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I'm keeping it short - I'll just note some stuff which I noticed while playing the game which probably are'nt supposed to be like that or which I think they should'nt be like that. And I also added some suggestions ...

I'm sure that some of these things already have been posted here, but I honestly dont wanna search through all of the posts just to avoid a re-post of a single suggestion from my list ... just skip a point if it already has been mentioned before.
- Heal-Modifier is 10x when waiting for nightfall to attack a hideout.
... so approaching a hideout is more effective than spending the night in a village for the purpose of healing (by default a Town has 10x and a Village has 5x).

- When near an hideout the troops within the hideout count towards the "ally battle reinforcement".
... so when standing beside a hideout even the smallest troops of the respective bandits will attack you, 'cause they think the troops within the hideout will aid them (which wont happen, 'cause they cant get outta there).

- Hideouts should have some sort of "Timeout" after clearing one.
... it happened to me that i cleared a hideout near a village and a nearby bandit troup barely instantly created a new one. This happened a few times after another, so that I easily increased my reputation in that village. Some sort of timeout after a hideout is cleared would prevent that i guess.

- Sheathing your weapon while blocking disables blocking while doing so.
... so changing weapong (ie from 1h axe to 1h sword) is sometimes deadly 'cause it lowers your shield/block. It would be cool if you can change weapons "under" your shield/ while blocking.

- While preparing your arrow with RMB you cannot shoot with LMB.
... so you must switch from RMB to LMB in order to shoot a prepared arrow. It would be cool if you can hold RMB to prepare an arrow and then shoot with LMB with RMB still pressed.

- Some prices are totally not balanced and should definetely be edited.
... an selfmade 2h polearm (Warrazor Head2 (IV), None, Decorated Pine Staff (IV), None) is worth more than 100.000D
... an selfmade 2h polearm (Warrazor Head2 (IV), None, Cured Oaken Pike Staff (V), None) is only worth 18.000D despite having a higher Tier Staff
... so you get a few thousand Denars in both cases for only 2 Steel and some wood, which is totally unbalanced in my opinion.

- You can sell locked items manually (read below!)
... I know that it's obviously supposed to be like that, but some kind of warning would be nice when you're about to sell a locked item (I dont use the "sell-all" feature that often; I rather hold CTRL and just speed-click every item in my inventory ... and it happened a few times that i accidentally sold a locked item - this is why i think a warning would be nice when selling a locked item).

Skins/Optical Stuff:
- The "Iron Reinforced Highland Large Shield" and the "Bronce Reinforced Highland Large Shield" probably have their names or skins switched. The "Iron-" Shield has a bronce-colored outline and the "Bronce-" Shield has an silver-/iron-colored outline. Just noticed while using both ...

- The "Long Hide Grip (II)" (2h) has a weird skin and is definetely bugged within the crafting/smithing menu. On top and below the grip are huge empty spaces and it's not connected to the other parts.

That's it for now ... Maybe there'll be a V.2 soon
I'm not a native speaker, so excuse my typos or grammatical incorrecness.
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