1. Lele

    Latin Americans also deserve their server

    they should add a single South American server, at least in the custom games, since I was observing that there are a dozen Latin Americans who play with 200 of pings and ignoring them makes me sad for them

    (TITLE) (Warning: Bad english below) I and my friends have different keys. We already checked on Regedit and Steam. Server doesn't show up on Official Server List too. We doesnt use Hamachi or something like that but I already tried that :/ Dedicated Server or Directly hosting happens the same...
  3. Delorious Network - Bannerlord Role-Play!

    Delorious Network - Bannerlord Role-Play!

    What is it we are actually planning you might ask? What even is Bannerlord Role-Play you may question. Well, this is something we have done on warband for many years - hardcore role-play. Where you get a scene (a village map is a good example) but expand it so there are multiple fiefs on the...
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