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Greetings, I would like to suggest a new feature in-game. Which is characters with mixed ancestry, I was inspired by the cinematic of the anti imperial ending and CK3 too.

The truth is that there has been a lot of people in the world with mixed ancestry, one example would be during the Viking Invasion of the British Isles there were a lot of people with mixed ancestry such as "Norse-Gaels", "Anglo-Scandinavian". That's not the only example, we can also go to France where the Normans were famous for not only conquering England but many parts of the world too. Such as Sicilia where there was people called by the term "Norman-Arab", "Norman-Sicilian" Or even the Romans with the Gauls.

Anyways, I would like to suggest this idea. Because Calradia it's a land where they are in constant war and their lands are changing from owners with different culture every time. This would make sense. About the bonus and cons of this new mixed culture, You guys should try to do every single culture with other cutlure and gave them one pro from both cultures. This way the pros would be mixed. Or you could let the player (Only if it's a lord or ruler) to choose freely one pro from both cultures and pick one con from both cultures. Now, where would the new hybrid culture go? Easy, to the settlement that doesn't belongs to a kingdom's culture. Like Battanians with Vlandians!

Anyways, I hope it is possible to do. It would be very fun and interesting. It could also lead to some cool RP gameplay stories.

Have a good day reader!
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