we need north asian server. look at the hot siege mode in EA server.

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EA siege server have 120 people recently, but see this. players average ping it's 72.
excluding the minimum value of 5 and the maximum value of 284, there are also 69.

most of them are Chinese, as well as Japanese and Korean. so many players endure the delay
we really need a new server in Asia, in Hong Kong, Japan or South Korea.


Yes, at present, the number of players in the siege mode of servers in Asia is no less than that of servers in Europe, and 90% of the players in East Asia are concentrated in China. However, servers in Singapore make our game experience very poor. Unlike servers in the United States, adding servers in East Asia will not separate players, and will make most of the main players get a better experience
ok, i know i'm boring you, because i've said a lot of suggestions that you don't like and don't care about.

u guys can do nothing, but please do not "fix bug: that EA players can play normally".


In order to play online, we have to open the accelerator to enter the game. However, even so, the ping is too high, and there is often loss of packets and disconnection. Therefore, we urgently need a server in North Asia, and we ask TW to build a server in North Asia


I am here to support, hope TW can see the problem and act in a positive manner in order to foster the M&B multiplayer community.


I agree. I play captain's mode exclusively so I have to have Ai who are not dependent too much on ping to play competitively. Captain's players understand this and get mad annoyed when their ping can average 20 in one server and then 100 in another. Asian/pacific players deal with average pings of 200+ in NA and near 300 in EU. Imagine all the grief I get for not having enough dueling skills when some random skirm player from EU/NA kills me one-on-one. Yet, I have managed to win 2400 games in spite of this. Please, make it a more even playing field!
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