[1.4.3 / 1.5.0] Khan's Guard Loadout

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tl;dr - Khan's Guards (Khuzait T6 noble) with one quiver are a downgrade from Kheshigs (Khuzait T5 noble) with two quivers.

Instead, Khan's Guards get... a mace. The mace isn't really good for what Khan's Guards are (hybrid HA/shock cav). The AI sometimes makes questionable decisions when choosing between glaive or mace, trying to tag people at a gallop with a weapon with under 80 length (like the mace) is almost never a good idea, whereas the glaive is ideal. There really isn't a good reason to use the mace in most situations: the sole exceptions are a wall-press or when fighting in a doorway, both generally during a siege.

Everywhere else either the bow or glaive is better and certainly a second quiver would be more welcome than a very short tertiary weapon.
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Yes, please give them another quiver! I have to keep them on fallow me in the baby formation for now!
Best unit in the game in the baby formation because of the mace and questionable AI changes in 1.5.


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Agreed. Mace instead of quiver seems to make them worse at both ranged and melee at the same time. Usually not worth the effort and I just go for Heavy Horse Archers.

The Glaive is amazing, but when they use the mace instead it's really underwhelming.