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I would appreciate having the ability to just chuck a thrown weapon without having to switch weapons to do so. Doubly so if I could wield them on my off hand (same as a shield) and use them for parrying while wielding a one-handed weapon (at least for javelins and axes, as the blades on most throwing knives are absolutely tiny), which could be done by activating "melee mode" (normally done by pressing the block button while wielding a throwing weapon, at least on controller), while aiming should be done by holding the same button. I think that would make them a lot more practical and fun, and less disruptive to use.

Additionally, I'd like a slider on the campaign options for damage received by heroes/named characters (including the player). I find that I often don't get the chance to fight rival lords in large-scale battles because they get killed by regular troops before I can get to them. Since I figure a noble would likely be well protected during a battle, it'd make sense (kind of. Ish.) for them to be less vulnerable to damage. Besides, making them thougher would make battles more interesting, since they aren't just another random enemy you killed during the fight (especially if you pair that with reputation gain, or even gifts/rewards for defeating enemy lords).
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