1. scarface52

    In Progress Can't Right Click on Some Troops in Hideout Troop Selection Screen

    Summary: In hideout troop selection screen, hovering over units changes the button color and cursor icon which indicates that you can right click to access encyclopedia page for that unit. But this behavior doesn't work consistently. In the image below I can't right click to Vlandian Footmen...
  2. scarface52

    Resolved Health Bars Appears for Troops in Hideout Selection Menu

    Summary: Health bars which should only appear for heroes also appears for 'single' units in hideout troop selection menu. How to Reproduce: Have any troop type with a single unit in your party and attack a hideout. Media (Screenshots & Video):
  3. saint_patrick

    Resolved Hideout Crew Size Exploit

    When forming your party for a Hideout Attack, holding CTRL when clicking the minus button to reduces it into negative numbers, allowing a larger party to be taken into the battle
  4. segroeg

    Resolved Hideout disappearing "recue your family" Quest

    Summary: When i click on Attack, i enter in the scene with my troops and then the game crashes. (SOLVED THE CRASH BUT AFTER THE UPDADE ANOTHER BUG APPEARED... i describe below) How to Reproduce: When i join in the SCENE; Scene Name (if related): recue your family Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  5. Resolved Crash on forest hideout cinematic

    Hello. So I'm having a crash some seconds after getting into a forest hideout. The screen fades to black as if a cinematic or dialog was getting started and just when it fully turns black, the game crashes. Here are some datas : Summary: Crashing on black screen fade right after entering a...
  6. Asmoday

    Resolved Crash on some Hideouts after entering

    First of all thanks for looking into it as stated on Steam (https://steamcommunity.com/app/261550/discussions/0/2799504352985222739/) there should be a report already but found no corresponding one through search... How to Reproduce: On Campaign Map some Hideouts crash some seconds after...
  7. Resolved Companions spawned 100s of meters away in hideout

    Summary: Companions spawned 100s of meters away in hideout How to Reproduce: Enter hideout with companions. I have them set to group 8. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Hideout Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.4.3 Installed community-made modifications: None This also just happened...
  8. Companions spawned 100s of meters away in hideout

    Summary: Companions spawned 100s of meters away in hideout How to Reproduce: Enter hideout with companions. I have them set to group 8. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Hideout Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.4.3 Installed community-made modifications: None
  9. Resolved Bandit camps not showing number of bandits

    Summary: Bandit camps not showing number of bandits How to Reproduce: Was working in 1.4.2, when I loaded in with 1.4.3 there is always only ??? after parties now. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Hideout Media (Screenshots & Video): Would be easier if I could just attach... Version: 1.4.3...
  10. Meaning481

    In Progress 1.4.3 and Prior: Clearing Hideouts does not Improve Relation with Notables

    Hi there! When clearing hideouts on the map, we get a message saying "relations with nearby notables have been improved," and an increase in charm skill. However, as of 1.4.3, after checking all nearby villages and cities after clearing the hideout, no notable has increased relation. This is...
  11. Stuff I noticed - V.1

    I'm keeping it short - I'll just note some stuff which I noticed while playing the game which probably are'nt supposed to be like that or which I think they should'nt be like that. And I also added some suggestions ... I'm sure that some of these things already have been posted here, but I...
  12. EliteArmedForce

    Hideout Instant Crash (beta 1.4.2)

    I believe someone has already reported about this bug for version 1.4.1, today I encountered this in v1.4.2. This happens once the character is close to hideout, instant crash (3 times) and the worst part I don't get the prompt to upload crash files. Can anyone help? How can I fix this?
  13. MinhTien

    In Progress 1.4.1 When under 20% health, entering a bandit hideout causes instant crash. No mod.

    Like in this screenshot, I have 14% HP and by the time I reach the hideout, my health is still under 20%, and the game crashed instantly, with no crash reporter.\ I waited for my health to recover above 20%, then I can attack the hideout. Tested taking damage to get under 20% again, and...
  14. Resolved Instant CTD when entering any hideout after being defeated in hideout during bandit base quest.

    Summary: Took quest to remove sea raider base near Drapand. Lost a fight in the target hideout while attempting to complete quest. Now entering any hideout results in instant CTD when character touches hideout on campaign map. The game literally just immediately disappears and no crash...
  15. GG Cannon

    Tournament Finals Cutscene and Option to Skip Cutscene

    Similar to how there is a small cutscene of everyone walking until they stay face to face before you fight the enemy bandit chief in a hideout after you have killed everyone. At the last fight of each tournament finals, and only at that very last fight, there should be a cutscene showing the...
  16. Warbandit Bannerlordie

    Co op for hideouts and battles?

    If possible to have some kind of instance, where players who want to do a hideout can check to see if others want to help. Would be really nice to clear hideouts in Co op. Like its still single player but other single players can choose to be on a online list to join for hideouts and perhaps...
  17. Rapid73

    Resolved "Advance" command doesn't work in bandit hideouts

    Summary: The "Advance" command doesn't work in hideouts, the troops just stay there unmoving. When given a different command, "Follow me" or "Charge" for example, the troops move, but come to a halt when told "Advance" again. How to Reproduce: Go to a random bandit hideout, F1 -> F4, watch as...
  18. MinhTien

    In Progress Weird red lighting and reflection in Sea Raider Hideout

    Summary: Water and other reflective surfaces, like metal armors, show a dark red reflection from an unknown source. How to Reproduce: Graphic settings are mostly Medium presets. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Note both the water and the shoulder armor...
  19. Bandit Hideout taking over the world

    TL;DR the bandits snowball into an empire with the greatest "baiting" tactic ever, killing the AI lord, my AI parties and everyting. making the game unplayable after 450+ days. I started the game with max difficulty settings, but ended up trying to setting them to easiest when trying to kill...
  20. MinhTien

    Resolved Grid pattern in the sky of Mountain Bandit Hideout in Beta e1.2.0

    Summary: A faint dot-line grid pattern appears in the sky of Mountain Bandit Hideout in Beta e1.2.0. Was not there before. I play on mostly Medium preset, but disable extra effects like Bloom, Motion Blur, Film grain, etc.. only keeping Cloth Physics and Sun shaft. How to Reproduce...