1. MasterDracer

    SP - Economy Lower/decrease the Squad / Army costs

    If you have about a total of 1k troops, the soldier costs are incredibly high, so high that you make high losses every day. reduce the cost of troops, squads, garrisons. The costs are ridicolous.
  2. Lornloth00

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Sword Sisters give passive party bonus

    Since the sword sister troop tree has its weaknesses and people have been complaining about them being vulnerable how about giving them something to compensate for this.The sword sisters could give a passive bonus as if they had perks or a special perk that increase some medicine skill if there...
  3. In Progress Lose Majority of Troop Experience When Helping Allies

    Summary: Battles that force you into a second stage wipes the troop experience from the first stage, but keep the renown and influence gain from the overall battle How to Reproduce: can be replicated by helping allies and winning in 1.0, roughly 50/50 chance after battle is won that a second...
  4. SP - General Some thoughts on equipment and adjustments

    Greetings! First off, let me say that i am overall very happy and pleased with the armor combinations and choices of weapons for the units throughout the troop trees in Bannerlord. I think they look great, and they make sense most of the time. However i could not avoid noticing that some...
  5. Qirin

    In Progress [e1.9.0 beta] Gallant Sword Sisters don't require horses

    Summary: Upgrading Sword Sisters into their mounted promotion 'Gallant Sword Sister' doesn't require the player to own any horses, unlike every other troop cavalry upgrade. How to Reproduce: Clear inventory of horses if you have any, attempt to promote Sword Sisters once they have sufficient...
  6. Xinamon

    Why are recruits farmers?

    Why are level 1 troops farmers? To me it would make more sense if the lowest level troops is level 2. It doesn't make sense to me that farmers are taking their farm tools to siege a castle :/
  7. [1.7.1] Unable to start sandbox with Custom troops (Mod preview too!)

    Hello! I'm making a mod and I'm at the end of my rope here. I have my troops implemented using parties, but the moment I add them to my SPCultures file the game freezes on sandbox startup. No crash or error, just never starts. Totally at a loss here on why it isn't starting. Is there something...
  8. HalfMetalJacket

    The Untapped Potential of the Notables system

    Made this suggestion a while ago and its been about two years. Its not getting traction though, so I'm going to try revive it here. I think TW has something very interesting going on with the notables system... and yet they don't quite realise the actual potential of it. You want to keep a...
  9. Ishapar

    Favorite/Least Favorite Troop

    So which troop in the game is your favorite and least favorite troop? It doesn't have to be a top-tier unit; if your favorite is a farmer than it is legit. Feel free to explain why you like this unit in M&B. I guess I'll start off. Mine has to be the mamluke. The first time I encountered...
  10. FiftyTifty

    [Modding] Adding custom units to settlement recruitment pools, & bandit parties?

    There's no modding subforum, strangely enough, so I'm posting this here. In the past, I used ATC Troop Changer as a requirement for my Diverse Troops And Bandits mod, which added female variants of every troop. But, apparently, there have been features added to the engine that make it much...
  11. In Progress Some thing about pillum

    Summary:In the recent 1.6.3 beta patch the pillum and other throwing spears get a fix which fix the error as many people mentioned before. and after some test I found tarkans now use their triangular correctly as javelins, but legionaries still don't throw their pillum. is that a bug? and if the...
  12. HalfMetalJacket

    Noble Recruitment

    How do you feel about the recruitment of noble troops in this game? Is amassing an army of noble easy? Or is it still difficult? As I understand it (which is not saying much), notables spawn noble troops at a certain power level. I'm just curious because I'm thinking of creating a treeless...
  13. Userre

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops Suggestion: #MakeMercsGreatAgain (A post advocating for an increase in the strength of mercenary units and mercenary clans)

    In the real medieval / classical times, mercenaries were often incredibly powerful tools. This is because mercenaries were often highly experienced and were well equipped. It was quite expensive to hire mercenaries, but it was well worth it for states that couldn't reliably retain armies in...
  14. Oprion

    Warband add troop in city ?

    I create to " Townman2 " troop on morgh's editor , but i can't add this troop in Halmar , Drihim or another City , pls help me for this :)
  15. Adding mixed gender troop

    I saw other mods that had a troop with both male and female gender. How should I implement it?
  16. Thrangor88

    Questions about the mercenary clans.

    Hello, in long-lasting games, what is the lifespan of mercenary clans? are the dead replaced by new NPCs or the clans disappear? Will we be able to recruit from the mercenary unit trees in future updates? have the developers planned anything on the subject?
  17. SP - General Allow players to assign all "discovered" Troop Types to different Group Formations

    One of the most annoying aspects of the Party System at the moment is the Troop Groups that constantly shuffle around because of Prisoners/Clan Parties/Garrisons/etc resetting their Formation Type upon changing hands for seemingly arbitrary reasons. Not only that, but if I don't have immediate...
  18. Thrangor88

    An additional utility to the castle?

    Hello, I would like to know if we can expect some additional utility to the castle, such as hiring mercenaries, the standard tree or disgruntled mercenary clans. I do not visit any castle for lack of interest. We could have unique quests from the bailiff and so on ... I find the castles empty of...
  19. Fell

    SP - Player, NPCs & Troops [ Conquered people are recruited as 'Auxilia' ]

    So, this idea just popped into my mind. You know how inevitably a faction will mostly conquer another? Well, what if territories that are conquered by a different culture, have converted troops to that culture. Example: Vlandia takes over a bunch of Battanian villages, and troops then...
  20. Nodice83

    In Progress e1.5.8 (12.02.2021 Hotfix) Furball Troops

    Self explanatory. Furballs are quite cute, but... (reported this problem on some battanian gauntlets before). Regards
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