Defeated factions will not dissolve

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I've been playing the campaign, and I'm getting close to ending the game. I have just two factions left to defeat before I "think" I reach the end of the game.

I would have completed the game a long time ago. However, I keep running into a REALLY annoying issue where even after I take all the Towns and Castles to an enemy faction, they will NOT DIE.

Along with this, I have a few other ideas. Hopefully, someone will see who can make a decision for them.

Here are my issues:

Problem 1:
Defeated Factions with no Towns or Castles will declare war on me and tirelessly raid my villages.

This causes my Lords to focus on these small rag-tag bands vs. helping me defeat the last two factions. At times, they might even get large enough to try and re-take a city.

When a faction is destroyed (no towns or castles remaining,) as in the previous game (Warband and Viking Invasion,) the Faction should be dissolved. Lords should join an active Faction, and the decisions should be based on the highest relationship they have with the ruler of each faction and perhaps the power of the faction.... who wants to join a small/losing faction? IMO

The ruling Lord of the defeated faction should become a rebel/mercenary clan or they should become the vassal of the conquering Faction.

Problem 2:
The Lords from defeated factions will not always join the correct faction.

I've spent countless hours building a strong relationships with Lords from enemy factions. In most cases, I have a relationship > 90. Despite this, when they defect, they join other factions and continue to attack me.

Proposed Solution:
When a Lord defects from their current faction, they should join an active faction. The decision should be based on their relationship with the ruler of each faction. Perhaps you can tweak this and give a family bonus also.. or??? Start simple and just use Top Relationship to start.

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