Patch Notes v1.1.3

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  • Fixed a crash that occurred due to corrupt save data when making peace with minor factions.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when transferring troops between formations with banners.

  • Fixed a bug that caused vassals to randomly disappear after they had been promoted from a companion position.


  • [Custom Server] Fixed a server crash that occurred due to a modded client.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to use the teenage human body.

  • [Custom Server] Adjusted the limit for the RoundTimeLimit server option to 60-3600 seconds.
  • [Custom Server] Increased the maximum number of servers you can host concurrently via your server token from 5 to 50.
Fixed a bug that allowed players to use the teenage human body.
This wasn't a bug Taleworlds, this was a FEATURE. We specifically want to use those bodies for either roleplaying or just making different kind of characters. What is wrong with that? RIP to my boy Frodo en Persistent Empires. Why taleworlds every change you bring in this game benefits no one, you cut the legs of players that loved to have fun. People complained YEARS ago about this in competitive Bannerlord (when that existed) and you didn't do it then, now that you KNOW that persistent empires exists, a mod with great roleplaying capabilities where players would do this, you decide to make this change.

When I first read this I thought it said "Now we allow players to make teenager bodies" and it was literally the opposite. Stop limiting players.

The worst part is that we still earn 15 cents maximum per round in TDM/SIEGE THE ONLY SERVERS WE PLAY, NO ONE PLAYS SKIRIMSH AND CAPTAIN NO MORE. For such a small "fix" patch you didn't even brought the prices up so people would want to feel rewarded when playing your game. I didn't wanted to explode into this company but you guys just make changes that boggle my mind and just makes it less fun for us.

I'm talking as someone who plays your game, daily, someone who wants to enjoy it but you guys don't literally give a single **** about what we need or want. Am I having a breakdown over not being able to make an imp? Well, yes, because at this point is tiring how ignored the community is, no matter how much love and time we can spend in this game, and how much time of my life and the people here have dedicated to make PAGES of suggestions with pretty images and colours, some people even made mods to suggest features, but no, there is nothing that will make Taleworlds care. Until I see actual changes, until I see something that surprises me and I say finally taleworlds it's on the right track, I won't play this game again, I'm tired of wasting precious time of my life.
that kinda sucks was expecting when i noticed the update for the shepherd perk to be fixed still giving a negative effect.
oh well its only been a couple of months waiting another isent much of a problem
That's disappointing, still waiting for the formations to be fixed.
Can't share that yet.
Considering how little has been done lately i also wouldn't want to share, but it's a lot worse to just leave people hanging like that.
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As someone who felt some of the forum commenters were being a little unreasonable about the criticism back when the game was still in EA, it's sad that they seem to be being proven right.

I wish (and still hope, a little) that more was being done to improve the mid and late-game drudgery and the general RP experience. I understand that now that this is a fully released game maintaining stability and patching bugs is the highest priority task, but at the very least in the beta patches we should see more experimental features and additions to the game that change how it plays.

I hope this patch means that there's something bigger in the works, but it's hard to be enthusiastic. I guess we'll just have to keep waiting.
I hope this patch means that there's something bigger in the works
Hotfixes are not at odds with overall development. They address urgent issues while the work on larger changes continues.

These are partially outlined in the Release Plans post. Once we are closer to sharing another content update, there will probably also be a new blog / video / statement going over what comes next.
did the seige simulation got fixed?many people report bug which make attackers count as defenders and receive city wall's defence buff for several monthes.
Also, I found two new troops in game encyclopedia, Assassin and Master Assassin, did you plan for something like ambushed in cities or hire a killer to kill someone?
So will this stopped the player playing a younger looking character at the start of sand box ? Which i kind of enjoyed. Seeing the character change physically and not just experience wise as they age is part of the experience for me. The roleplay is as important as fighting if not a bit more as it creates a story.
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