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    SP Medieval [WB] 1257 AD - Enhanced Edition

    KratosMKII: Thank-you so much for your hard work in breathing new life into this great mod.

    I have not been gaming for several years, since changing my daily driver from Win7 to Linux. When I recently got the hankering to start playing again I was pleased to discover that Warband works great under WINE and started checking for updates to some of my favorite historical mods. I hit the jackpot with finding your new enhanced edition with current updates ongoing!

    Off to play now, thanks again.
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    FULL-Version+SUBMOD 1257AD 1.13AP Repolished 1.4 New!

    HooTmAn -- thanks for updating this old favorite.  I'd spent a fair portion of my life playing the original mod, and now it looks like I will be on the hook for a lot more hours...

    I am not a modder so am not sure if recording script errors is useful for determining the cause, but thought that I would post this screenie of the recent message that displayed when breaking camp the morning of day 5. The previous day I had recruited a second lance from my village.

    There haven't been any other messages previously and I am enjoying your efforts, thanks again!

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    Bug or error Reports for BW Reworked post here

    Thanks, yes I am definitely using Reworked and am quite enjoying it. BUT I may have figured the issue out or at least worked around it.

    On day 12 I stopped back by to see if the merchant was there, but he wasn't. I did however recruit a companion at that time. In the course of upgrading companion's arms and armor I stopped back in and there he was.  I spoke with him and accepted the quest to interrogate a small group of local bandits about the hostage, so all seems normal now.

    Is it possible that there just wasn't enough room for him to show up in the mead hall? It was very full and it seemed that he showed-up right after I took one character away.
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    Bug or error Reports for BW Reworked post here

    Okay, I may be coloring outside of the lines on this as before installing the latest MBWBRW/patch/music I patched WB to the 1.170 level currently on the TW downloads page -- while I see in the OP that you have only certified this for 1.168 and older.  I appreciate the amount of time and effort you have put into this, as well as your expertise, passion, and patience  :grin: -- so if this is on me because of my WB update, I apologize for that!

    But what I am seeing is that after accepting his "come back with five men" quest and rounding-up a posse of village peasants that there was no merchant in the tavern (actually a "Mead Hall" in Grantebrycge -- where I had materialized and received my maiden mugging).

    Technically, there was a Mystic Merchant both day 1 and the morning of day 2 when I checked, plus considerable number of other barflies -- but not the initial merchant who came to my rescue and gave the quest. I spoke with everyone in the establishment and none of them had dialogs indicating a knowledge of this quest.

    EDIT: Okay a second data-point.  I started another game choosing to materialize in Cantwarabuge this time and got a bandit quest. After suppressing the miscreants I back to my local mead hall for my reward and, though the joint was jumping, my merchant was AWOL.
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    Bug report and Suggestions

    I ran into the bug where the last few lines of my inventory got cleared suddenly around turn 70.  I keep low-turnover things like horses, food and alternate weapons at the bottom of inventory so this was a bad thing.

    Fortunately I was keeping backups and was able to get everything back at the cost of a couple of game days work. Since that I am keeping a backup at least each game day and checking inventory before each save.
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    Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 (updated July 15/2015)

    Faenwulf said: it is Brian who follows me everywhere.

    This is by design. Your companions are providing bodyguards. The more you advance, the more of them will accompany you.
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    Are there books in this mod?

    gdwitt said:
    A better setup for the game would be to have their costs spread across a range so newer characters can access them earlier.

    You earn points toward skills much more quickly earlier, so my preference in using books that add to a point to skill would be to use them when those points become so rare an occurrence that it is likely the only way I will increase those skills.  And by that time I can usually afford any books I need.
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    How to use spies what to do with a spy

    piwniczne said:
    I have 3 spies in my party...

    For intercepting faster parties the bandits can slow them by skirmishing with them. 

    There is a minimum number of spies before the "skirmish" option is available in the right-click menu.  I believe that the minimum is 5 spies.
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    Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 (updated July 15/2015)

    Really there are a lot of variables -- O.S., hardware, installation location, configuration (game/mod/O.S.), etc.  That having been said, insufficient available memory is a common cause of CTDs while saving.

    You are probably best served by going through the various scenarios that have caused similar issues for others and determine which might apply in your case:,183782.0.html

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    [IndieDB]: IOTY2014 category "Upcoming Games": VOTE for M&B2: BANNERLORD...!^^

    Okay, placed votes for Bannerlord, Warband and Brytenwalda in the category for each.

    Looking forward to the opportunity to pre-order!
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    Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 (updated July 15/2015)

    Brujoloco said:
    The quest updates once you clear a village? Check your quest log. Do you get the odd script clash upon completing a village quest?

    Actually, the quest log was clearing when I completed the quest.  I don't recall seeing any script errors upon completing the quest. 

    I just fired-up the game again and played a few weeks -- of course the farmer DID NOT re-appear now, so maybe something transient going on previously. I was not following the same pattern of play as earlier where I was doing the salt/stone/silver/mineral trade-route between Wales and the southern parts of the island, and had been clearing a lot of other infestations so maybe that was part of it.

    I'll make a point of checking for script errors if this starts again, I'd even think that I had been imagining the whole thing if I didn't have a village with 30-odd supportive relation sitting there with only bandit busting for a little over 100 turns...
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    Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 (updated July 15/2015)

    I do not know if it is an issue with Brytenwalda or was introduced in some component of Repolished, but it seems like every time I go to the mead hall in Grantebrycge there is a farmer from Tatessete looking for help with an infestation of bandits.  I've cleaned them out about 5 times but next time I go into that mead hall, there he is again winging about the bandits.
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    Brytenwalda Repolished 1.05 (updated July 15/2015)

    Mmmm, a cookie! 

    I loaded 1.02 a couple days ago, started a new game and am loving it!  Thank-you, I look forward to your additional refinements.
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    The hard life of naked warriors (Picts)

    When I recruit Pict heroes I let them keep their traditional body armor but get them decent head/body/leg point cloaks, gloves and footwear. 

    I keep them with other "medium" infantry and they do plenty of damage with javelins, spears and one-hand weapons and are not any more prone to injuries.
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    A problem with Deshavi, she disappeared.

    Yep, same thing here with Alayen when the lord I loaned him to was first captured and then pledged allegiance with the enemy.  After an extended period with no-one seeming to have ever heard of him, he turned up as if nothing had happened.

    I originally recounted the story in another thread where people were discussing this phenomenon:,237640.msg5821194.html#msg5821194
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