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Hello there ! First time commenting on the server. Thank you for this wonderful game.
After several hundred of hours of playing, here is my list of what could be implemented to make the game more "logical". Don't hesitate to comment !

Arena :

- You should implement duels, and being able to challenge someone, or to be challenged by him, in exchange of something valuable that he has. And you could only challenge people which are at the same clan level as you or a lower level. The person asking for the duel could decide which weapons, armour, etc. based on his stats and yours for example.

- You should implement horse joust battles ! In a 3 rounds per opponent configuration. With special equipment designed for that, special lances also (not usable in another context). It would be epic.

- You should implement group jousting, like 20 vs 20. Only with blunt weapons. It was popular during the medieval era.

- You should implement the "tutorial combat training" in all arenas. A place where you can practice parry, chambering etc without getting hurt with an immortal opponent.

Clan/Kingdom :

- If you capture multiple cities and castles without establishing a realm/a kingdom, the AI will never declare war on you. You could possess the entire map without them noticing anything. Also, and strangely, you will not have access to the "realm" section, and see who is at war with whom. I think the player should always have access to that section, and be able to declare war, make peace on behalf of his clan, even if he has no land or kingdom, as well as serving as a mercenary. In fact, everytime an independent clan (yours for example) takes control of a castle or a town, I think this clan should appear on the list of the kingdoms. It would make the game more "living", with new entities appearing and disappearing with time, your clan included.

- When possessing cities and castles, you can't be a mercenary company. I understand this choice, as it would make you a kind of unstoppable law enforcement international company. But at least your clan should be able to make temporary alliances with other clans, even kingdoms, to help them in their wars, as well as to get help in yours against a common enemy or threat. Also, you should be able to recruit mercenary companies to help you. (Again, all this even without needing to establish a kingdom, since day 1 of the game, or at least when your clan is at the required level).

- At the same time, you always have to buy peace even if you're destroying your opponent. Let's say I just crushed a 2000 strong enemy army, took 10 of their vassals, even their leader, as hostages, and took 3 of their towns, not losing anything in exchange... Why do I have to pay for peace? They should pay for it, even ask for it, as you see them often do with other kingdoms when you're one of their vassals. The AI should try to mitigate damage, and pay when losing / demand when winning.

- You should decide when ransoming someone, not just receive a letter by someone else. You're the one sending the letter. People could then accept or refuse based on what you asked in exchange. And asking for peace in exchange of their leader should be a viable option.

- Last but not least on the "Clan/Kingdom" list, you should be able to give orders to your groups. It's frustrating to see your buddies just wait in front of a town at the extremity of the map without doing anything purposeful when you're at war with someone. You should be able to call them to follow your main group, to siege a castle for diversion, to attack an army, to make trades (based on the group leader stats obviously), etc. It would make the game so much more fun. And all that, again, even without having a kingdom.

Companions/AI :

- Your companions should check your towns and castles garnisons and take/exchange troops to get bigger/more experienced armies faster. It would also make garnisons growth more strategical.

- Your companions should sell prisoners to the taverns to make you earn money.

- You should be able to ask your companions to go get you something like food or troops and bring it to you if you're busy doing something else. They would constitute a group, move on the map with how many men you gave them, and do what you asked.

- People from other clans, even others vassals, who like you more than their lord or suzerain, or want to avenge against a rival, should be able to ask you to join your clan as a companion or to become your vassal. And could also change their mind and betray you (or doing the same thing with everyone else). It would make things more interactive between all powers on the map.

- AI should form alliances, especially between the weakest kingdoms.

Combat/formations :

- The combat is great but sometimes a little bit frustrating, especially during 1v1s. The fact that it almost always becomes a "shield durability fight" is redondant (not to say it's not realistic, the AI should use its shield properly). It would be great to make foot and shield bashes less punitive, more quick (especially foot ones, based on your combat stats or athletism one), to break the guard, but at the same time to give the AI the possibility to do it too.

- Parrying should not always block 100% of the damage... I'm a knight in full 40kg plate armour, riding a 800kg war horse with a 100kg chainmail armour, with a 2m long steel saber, launched at 40km/h, and still a peasant with a wooden fork parries my swing ? It breaks immersion a little. Parrying should only be viable depending on the attack speed. If the speed is low, then ok, if the speed is over a certain number, you should take a percentage of the blow, 100% at a certain point.

- Horse charges should do a lot more damage to units which are not in the right formation / which have no shields nor spears. Again same thing as above, a cavalry charge is one of the most damaging things that existed in the medieval times. Receiving a horse at full speed should really take a huge percentage of your health bar, making cavalry a lot more deadly in open fields, especially against infantry (infantry without spears decimates cavalry in the game... In reality it was quite the opposite). Also, the AI would maybe stop sending them to suicide missions by doing close combat with the enemy footmen. Counter charging, Charging and Retreating would be the standard strategy (your horse archers are wonderful btw, their AI is gold).

- Archers should have their own understanding of the orders. Engage should make them search for the most clear and elevated spot nearby and fire at will on the enemy while keeping distance, and Charge should make them join the melee. It's very very very very frustrating to micro manage your archers not to see them walk peacefully into the melee, and break the line to do hand to hand combat.

- During sieges, I don't know why you covered the defender siege machines that much, but archers should be able to take down the catapult and ballista users, and even should do it in priority. I don't see the utility to build 1 ram and 2 siege towers to see them melt in front of 2 immortal untouchable catapults on the walls. And if I'm not mistaken, you can't chose the height of the catapult or trebuchet throws, and it would be a great thing to add (destroying the main gate with a sniper trebuchet shot would be epic, as well as destroying wall catapults btw).

- Add more ladders ! And make soldiers carry them to their spot ! 10 to 15 ladders across the entire castle walls would make things a lot more challenging, and maybe avoid those collision issues when 200 people try to fit on the same wall spot at once.

- I don't know if it's possible, I never saw it, but destroying walls during a siege fight should be an option (I know it's a hell to code, and can cause a lot of performance issues). Maybe some parts of the walls should be designed to be taken down by catapults and trebuchets only. It would make sieges more fun, and allow a huge variety of approaches based on your gear. And also it would impact the wall level in the castle or the town, and you would have to level it up again (maybe this should be extended to everything during sieges, making cities a lot less economically interesting right after successful sieges).

If you read everything, thank you very much ! I hope you appreciate my ideas.

Don't hesitate to comment if you agree or disagree with something !

Merry Christmas to you all 🌲❄️
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