1. Need More Info Game crashes when roaming around baltakhand in 1.8.0, same problem with a lot of people

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD):
  2. anoddhermit

    Anti-Khuzait strategies

    So I've been playing my early game on a newish character as a mercenary for Southern Empire, they gave me like a 270 denar merc contract while at war with Khuzait and Aserai. Bonus is that fighting tons of Aserai and Khuzait is giving me many, many horses. It's been a learning experience...
  3. metafa

    1.6.4 Price policy

    Absolutely hate the new price policy in multiplayer. A horse archer is still insanely difficult to play correctly and more importantly to play consistently efficient. And now it costs whooping 250 gold which really takes more or less half the time of the round to come by for the average player...
  4. Lornloth00

    Throat singing

    Simple. I suggest throat singing tracks like the music from With Fire and Sword for the Khuzaits.
  5. Please add assets(armors) to aserai and khuzaits

    It's a good thing that battanians and sturgians are steadily getting some new helmets , armors and clothing equipment but while these factions are getting some attention aserai and khuzait seem to be abandoned. I know that most players don't like the aserai much but that doesn't mean that they...
  6. getting real sick of these Khuzaits steamrolls...

    Vlandia 17 fiefs (8 cities) Western Empire 12 fiefs (5 cities) Sturgia 13 fiefs (6 cities) Southern Empire 13 fiefs (6 cities) Northern Empire 9 fiefs (2 cities) Khuzait 28 fiefs (13 cities) every campaign goes the exact same way Khuzaits steamrolling everyone. Its extremely discouraging from...
  7. Armor, Art suggestion part 1, lancer helmet

    Hi guys. I would like to start an art suggestion line for Bannerlord. I am fond of ,,medieval" armors and I will share some of my oppinions what could be fit for the game. I know there are more important things right know for development, but a well built armor is at the same level as a...
  8. Khuzaits aren't OP, everyone else just sucks (culture perks, troop trees, & equipment)

    there are a lot of people calling to nerf the Khuzaits, calling them unbalanced. however, if we calm down we can see that the Khuzaits are mostly balanced. I know, I know, hate me all you want, but hear me out first. there are three thing that make the a faction weak or strong: culture perks...
  9. Tulag

    Armor Variety for Khuzait

    The meme I posted below will explain everything.
  10. TheWesterlander

    Türkçe Forumdan ve Homeros'tan Özür Diliyorum

    Bildiğiniz üzere geçen günlerde Khuzaitler ile alakalı bir post yapmıştım ve bir forum moderatörü bana ceza vermişti. Bahsi geçen postu atma sebebim, uluslararası forumda bazı kişilerin Türklere karşı ırkçı tavır sergilemesiydi. Postu sinirli bir kafayla attım ve haliyle ertesi gün okuduğumda...
  11. TheWesterlander

    New Fictious Religion Suggest for the Khuzaits: Kaman

    Kaman Religion: Kaman religion is based on Khuzait lands and extends all the way down to Dinar to Erzenur. Mostly embraced by the Khuzait People. According to the religion, Kaman is the father of all other gods in the sky. Shamans, who's believed to have connections with the Kaman himself and...
  12. TheWesterlander

    About Khuzait Clothes and Armours

    About Clothes I won't discuss which nationality they inspired from here since they're mix of steppe people whom lived in Central Asia. I wanna talk about their clothes, I made a research recently and found out that they were using dyes to color their clothes, robes under their armor and...
  13. TheWesterlander

    Masked Spiked Helmet and It's Removal

    I'm on a Khuzait campaign and I was looking for that cool masked helmet and I found out that developers removed it. Why they removed it? Like, you're supposed to add armors and helmets not remove them.
  14. nereid

    In Progress [1.5.5] Khuzait speed bonus, movement speed in general

    It seems that the Khuzait cultural speed bonus is missing in 1.5.5. By the way, what is the matter with the "Cargo within capacity" malus? As I am currently overburdened should that malus still be applied? Should this kind of malus be applied in general?
  15. Observation - Aserai and Khuzait rarely go to war

    After playing ~800 hours, I have only seen Aserai and Khuzait go to war a handful of times and only when one of the factions has taken Danustica. My understanding from reading developer responses is that factions generally only go to war with neighboring factions. However, looking at the map...
  16. Abbakus_86

    Khuzait Nomad

    I have looked at the 1.5.5 changes for khuzaits but khuzait will still suck with those changes.Please give the Khan's Guard Glaive to the Nomad. At least that way khuzaits will have a chance in sieges.
  17. Ideas on countering the Khuzaits

    I've been playing as a Vlandian vassal for 50 hours now. I have no intentions of swtiching factions or building my own kingdom (since I'm too lazy to assign fiefs and please every clan) My clan is tier 5 now and my troop composition is 50% heavy Vlandian banner knight/ vanguard, 20% Vlandian...
  18. hoonii

    How to balance Khuzait.

    (Moved forum sections, I guess this is the best place to post this so this can reach more people and maybe the devs(a man can hope alright)). Did a few adjustments and corrections. We were heard!(kinda :D) Spear infantry is getting the long spear as default, nomad is getting the long spear as...
  19. hoonii

    Khuzait Balance thread.

    Moved sections because there were not enough people I could reach here and I guess both sections serve the same cause. access it here
  20. khuzait haircut

    Resolved [1.5.3] Pick Joined Scouts during Khuzait Character Creation Gives 0 Scout Skill

    When creating a Khuzait character I pick the scout career and my character still starts with zero scouting. How does this make sense?
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