here either.

Does anyone know how I can change it so that the lords will also use the culture troops I want them to use?
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