1. TimIZ

    In Progress 1.6.4 Nobles without family background and children

    Summary: I noticed that the Vlandian clan dey Molarn has two members who don`t have their family background mentioned in the encyclopedia (Peric and Reingarda). Another thing that I noticed is that the sons of dey Molarn and dey Arromanc are not married and because of that don`t have children...
  2. Lornloth00

    Executions lead to more rebellions and instability

    I had the thought that one counter for players that go on an execution sprees to take over Calradia is for those players to experience and freakish amount of rebellions as a consequence for executing lords. The more the player executes and the closer the executions are to each other the more all...
  3. Andreypride

    Elite troops bugs?

    What is the principle of the appearance of elite troops in the villages? Previously, there was a condition - more than 200 indicators of power from the notables. And now it seems like everyone else. There is an elite in almost all villages. 1.6.0 playing
  4. Antaeus

    Addressing high attrition in nobles using surplus rebellion party leaders

    With death enabled for nobles, there is attrition over time. Even with a low death rate, more nobles may die than can be replaced by children. I actually prefer a higher death rate, but that creates a hollowing out effect of clans. Nobles should die in battle. And given the nature of the...
  5. WouLinX

    Noble Units with Tamed Wild Animals

    I think game would be awesome and has a great variety if you add these tamed wild animal units. For me, it's like that: Sturgia - Bears Battania - Black Jaguars Vlandia - Lions Empire - Tigers Khuzait - Gray Wolves Aserai - Cheetahs
  6. Apocal

    Aserai Vanguard Faris' armor looks a little awkward.

    Right now, the gear stats are fine for what the troop is supposed to be but the silvery Southern Scale shoulder armor and purple silk aventail of the Southern Noble Helmet really clashes with the dark mail, brown leather and tarnished brass embellishment of the Stitched Leather over Mail body...
  7. Apocal

    Make Druzhinniks Vaegir Again!

    The problem is that Sturgia is alone in having their high-tier nobles not reflect their faction very well. Everyone else gets a unit on them but the Sturgian Druzh are the third flavor of lance and sword heavy cavalry among the noble trees. So why not give them two-handed axes and glaives...
  8. Apocal

    Resolved "You have raided my village..." Dialogue when I've done no such thing.

    Summary: Sometimes when speaking to a lord, they will offer context statement that I raided their fief. Except it isn't their fief, it isn't even their faction's fief and I definitely did not raid it. How to Reproduce: It happens when speaking to nobles -- so far only ones that like me...
  9. Can not find noble in the City

    I would like to find a noble, the Encyclopedia says she is in Qasira, but she is not in the lords hall or anywhere. The Encyclopedia have been kept telling it for months. She is 24 years old, so I should be able to talk with her in theory. Also she does not have any skills, if it matters in this...
  10. Apocal

    Portraits for KIA lords?

    Hey, phone posting so no mockup, but can we please get the portraits of dead lords displayed at the top of the victory screen after battle? The little text block in the corner is good but it would be easier to put a face to the name of whoever died. There is some space between the renown...
  11. Apocal

    Resolved [1.5.1] Minor faction nobles are being generated without combat stats.

    Summary: New 1.5.1 playthrough and none of minor faction/mercenary clan nobles seem to have any combat skills. How to Reproduce: Start new playthrough and check encyclopedia. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video): Version: 1.5.1 Installed community-made...
  12. Apocal

    Are there circumstances where nobles (not vassals) will lead parties?

    I'm putting together something and I've noticed that many lords and ladies I'm 100% sure lead parties are being listed as "Noble of X" (the title of non-party leading lords and ladies) instead of "Vassal of X" (used for combat leaders) in the encyclopedia. Is there some situation that leads to...
  13. Apocal

    [1.4.3 / 1.5.0] Khan's Guard Loadout

    tl;dr - Khan's Guards (Khuzait T6 noble) with one quiver are a downgrade from Kheshigs (Khuzait T5 noble) with two quivers. Instead, Khan's Guards get... a mace. The mace isn't really good for what Khan's Guards are (hybrid HA/shock cav). The AI sometimes makes questionable decisions when...
  14. Elensari

    Soyluluk Ayrımı

    Orta çağda geçen bir oyunda en dikkat edilmesi gereken bence soylu-şövalye ve köylü arasında ayrımdır. Bir savaşçı yeterince ün yapsa dahi soylu olduğunu iddia edemez. Bunu ancak ve ancak ya kralından edinmesi ya da kendi kral ilan etmesiyle olmalıdır. Bir soylu, köylüyle konuştuğunda bunu bir...
  15. Apocal

    Why did they decide to nerf the Aserai Faris?

    Seriously? I've been away from my playthrough where I had loads of those guys and apparently 1.4 decided to massacre them. Reduced armor, reduced skills (assuming those matter) and maybe worse weapons as well? What gives? Was there some issue where they were outperforming other T4-6 noble...
  16. Resolved Notables in neutral and friendly settlements behave as if they were hostile

    Summary: Trying to get quest in certain settlements resultet in answer "our faction are at war" despite the fact there was no war. It happened to me once in village controlled by Khuzaits, with whom we recently ended war, and once in village controlled by my faction How to Reproduce: Currently I...
  17. Need More Info [1.3.0-beta] Random clan tier 0 with no encyclopedia entry for the noble in it.

    Summary : Clan tier 0 "Zebales" with a random dude name Lycos in it. he has no entry in the encyclopedia (might be related with the bug for new wanderer that have no entry) don't know where he came from. when I click on his name that send me to a random notable entry Media:
  18. kreamy

    Kreamys Real Warfare Suggestions -> Game concepts, | Faction Goods |, Economy, Infrastructure, Recruiting & Policies

    Current as of May 1, 2020. Draft 0.1.1 (Framework laid, WIP) Recently updates/additions Please comment constructively so I can incorporate your suggestions to this list. Feel free to quote and restructure/edit a portion in a quoted spoiler-> please color your changes edits & formats, and...
  19. Resolved Visiting lords can't play the board game

    Summary: So far, I managed to play board game only with a governor of given settlement. If visiting lord was asked to play, he agrees but don't move How to Reproduce: Find a settlement, that's visited by a lord. Enter castle/keep, find the lord and ask him to play a game. Notice, that even if...
  20. F4z0R

    Dialogue Options

    -Let companions recruit units for the player (dialgue option) -Let companions recruit units for a garrison of a fief (dialgue option) -More options to increase relations with npc's (compliments, gifts...) -Option to trade troops with nobles/armys or buy troops from nobles for money -Option to...
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