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This is a coment i've write in another thread but want to putting here as a suggestion thread
The skill tree system has many problem that need rework, so i have some suggestions
1. combat perks/skills progress provide weapon speed and damage, troops can chamber block when lead by the captain with higher skill level
2. bow and crossbow should be in same "range perks tree" which provide speed and damage, crossbow turn their back(shield) when reload and that shield can block arrow to compensate the bow advantage (in medieval, to have a quick range group, they train peasant to use crossbow) so putting it a individual perk tree is not needed i think
3. Riding provide speed bonus also reduce penalty when riding for troops same as player
4. athletic provide movement speed at a proper amount but not too fast, instead reduce the armor weigh so higher athletic doesn't make us run faster like superman but keep our speed near regular (I know this reduce weigh already in game but haven't proper yet)
5. Scouting working just fine for now but perks are not interesting, this skill tree should provide more party speed
6. Tactic, this one is dumb idea when only working in simulator battle. This tree should provide bonuses to troops such as % ammunation, more health to shields, + armor for troops, faster formation form, an option to take control one of our troops/companions/family members (this one can be locked behind perk or just require higher tactic)
7. Rogery, this skill need a new system called "gangster reputaion" the higher rogery the more respect bandit have against you, recognize you when encouter and ask to join, take over hideout which can access to stash and store garison. Bonus income from alley, lower the prison break cooldown... more ideas coming later coz this can be a new way to play this game
8. Charm provide higher chance to persuade, the persuade system seems random lately when i try to firt for wife, but need to rework the relation system before this playstyle can work well
9. Leadership, anyone playing this game long enough to know morale almost doesn't work well in this game, this one contain several interesting perks that make tier 5-6 unbreakable instead of tier 3. You can persuade a lord to betray his king, why a tier3 fight to death for you ? Convert bandit into regular is one of the best perk in this game but the bandit roster is only so far to say in lack of depth, i think bandit shouldn't be convert into noble line, just regular line is enough. The easy way to get noble troops lately driven this game to spaming tier 6 troops
10. Trade, provide the trade penalty already in game is okay, reduce caravan/workshop cost (already perks in game) but make this bonus follow the progress is better. At a specific level merchant will give out quests which provide some good deals and increase trade level instead of just buy green sell red, especially second to third-fourth years the price are low
11. Steward this one is okay while reduce food comsumtion, the problem is people can stack bonus that turn from minor to plus food. Steward should focus in increase party size and food, put all these things in this tree, lv 250one handed +15 party size. Swinging sword better doesn't make you manage your party better to increase 15 guy
12. Medicne, I don't understand much about this while it says +3% casualty chance at lv300. Medicine function are okay while increase healing rate but also it should increase troops health in skill progress, % for each point. Also need a way to increase this skill better, now it too slow to learn
13. This tree can combine with steward coz i think it's like "army logistic"
Finally, There are so many uninterest perks in this game that barely noticeable, let's just make things simple, a skill tree should have 100 points and each point provide you with 0.5 - 1% bonus ex: 50 onehanded provide 25% swingspeed and 25% damage with 1 perks for each 10 points, this 10 perks will provide interesting bonus such as chamber block for troops, increase 10% damage, faster block ect...
Less skill trees for simple approach,Putting all function perks where they should be. easy to learn - hard to expert
I have many ideas that can improve Bannerlord, I spend 3 hours to write these and they are what I stuggel when comback after a long time break
Thanks for taking a look
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