1. hollow232

    Need More Info there are no babies

    I realized that I spent 2 years in the game and I didn't see any babies being born so much of my character who is already 5 months married as that of the other npcs in the game I also saw that there is no one dying
  2. Bannerman Man

    Resolved Major donate troops flaw/exploit lets the player take all troops from allied lord's party

    Summary: So there is mechanic in the game that allows you to donate your own troops to the parties of npc lords in your faction, including mercenary clans who have been hired. This mechanic has a major flaw. When you open the menu to donate troops to a lord, the game apparently allows you to...
  3. In Progress Another game breaking bug Sieging and auto resolve

    When the new patch rolled out for rebellions a few new bugs came out this is one of them. Was at war with aserai and vlandia at the same time with empire culture for my MC, and what happened is Sturgia owned lageta BUT I was not at war with them. I noticed that vlandia was sieging and took the...
  4. Bannerman Man

    In Progress Syntax mistake with daily pregnancy chances formula (divide by zero issue)

    Summary: In the method GetDailyChanceOfPregnancyForHero, the equation seems to use the wrong operator, which leads to a divide by zero issue. I think what was intended is that the numerator of the equation should be divided by (NumberOfChildren + 1) squared, but instead, the code uses the...
  5. In Progress Scene Editor Two bugs with seasons

    First bug: valley flowers (red, yellow etc) became into green grass when I change season from summer to fall, winter or spring. Second bug: I can't make decal invisible in winter, when I remove check mark from Winter in Season Visibilities, decal is still visible and I can't click on it.
  6. Need More Info Brightness Calibration Screen Unpassable

    Summary: When starting up the game the beginning scene runs fine but as soon as it reaches the Brightness calibration scene, everything freezes. I can move my mouse, but I can't move the scrolls, or click either of the cancel/accept buttons. I can't even use Ctrl+Alt+Delete to shut down the...
  7. VBMeireles

    Need More Info Left click won't engange enemy party, but follow it instead

    I came across a party of looters who were fleeing from a bigger party of imperials. I left clicked to engage it, but my party would instead follow it. I tried walking "into" the enemy party (with CTRL) before left clicking, but my party would instead back off the enemy party and proceed to...
  8. VBMeireles

    Need More Info Deliver herd quest bug: Won't recognize previously mounted (now dismounted) horse

    I got a quest to deliver 10 Saddle Horses. Along the way I mounted one of the horses and then talked to the guy who I was supposed to deliver the horses to. Once I noticed I got the "sorry I only have 9 horses" option, I chose the "I don't have the horses at this moment" option, dismounted the...
  9. Avoidzz

    In Progress Main quest "Destroy Raiders" for Arzagos bugged

    In the quest you have to hunt 3 gangs of sea raiders/forest bandits/etc (just wherever the quest takes you) near the town the quests tells you. Once you get there you see the exclamation point icon on which group of bandits you need to fight well if you have too many more troops than them and...
  10. Resolved [Misunderstanding] Free town or village items

    Summary: There is a bug that allows the player to get all the buyable items for free from a village or town. It happens both inside the town/village and near it. Instead of a trade, it opens as if everything on screen was the player's inventory. No money is received if an item is sold nor it is...
  11. Resolved Cant enable death on campaign options 1.5.6

    Hi, as the title stated there is no longer an option to enable death once you’re in the game. I accidentally clicked disable death when starting anew game as before it was to enable not disable. is there anyway to enable it in a saved file?
  12. Rycon Caldestan

    Need More Info 1.5.7 Tournament Damage Bug: Armor does not actually reduce damage.

    Hey all, I started a fresh playthrough with 1.5.7, clean install with no mods. Playing in tournaments I noticed I was knocked out by a blow reporting 88 damage (20ish) mitigated by armor. My character was at 100% health, early game with no HP modifiers. This means my character should have had...
  13. RodLimitless

    Need More Info AI Horse HP bugged

    After doing some runs i realized that the AI horse starts with around 80% of the 100% hp. idk what caused this, i beleive maybe it was traveling on horse inside a town or something, thats like when i first realized it basically i was in a battle, i went headfirst and told soldiers to stay back...
  14. WouLinX

    In Progress No Sound Effect when Hitting on the Ground with Spear

    There is no sound effect when you hitting on the ground with spear. It happens in both Singleplayer & Multiplayer.
  15. RodLimitless

    Need More Info Leader Gang weapons bug

    if u try to do the quest on version 1.5.5., lets say he needs 28 1h axes, u buy the axes, and then turn in the quest, they literally take up items in ur melee inventory (swords/polearms) for me it look my polearms and long glaives i had. >;( so yeah it's a big bug lol. i also was using the...
  16. lukkyb

    Need More Info 1.5.6 Wife wont stay in castle where i left her

    When i click the leave party member button and select her to stay in my castle i will look a few days later in the Encylopeida and find she has moved to the next town over yet i never told her to move there is this a bug or working as intended?
  17. In Progress brother disspeared

    i lost a duel against that radagast guy who kidnapp my little brothers..after i lost i spawned outside the hideout but without my brother in my party.. game say he is a fugitive (?!)
  18. In Progress losing influence after fighting against conspirator's caravan

    After I destroyed the conspirators caravan I realized my influence dropped from 194 to -88. I am sure it is because of conspirators. I have both screenshots and save files before I fight with them, and after destroying them. also I fight with that nightmare army and I couldnt even take them as...
  19. Clans leaving my Kingdom possibly due to a bug

    I established my own kingdom and started getting towns, castles and clans. I conquered the city Tyal and assign a clan to it. After couple of weeks in game (not sure for how long but it took a while) that clan i assign it to Tyal left my kingdom. I assign another clan afterwards that clan too...
  20. Need More Info Conspiracy Mountain bandit quest

    In the open world Conspiracy Mountain bandits will respawn a infinite amount of times until you personally deal with them I did not notice this until I started seeing a bunch of my parties getting captured by the bandits and I saw a party kill the bandits it hit 0 only to go back to full units...