1. Suggestion about hideouts

    There was an earlier post on the hideouts issue. What's up with hideouts? After thinking and drawing on the opinions of others, I think the hideouts gameplay can be improved as follows: 1. The hideouts is divided into small hideouts and large hideouts. And in a certain area of the map. The...
  2. FlowDream

    Suggestion for Smithing System

    The Smithing System in bannerloard is broken and boring now. TW should make it more interesting, Here are my suggestions: In principle: (1) One weapon consists of N parts(the same as game now). Each part has 4 different attributes. Attributes are mutually inhibition and complementary. Player...
  3. Holy Shift

    Custom Char Creation Without Any Culture Bonus

    Yes. Players will give their focus an attribute points freely at cost of no culture bonus.
  4. A solo man should not be able to aggro a shield wall facing direction

    Add the functionnality that the face to direction (F2, F1) lock the direction of the shields wall. In the captain Mod, too much guy just go alone to get the aggro of a static shield wall and the archers can just destroy the infantry. Impossible to keep a flag, the only strat is to run to the...
  5. Stuff I noticed - V.1

    I'm keeping it short - I'll just note some stuff which I noticed while playing the game which probably are'nt supposed to be like that or which I think they should'nt be like that. And I also added some suggestions ... I'm sure that some of these things already have been posted here, but I...
  6. Holy Shift

    Horn Sound When Moving with All Formations

    but to prevent overusing it; only at army vs army battles and only for ordering all formations at once. You can consider to use different sounds for different orders and cultures, even cheer sounds for charge command for intensity.
  7. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    The local "Mute" must be eternal - TaleWorlds, please hear!

    Sorry for bad english. There are many trolls in multiplayer. This is not a problem, but I get tired of throwing them "Mute" again every time. I cannot and do not want to remember the nickname of each troll. The "Mute" function, called up on the TAB button in the table, helps, but ... "Mute"...
  8. Holy Shift

    Spear Thrust While Blocking with Shield on Foot

    I mean spears are currently a little bit weak and even i'm telling this when i'm not really fan of spears. You can consider to allow thrust attacks with spears while blocking a direction with shield. This will bring new balance problems of course. Spearmen will be more defensive aganist ranged...
  9. CeyXiong

    Please bring timeout system

    Sometimes we get phone calls in the middle of game. So if we leave from game or stay afk we might loose the match. So if devs. bring a timeout system thats would be useful. Thank you for interest... :)
  10. Holy Shift

    Please Keep Soundtracks Epic and Pastoral Only

    I think only this kind of musics suits the game.
  11. Holy Shift

    Suggestion For Only Thrust Action Polearm Rounds in Arena

    You can consider to change 1 vs 1 rounds with only thrust action weapons. My suggestion is Glaive without shield for khuzait arena rounds and one handed and two handed axes for sturgian arena rounds.
  12. Holy Shift

    CIA Screen in Faction Tab

    You can consider to make a screen that shows where the enemies are spotted like Armies screen. AI Lord somehow already have information about where the enemies are. AI-Player unequality was one of my greatest complain in warband. Maybe an information pop-up like when the armies are created can...
  13. Holy Shift

    Let 'Enter Settlement' Option Pop Up After Successful Siege.

    just like we enter other places with armies in other stuations.
  14. Holy Shift

    Show Party Limit in World Map

    Minimal indicators at bottom right corner with the battle ready troops.
  15. Holy Shift

    Unit Group Transfer Problem

    For both sieges and field battles; newly spawned troops still come under the group earlier before unit transfer.
  16. Holy Shift

    Path Finding Problem Trough Siege Towers and Ladders

    This is a prior problem caused gathered 2000 men army to scatter on a single city for nothing.
  17. Holy Shift

    Upgrading Troops and Recruiting Prisoners

    I want ease. Specially for daily stoping, scrolling down at party window, clicking unit spoiler, clicking to recruit prisoner several times, misclicking, clicking to unit spoiler, clicking to ...
  18. lilwolf9023

    Training Grounds

    The training grounds you start at are kinda useless once you know how to play.. and it seems a waste of a rather interesting area for it to be used once then forgotten. How about we could use it to train troops of teir 1-2-3? would make it easier to get armies to a fighting point but not to an...
  19. Holy Shift

    Auto Sort of Troops in Party Window

    According to their types and tiers. I just want a clean wiev and inspection.
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