1. Arena fight in 1.2

    Is it just me or is the AI constantly blocking supper annoying?ile you cant “faint” change either the swap block with lightning speed. For god sake they block charges with horse with a spear or just a sword. Super unrealistic. Have to just hold attach w8 for the to start an attack and then hit...
  2. Keimpe

    Resolved Heavy round shield almost impossible to block in the middle.

    Summary: It seems the heavy round shield always tries to pick a side to block, instead of just the middle (rest position) How to Reproduce: Swirl the shield around with right mouse, then let go of the mouse. Then simply press the right mouse without indicating a side. And it will take a side...
  3. Multiplayer autoblock

    So... It seems in 1.8.0 auto block direction feature has been removed. This is kind of a big deal of a change, yet it was left undocumented. Why is that? Not talking about positives and negatives of the removal here. I want to know why such thing was left undocumented
  4. Swordsman

    Chamber / Chambering times

    Hello. Is there a way to change chambering times/periods for weapons in any way? Not much of a coder but i am hoping editing some kind of xml(xsl) file might do this. I am asking this to increase active chambering period which player can react to stop incoming attacks easier by just using...
  5. MP 1H weapon blocking (parry)

    Alright, if someone wields a small fast 1H sword or even worse, a pugio, I find it depressing that they can block off my heavy 2H axe or maul attack. Just like that. And then what follows is of course their faster counter attack. IMO even with a successful parry of such a powerful attack, there...
  6. MP Suggestion for javelins/throwing stuff (except rocks)

    I find it odd that if I am in throwing 'mode' with a javelin for example, I can't block a melee attack. The weapon is still in my hands so I don't see the reason having to press X to switch between to melee 'mode' and only then be able to block. All that in crucial fractions of a second in close...
  7. Spyware

    SP - Battles & Sieges Shield Walls, Squares and Circles being more effective and realistic looking - Guard and Block Suggestions and Instructions for Unit Formations.

    Bannerlord's cinematic intro depicts a proper shield wall like so. The current Bannerlord Shield Wall by the Singleplayer AI is more akin to... Lots of exposed heads and legs, vulnerable to incoming fire. But in Singleplayer, a shield wall of the more effective and realistic caliber can...
  8. SP - General Stuff I noticed - V.1

    I'm keeping it short - I'll just note some stuff which I noticed while playing the game which probably are'nt supposed to be like that or which I think they should'nt be like that. And I also added some suggestions ... I'm sure that some of these things already have been posted here, but I...
  9. Holy Shift

    SP - Battles & Sieges Spear Thrust While Blocking with Shield on Foot

    I mean spears are currently a little bit weak and even i'm telling this when i'm not really fan of spears. You can consider to allow thrust attacks with spears while blocking a direction with shield. This will bring new balance problems of course. Spearmen will be more defensive aganist ranged...
  10. Ruskor

    Block System Must Be Fixed

    Hello dear developers, im already played 1000+ matches and want to say you about block system. when you fix blocks delay? Or you dont gonna fix this? if not, just know, its horrible, when you think to block in last moment you get a hit.
  11. Holy Shift

    SP - UI I Have Some Weird Feeling with Upward Blocks and Attacks

    Attacks and blocks upwards taking a lil much to move mouse in heat of fight. For a short resolve; you can make blocks and attacks more sensitive to mouse movements.Maybe you can consider allowing players to choose attack and block sensivity via an option.
  12. Holy Shift

    Let Us Change Block Direction by Holding and Dragging

    instead of releasing and clicking again via an option.
  13. Resolved Attacks going through shield blocks.

    so mainly in tournaments and in as far as i can tell only with a shield, i didnt test yet if its a certain block direction, but sometimes attacks go right through a shield. no its not breakthrough, it is often a peasant with a tournament wooden spear or a shortsword. its extremely random and...
  14. Flavius-Belisarius

    Blocking thrusts with constantly holding block

    Hi everyone, it's my first post. I've bought Bannerlord a few days ago, my friend shown me this game. After a few days i have my thoughts. First the idea behind this game is splendid. There are some bugs or missing oportunities but i think it may be only due to early access. I have one idea...
  15. SP - General Inverse Mouse Movement for block direction -- please.

    There are inverse mouse movements for attacks, but not for blocking. Why? :xf-cry: My brain just can't work without it. For me, attacking with a normal mouse movement is very confusing, so I use the inverse mouse movement for my attacks. The reasoning: the movement starts from the left if...
  16. Suggestion: Make GUI Panel Significantly Smaller.

    As the title implies, I feel like the info panels in the game (while traversing the world) are way too big (such as when visiting a village). This is particularly noticeable when in a joint-army. Not only is my camera locked (which is a tad ludicrous in itself), but I also have this big ass...
  18. Menthus

    SP Native AutoBlocker

    You can now download AutoBlocker! Once the mod is downloaded/installed, be sure to enabled it under the mods section of the game launcher! It should work from there. DOWNLOAD HERE This mod allows you to choose your style of blocking! BlockStyles: Constant - Holding the block button...
  19. Need More Info Bug speaking with people.

    There is a new bug, now all the people who I'm speaking with got the persuasion circles and I can't answer a single thing to them!

    Dear developers, the game turned out great, but why did you remove the automatic block and the direction of the blow relative to the enemy, playing at Warband at 8 years old is not very nice to adapt to the new game process, if you returned the automatic block and the attack against the enemy...
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